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Do Huskies Shed? Everything You Need To Know

do huskies shed

Huskies, often known as the “Siberian husky” because of its origin in Siberia are the most loved dog breeds. You can easily identify them because of their thick double-coated fur, pointed ears, bushy tails and their sociable and loyal nature. They are also playful and powerful, therefore a good choice for active dog owners especially … Read more

Top 10 Most Common Dog Grooming Injuries And How To Avoid Them

common dog grooming injuries

Nowadays having a pet is a necessity for many households, but this often comes with their fair share of responsibilities. One of the most common pet-related chores involves grooming your dog.  Dogs are wonderful pets and grooming your furry friend can be a great opportunity to bond them. It can be an enjoyable experience if … Read more

How to Make Your Dog Look Its Best

How to Make Your Dog Look Its Best

The breed of dog that you like will depend on your own personal preference. Some people go for small and fluffy, whereas others prefer big and muscular. These days, the dog you own says a lot about an individual and is almost classed as a fashion accessory.  This means that people go for certain breeds … Read more

How To Get Water Out Of a Dog’s Ear

How To Get Water Out Of a Dogs Ear

If you know how to get water out of a dog’s ear, you will save your dog from getting an ear infection. Dog’s ears are very sensitive towards water, and if water gets into it, it can lead to infection. Whether you are giving your dog a bath or the dog is swimming, there is … Read more


how to stop dog nail bleeding at home

When you hear clicking sound as your canines walk around the house, it is obvious that nail trimming season has arrived. Every time this season comes I get skeptical because I once experienced a dreadful accident. Yes I accidentally cut too deep. Ouch! In this article you will get all the information about how to … Read more

How Often Should I Brush My Dogs Teeth?

how often should i brush my dogs teeth

Knowing that dental care is essential for my pet dog, it has helped me in having a schedule for its personal hygiene. How often do I need to brush my dog’s teeth was one challenge to deal with when I got ‘Twinkle’. Dogs get affected more often by diseases. The gum inflammation happens when food … Read more