Taking Care of Your Pooch: 8 Common Skin Disease in Dogs

Common Skin Disease in Dogs

Raising and caring for a dog or two is a huge responsibility. Taking care of dogs would mean an experience of a lifetime. Dogs’ personalities are often compared to energetic and playful toddlers. A dog owner should provide for their needs to keep them happy and healthy. These needs include physical and emotional needs, the … Read more

How to Make Your Dog Look Its Best

How to Make Your Dog Look Its Best

The breed of dog that you like will depend on your own personal preference. Some people go for small and fluffy, whereas others prefer big and muscular. These days, the dog you own says a lot about an individual and is almost classed as a fashion accessory.  This means that people go for certain breeds … Read more


how to stop dog nail bleeding at home

When you hear clicking sound as your canines walk around the house, it is obvious that nail trimming season has arrived. Every time this season comes I get skeptical because I once experienced a dreadful accident. Yes I accidentally cut too deep. Ouch! In this article you will get all the information about how to … Read more