Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere Even To The Bathroom ?

To the kitchen. To the bedroom.To the Bathroom. Of course, to the patio. Even to the laundry. And, if you neglect, also to the bathroom. There are dogs that go where their new owners goes. They do not leave your side under any circumstances. But what can be nice for some people, for others it becomes overwhelming. Whatever your case, surely this question does not stop haunting your head: why does my dog follow me everywhere even to the bathroom ?

Perhaps the most scientific explanation of why four-legged friends go after their owners all over the house shouldnt, like their ancestors the wolves, follow the leader of the pack. In this case, its owners.

But the furry ones of today are not animals that follow the alpha male and submit themselves without hesitation to their hierarchy to ensure survival.

Actually, dogs choose to go after the person who is most kind. The one that will undoubtedly provide you with everything you need to feel comfortable, safe and loved. And also, they know how to distinguish very well between those who walk through life with a good predisposition toward others and those who only look at their navel.

The question 'why the dog follows me everywhere' is a constant in your life? We tell you some facts so that you can coexist without problems with all the wealth of affection that your hairy has to give you.

Reasons Why Your Dog Goes After You All Over The House

From a more sensitive but not far from reality, the answer to the question of the million - "why the dog follows me everywhere?" - is simply because he loves you.

Your hairy loves you so much that he needs to be with you at every moment to perceive your friendly smell and hear your beloved voice. It goes after you everywhere because it wants you to:

  • 1
    Mimes him
  • 2
    Tell him nice things
  • 3
    Play wit​h him

For the same reason he is awaiting your return home. And this is how he receives you full of joy, jumping and wagging his tail. As you know, there are many ways that dogs have to show their affection, although some may seem excessive.

The Food, Among The Causes For You To Follow Your Hairy

Although we must also be honest and say that your dog also chases you for a very concrete and material reason: get food.

Watch for every bite you take to your mouth and any crumbs that may fall to the ground. And take for granted that you will not lose the opportunity to always ask for a little more food.

That's why it's important that you do not give in to his pleading look every time you eat a sandwich. You must be very careful in this aspect, that the problems of obesity can be just around the corner. Remember that the veterinarian is the one who can best advise you on qualities and adequate amounts in relation to the food of your four-legged friend.

Reasons Your Dog Follows You Everywhere

Some solutions so that you do not live questioning "why the dog follows me everywhere"

So you should not ask yourself for the umpteenth time why your pet is always behind you, the important thing is that you set clear rules during socialization and training. Your hairy must relate without inconvenience to other animals and people. And he must also learn-through positive reinforcement-to respond to some basic commands, such as "sitting" or "quiet."

why does my dog follow me everywhere

Although, in some extreme cases, it may be necessary to use a specialist in animal behavior to take things to more normal channels.

Final Verdict

We must not forget that dogs are very sociable beings, who constantly seek the company of their humans. For this reason, if they spend a lot of time alone, they can suffer from stress, separation anxiety and other behavioral problems.
So those who are not very fond of dribble, perhaps should opt for another pet. Although it would be better to surrender to the evidence of love, sometimes overwhelming, we lavish the dogs.

love your dog

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