Best Underground Dog Fence In 2021 ~ Reviews & Buyers Guide

Do you enjoy your dogs’ freedom wandering your yard? I know you do. 

Your dog needs exercise and space. But you know, your neighbors do not want your dog playing in their yard.

Moreover, you have to protect your dog from the pool and busy road. And you do not like to see your dog inside your flowerbeds or other areas of your own property.

So what should you do? Obviously, you need a fence. But the fence is expensive and makes your yard look awkward. So you should choose best underground dog fences for your dog. What is an underground fence? It’s a simple device that consists of an in-ground line and a receiver that is located in your dog’s collar.
Whenever your dog wants to go outside the line or passes it, the collar will gently shock him or vibrate. As a result, your dog will understand his limit and stay within boundaries.

Now, this underground fence is invisible. So this won’t hamper your outside look. On the other hand, in some wireless invisible fence reviews, people prefer wireless models. But let me tell you some facts. When you choose wireless models it will create a perfect circle. But is your yard circle shape? No, right? So it is unrealistic to shape it perfectly as your wish. So underground dog fence is perfect for you if you want to keep your dog in your yard. Maybe you are thinking is it humane for a dog to shock? But the shock is so gentle that it won’t hurt your lovely dog that’s for sure.

**all the ratings are given by writers based on their expertise**

You have chosen underground dog fence. But you don’t know how to install this dog fence? Don’t panic. It is so simple. First, select the layout that is perfect for your property. Now it is time to put the wire below ground. Hold on! Before putting that below ground please taste it is working or not? Now take a shovel and slice open the ground, I mean soil. Place the wire. Make sure it is no more than 1.5 to 3 inches deep. Then brush the dirt back.
You must install the wired pet containment systems in a loop. Make sure the transmitter is placed in your garage and operates on the AC currents of your home.

You must install the wired pet containment systems in a loop. Make sure the transmitter is placed in your garage and operates on the AC currents of your home. It connects the loop together. The system won’t function if the loop is broken. Installation is done. Isn’t it so simple?

But how to choose best underground dog fences? Especially if you are new in this field. Read this article until the end, and I hope you will get a clear idea about choosing best underground dog fences. Because Now I am going to discuss things you should consider before choosing Best Underground Dog Fences.

Area It Covers

It means how much will your fence is going to cover the boundary for your pet. Some fences cover almost 50 acres when some do less. Please keep in your mind that the fence will cover the area of an irregular shape. Where your pet will roam freely.

underground dog fences

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Though most of the models are waterproof, especially the collar, but not all. So check before select. It is an important factor. Your doggy will get wet anytime. So it is better to choose waterproof models.


There is variation in correction methods. What I mean is some models have just beep warning and some have shock warning. But better is having all of them. You don’t know which one will suit your dog to obey the boundary.


One of the most important advantages is batter. Especially, if it is rechargeable or replaceable. Because it is important to keep your battery always active. So choose the battery which will serve longer. You will get up to 10 days.

Collar size

There is variation in the size of the collar. It is better to say diameter size of the collar instead of just size of the collar. There is big size collar for big dogs and small size collar for the small one. Choose what best suits your pet.

dog collar size

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Hair of dog

The longer the dog’s hair is, the longer the prongs need. Because your dog’s hair affects the success rate of control. If the prongs are smaller and hair is longer, then it is possible that the prongs will not contact the skin of the dog. As a result, the shock will not work and your dog goes out of control.

A lot of underground dog fences are available in the market. So for your help, I am writing on top 5 best underground dog fences.

Top 5 Underground Dog Fence Reviews in 2021

This amazing fence is at the top of our list. The reason is simple. It's adaptability. It features 1000 feet wire, 100 flags, a transmitter and a collar receiver. The wire can be expanded, if needed, to cover up to 100 acres. In addition, it is waterproof. You can use the same fence for the unlimited number of pets just by buying some additional collar receiver. Moreover, it has a low battery indicator that gives you signal if the battery is low so that you can change the battery when needed. And last and the most important thing is many users say it is easy to use and installed.


