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How To Teach Your Dog To Lay Down

Teaching a dog to lie down is essential. It helps one to control his dog and impulses hence strengthening the bond. This article provides tips on How To Teach Your Dog To Lay Down.

How To Teach Your Dog To Lay Down

Tips on How to ​Train a Dog to lay Down

The following steps can help when training a dog how to lie properly.

Prepare a special simple homemade dog treats ​for the dog

​​Before training, one should have the favorite treat that a dog likes. It should be held in front of the dog to entice him, but he should not eat it yet. Pull the treat back to teach him that he has to act to get it. If the dog is used to clicks, click consistently to encourage him especially if he is overweight.

Signal the dog to sit down – Dog Training Hand Signals

If a dog already knows how to sit, push the treat close to him. It could excite him and make his spring up. Move back and make him sit down again before you continue training him. Once the dog is steady, kneel down to reach his level.You can train your dog with some dog tricks 

Cue down the dog

​A dog should be trained without threats. This command is necessary to use every time.

Lure the dog to lie down

​Move the treat between the dog’s front legs while squatting. He should follow it with his nose. When the nose reaches the floor, pull the treat back. In case the dog jumps, you should snatch the treat quickly. Signal the dog to sit down and start luring him again.

​Gently pat the dog’s shoulder

It prevents him from walking towards you. As you push the treat forwards, the dog should glide along the floor.

​Catch the dog

This is appropriate for dogs which resist being lured. If you find him lying willingly, stand with him and give him time to sleep again. Don’t give him much time to sleep.If your dog sleep much don’t be panic ,move forward a single step to find this kind of  solution. You may get info about Dog sleeping here.  As soon as he lies, push the treat closer to him again. Repeat the process until the dog gets used to lying down and await instructions.

Praise the dog

Immediately the dog lies down, praise him and give him the treat. This should happen when his tail, belly and elbows touch the floor.

Let the dog relax

​​Step backwards and signal the dog to stand up. Repeat the whole process severally.

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How to Teach a Dog to Sit without Treats

How to Teach a Dog to Sit and Stay without Threats

Teaching a dog to sit down is usually the first activity in obedience training. Once a dog masters sitting after being commanded, it eases future training. The following methods can be used.

Method 1

​Establish a serene environment

​Puppies get distracted easily. They require regular breaks and short training sessions. A dog should be trained in a quiet place without distractions. It can be an enclosed place where a dog’s activities can be controlled. The dog is also able to focus more on you.

​Read the dog’s mood

​It enables the trainer to know when a dog is tired or overwhelmed. Initially, a dog is usually attentive, but with time, he starts losing focus and responding to commands. Practical training sessions should take about ten minutes.

Method 2​Obtain several treats

​Small treats are ideal since they will occasionally be given to the dog during training. They could be pieces of carrots, apples, chicken or green beans. If the dog is overweight, the treat should be low in calories.

​Capture the dog’s attention

It can be achieved by standing in front of him. This makes him focus on you entirely without being distracted.

Reveal the treat to the dog

Slightly push the treat towards the dog but keep it at a distance such that she can’t reach it. This will make her curious on how she can get it from you.

​Shift the treat to the back of the dog’s head

​At first, keep it close to his nose and then raise it slowly above his skull. His nose and eyes will follow the treat as he looks upward and he will eventually sit down. The treat should be close to his head so that he doesn’t jump. It should also be low enough to make him sit. If his bottom can’t fully reach the ground; ease him gently into a sitting position without changing the treat’s position.

Command the dog to sit down

​After the dog’s bottom reaches the ground, command him to sit and immediately give him a treat. If he doesn’t respond immediately, don’t issue other different commands but instruct him to sit again.

Command the dog to sit down

Praise the dog

As the dogs sit, praise him verbally and gently rub his forehead as you give him a treat. This helps in boosting his confidence.

Allow the dog to relax

​​Let the dog relax by giving him a command such as “free” as you also step backwards and signal him to approach you. Repeat the whole process for about ten minutes and give the dog a treat each time he sits down properly.

How to stop your dog from digging? Is a common question among new pet owners who are normally determined to end this incessant behavior. A dog could develop this habit due to hunting, seeking attention, comfort or boredom. Mild digging is acceptable; however, it should not be too frequent.To control dog behavior, you should first diagnose the issue to determine the primary cause. At times, the habit could be random hence difficult to analyze. Despite the efforts you put in controlling this behavior, stopping it completely is a difficult task. Some dog species such as dachshunds and terriers are known to be natural diggers.

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How to Train Your Dog to Shake Hands

Teaching a dog to shake the paw as a greeting gesture is a bit tricky and it should be done after the dog learns to sit down. It increases the dog’s obedience and trust in you.

The following steps should be followed.

How to Train Your Dog to Shake Hands

1. Pick treats for the dog

​The treats should be small as you might give out several of them to the dog. They could be pieces of cooked meat, vegetables or fruits. Their calorie level should be low so as not to over feed the dog.

2. Command the dog to sit

​You should not give the dog a treat at this step. Hold it in your left hand and bring it in front of the dog. Once the dog sees the treat, wrap it in your palm.

3. Command the dog to “shake.”

​Ask the dog to offer his paw as you stretch the hand with the treat towards him. When the dog tries to reach it by lifting his leg, encourage him loudly and give him the treat. This step should be repeated severally until the dog can properly lift his leg after being commanded.

4. Hold the dog’s paw in your hand

​Hold the dog’s leg for several seconds after you reward him with a treat. Do it gently so as not to injure him.

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Final Words

When giving a dog any form of training, one should always be kind to him and be able to tolerate his mistakes. If the dog doesn’t master a skill immediately, he needs to be encouraged consistently. There are different techniques on How To Teach Your Dog To Lay Down.

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