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Basic Dog Care Tips For New Owners

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If you are fond of animals and you intend to adopt a new puppy at home, it is important to understand the basic dog care tips so that can learn how to take care of a dog. He has both emotional and physical needs which should be met. A dog also needs a clean shelter, water and nutritious food. As a dog owner, you also need to exercise him and to give him adequate play time.

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How to Take Care of a Dog – Basic Dog Care Tips and Information 

1. Feeding your dog

How to feed a dog


  • Give him high quality food: The primary ingredients should be meat but not grains or meat by-products.it ensures that it is rich in protein and it lacks fillers. Consult a veterinarian for more recommendations as he may choose the most appropriate brand for your pet.
  • Set a regular feeding schedule: Dogs should be fed twice a day preferably in the morning and evening. Calculate the proper quantity that you should give him on a daily basis by dividing the one indicated on the food package by two. A regular schedule aids in house training.
  • Avoid overfeeding your dog: It could lead to obesity and other severe health complications. Use treats only when you are training the dog. Avoid giving him xylitol, onions, grapes, raisins, chocolate, bread dough and avocado.
  • Give him clean water: Ensure that he can always access the water whenever he is thirsty by putting it in a clean bowl.


2. Examine the dog’s health status


Basic Dog Care Tips

  • Get a personal certified veterinarian: Choose a vet who promptly and precisely answers your questions. Occasionally bring the dog for check-ups to detect or cure any health issue.
  • Vaccinate the dog: A veterinarian can advise you on the most prevalent diseases that your dog should be vaccinated against. The vaccinations could be annual or tri-annually depending on an ailment.
  • Fit him with a clear ID chip: It is normally injected underneath his skin just above the shoulder blades. Each ID chip has a unique registered number that is attached to an owner’s contact details. In case the dog gets lost, the chip could be used to matching you with him and to prove your ownership.
  • Take parasite infestation measures: The dog needs regular treatment against roundworms. A hunting dog is more susceptible to warm infestations than an indoor pet and hence it needs monthly treatments.
  • Acquire a dog health insurance: If you lack the financial muscle to cater for regular veterinary charges, you can get a dog insurance policy. An insurance company will cover most of costs incurred when treating a disease or injury. You are free to decide on an appropriate monthly premium.

Dog Care Information

1. Groom your dog

  • Brush him: The breed and shedding type of your dog determines how often you should brush him. It should be regular to minimize hair loss and to enable you to assess his health condition. Your main aim should be keeping his coat healthy and shiny as dirty coats result to skin infections. Bath him in a dog shampoo at least once a month depending on his breed. As the dog grows, his coat will need to groom constantly. Overgrown fur irritates dogs between their toes and it blurs their vision. The dog could also sweep grass and sticks in his coat which results to discomfort.
  • Trim his nails: You should do it frequently to keep his paws healthy. Be gentle and steady while avoiding cutting his quick as it could be painful. Train him to associate the nail trimming process with treats.

1. Entertain him

how to entertain a dog

  • Give him adequate exercise: The type of exercise required depends on the size and breed of your dog. Small dogs would like playing balls while a large one such as a Labrador would require long 40 minutes daily walks. Other dogs such as terriers can run throughout the day without getting exhausted. Plenty of exercise burns off energy that could lead to undesirable behaviors such as excess barking, digging, chewing or eating grass.
  • Ensure that you take the dog for long walks at least twice a day. Their length depends on the type of dog. If you allow the dog to roam in your yard on its own, make sure that the fence is properly sealed to prevent him from escaping.
  • Stimulate the dog: A dog needs psychological stimulation so as not to get bored. It can be done through obedience training in which you should teach him to stay, sit and respond to calls. Most pets enjoy one-on-one training sessions as helps in bonding. If you employ a reward-based technique, the training will be more thrilling to your puppy.
  • Train him for at least 15minutes daily and always try to end each session on a light note. Reward the dog every time he obeys commands. You could give him small treats or be affectionate to him.
  • Interact with your dog: Dogs need proper socialization for them to be friendly adults. When a puppy is only several weeks old, introduce him to different smells, sounds, sights and people. Be careful not to overwhelm him and make him afraid. Reward the dog for calm behavior to create a positive interaction with an object.
  • Give the dog freedom: Every dog needs to display his natural behaviors that are associated with his breed for example scent hounds love following animal or human scent. Allow the dog to sniff his surrounding environment.

How to Take Care of a Dog in an Apartment

Show love and affection to your dog

love your dog

  • Tag his collar: It helps in tracing your dogs incase he gets lost. Different states follow varying ownership regulations. Before registering him, you might have to consult an animal shelter on what you require.
  • Respect the dog: Don’t punish him physically or be demeaning to him. You should rather give him a respectful name that will have a positive influence on how other people treat him.
  • Develop mutual love with him: Your dog will love you if you treat him fondly. Give him adequate attention and strive to understand his personality.

Final Verdict

Different authors offer varying information on basic dog care tips or  how to take care of a dog. All dog breeds need attention and mutual love for them to trust a person. As a dog owner, you should meet all your dog’s needs for him to be comfortable.

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