It has four levels of static correction. So that you can use the level according to your dogs’ behavior. Furthermore, it features the compact transmitter that will give you peace of mind with wire break alarm and lighting protection. You will get training DVD and operating guide with this for free. And the last but not least thing is customer support which is opened 6 days a week and provides support when needed.


Despite the fence works perfectly for the maximum customer, some complain that the collar is too big. And the collar is made of plastic. As a result, it is not holding up properly and can be broken any time especially if your dog is playful. Besides, the battery is non-rechargeable. So you have to store some extra batteries.

This American made product is reliable and promises extreme high quality and great features. It covers up to 25 acres and remains stable in extreme weather. You can add more if you need. There are 3 antennas for good signal. Another important thing is it has customization option that gives you freedom on the layout. Again, five levels correction and 100 training flags as well as 2 types of contact point for different kind of breeds. In addition, the collar receiver is waterproof.


One advantage is you can use the same fence for as many pets as you want just by adding additional collar receiver. Moreover, 10 years guaranty is an extra benefit offer by very few companies. On the other hand, it is 2nd generation model. That means it is improved. This improvement comes with the advance electronic in the collar that improves signal and compatibility. Also, there are improvements in antenna and battery. Some people feel the system is not only waterproof but also submersible.


Some disadvantages are extra-large wire, non-rechargeable battery and no guideline within the box. Besides, the time requires for burying the wire is too much.

It is a great option for those people who like easy-to-use product for their pets. The brand name here adds some extra value. Four level correction for stubborn or hard to train dogs. Consequently, adjustable collar, both vibrate and tone warning, waterproof receiver, the customizeable layout makes it top of our list.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence


As the name implies, it is perfect for stubborn dogs. Its 4 levels vibrate and tone correction helps the owner to train their stubborn dog. Its adjustable collar fits for every sized dog from small to large. Besides, unlike other fences of our list, you can expand it up to 25 acres by adding additional wires. And you can train as many dogs as you want by adding some extra receiver.


The main problem is the lack of a surge protector. For this reason, it falls behind other products on this list. Another problem is the quality of collar. Many claims that the crews are coming loose and the materials used in the collar are breakages. On the other hand, the limitation of expanding the wire is just 25 acres which could be not sufficient for many dog owners.

The next fence on our list brings an extra feature which is not present in other products. That is the rechargeable battery. Another thing is you can use it for both your pet dog and cat. It has the adjustable and waterproof collar and five static levels of correction with tone. The coverage area is 1/3 acre and expandable up to 10 acres with the purchase of additional wire.


Obviously, the main advantage is the rechargeable battery which can last up to 3 weeks depending on your use. And it takes only 2-3 hours to recharge. Another advantage is it can be used for multiple types of pets. Its collar fits smaller animal as well as the bigger animal for its adjust ability. Moreover, its customer service is available 6 days a week. You can contact them anytime via call, mail or chat.


Like the previous one, it has the same problem which is less expandable. You should aware of “up to 30% more play area” tag. Because it is only 10 acres expandable. On contrary, there is no mention of vibration option. Same concern on the quality of material used in collar.

The last model on our list is perfect for small areas. This model is sold as “keep out” area. It means you can create extra boundaries around any areas such as your pool, flower beds, or anywhere you want. Also, it features surge protector to protect your fence from spike or surge. Four levels static corrections of tone, waterproof as well as the adjustable collar and low battery indicator is present in this model too.


It is perfect for small areas. Low battery indicator and surge protector are also present. Moreover, there is a promise of an adjustable and waterproof collar. And their customer service is available to help you for 6 days a week.


It is cheaper and has a small capacity. It only covers up to 5 acres which are the lowest compared to other products in our top list. So owner needs to buy extra wire to fulfill their needs.

The Final Verdict

In summary, best underground dog fences can provide you a safe and effective way to keep your pet within your boundary. The main disadvantage is you have to bury the wire under the soil around your yard. And this fence is not portable.
But if you want a perfect shape of boundary or you have a large yard then you won’t mind doing that I hope. As it is more effective in the large area.
There are a lot of you need to consider and read when you are going to choose a perfect fence for your dog. But I believe this best underground dog fences article, you have got a clear idea about choosing best underground dog fences.

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