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Toozey Pet Heating Pad Review

The Toozey heating pad is suitable for indoor dogs and cats. The heating pad is made of plush and polyvinyl chloride materials, which are non-toxic. It provides a comfortable place for your pets to rest and keep them warm without burning hazards. This heating pad has an array of excellent features you should know. We have a detailed review to give you an in-depth understanding of this heating pad.

Toozey Pet Heating Pad Features

Adjustable Temperature and Timer

The electric heating pad features a timer that provides four auto shut-off functions ranging from 4 to 24 hours. It consumes less energy and prevents excessive heating from burning your pet. It has an LED timer that shifts down to alert you of the time left.

You can also control the temperature of the heating pad using the LED controller. The temperature is adjustable in six settings to suit your pet’s comfort level. If you have not set any temperature, it goes to level 3 default, providing automatic and constant temperature. The pad also continues to work if you have sot set the timer function.

Protective Layers

The Toozey heating pad is made of seven secure protection structures. These layers include the following:

  • Ultra-soft crystal velvet
  • Waterproof PVC film
  • Flame retardant kint
  • Heating wire
  • Flame retardant kint
  • Waterproof PVC film
  • Ultra-soft crystal velvet

The soft PVC envelope is flame-retardant and waterproof. Your pets can lay comfortably on the heating pad without the need for a plush cover. This heating pad is IP68 waterproof level rated for safety of use. Another safety feature is the fixed interface anti-creep to ensure electrical leakages do not take place.

Quality Heating Wire

Unlike other heating pads, the Toozey model has a high-quality heating wire that provides fast heating. The heating wire has a coating of temperature measuring wire, which makes the pad switch off automatically when the fuse heats over 55 degrees Celsius. This makes the heating pad safer compared to regional sensors.

Even Heat Distribution

The Toozey heating pad heats quickly and evenly. It distributes the heat uniformly compared to other regular heating pad wires that provide uneven and slow heating.

Soft Velvet Cover

The ultra-soft cover provides a comfortable place for your pet to sleep or relax. The cover is removable for easy washing. If the inner pad is dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth and do not soak it in water.

Chew Resistant Cords

Dogs are fond of chewing cords, and this can be hazardous. That is why the heating pad has a dual resistant chew-resistant cord to keep your pet away from chewing the wire.

Supports Pet’s Health

Not only is the heating pad ideal for winter use but it also supports all pet’s health. You can use it for pregnant pets, newborn pets, arthritic animals or to relieve joint pressure of older dogs.


  • It has a longer power cord
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Safe for pets
  • Many protective features
  • Easy to adjust the temperature and timer
  • Quality construction
  • Perfect size for pets


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • It doesn’t last long
  • Fire hazard

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of the power cord?

The heating pad has a longer power cord of 6 feet, which is convenient to use.

Can I use the heating pad for an outdoor cat or dog house?

This heating pad is suitable for indoor use. When you use it outdoors, it is prone to snow, rain, and other conditions that can lead to fire accidents or electric shock. Therefore, do not use it outdoor.

How long does the heating pad take to warm up?

This heating pad for pets is not designed like human heating pads. It has a relatively lower temperature, which makes it safe for pets. They can lay on the heating pad as long as they want since it is safe.


If you need to provide a comfortable and safe for your pet, Toozey heating pad is a good option. This high-quality heating pad for pets suits all types of pets. It provides a timer and temperature control to keep your pet safe and comfortable. The heating pad has a unique design, protective layers, and other top features. I hope you will consider this heating pad, especially during winter.