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The 10 Best Wireless Dog Fences & Reviews (Updated List) – Buyer’s Guide

Dogs like roaming and exploring the environment around them. Just like cats, dogs are also curious and sometimes rebellious. So, how do you keep your dog safe and prevent them from wondering? Well, while you can choose to keep your dog coped all day long, this is not the best solution. Dogs need to play and exercise. The best solution to ensure that your dog is safe and doesn’t go beyond the confined area is getting the best wireless dog fence.

A wireless dog fence is just the right thing you need to keep your dog safe, especially when tour house or property is near a busy road. A large dog running wild can cause serious problems. These dog fences are also great if you love camping with your dog as long as there is power source in the place you are visiting.

Choosing the best wireless fence for large dogs is not something you can just decide on without having any idea of how wireless fences work. While other fences (brick and chain) are effective, they are not 100% trusted. They block your view and easily ruin the beautiful look of your house from the outside. Also, large dogs can climb chain fences. This detailed guide and review will help you choose the best wireless dog fence for the money.

Table of Contents

How Does A Wireless Dog Fence Work?

Before we get into details on choosing the right wireless dog fence, it is important to understand the anatomy of a wireless dog fence and how it works. First, you need to have a centrally located transmitter that sends radio signals to come up with a circular boundary that marks the dog’s containment area (safe area).

You can easily adjust the safe area based on the type of fence that you have. Additionally, your dog wears a receiver collar that picks signals from the transmitter. Your dog can roam on the same area without any correction. When the fog is closer to the correction zone, the receiver collar beeps to alert the dog to turn. If your dog is stubborn and ignores, it will keep beeping, and the collar will produce some little electric stimulation (static correction).

This stimulation is not harmful to the dog, and it only keeps them uncomfortable. It reminds the dog they are in the wrong place, and they need to get back to the safe zone.

Situations When a Wireless Dog Fence Is Not Ideal

Wireless dog fences are gaining popularity, but there are also limitations to the places you can use them. It is essential to know these limitations so that you can make the right choice when buying. They include the following:

  • They give circular boundary so not ideal in narrow or odd shaped yards.
  • The boundary can vary. Sometimes the reception is good, and in other times it is not.
  • Not ideal for yards with steep slopes and plenty of trees.
  • Car driveways can affect the signal.
  • Don’t transmit signals well through metal. So they are not ideal if you have metal shed or metal siding.

best wireless dog fence for multiple dogs in 2020: Top Picks (Updated list)

Image Product Details   Price
backpac 1.​PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System check An adjustable collar of more than 6 inches Check Price
backpac 2.PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence check Has a bright collar that can be used on small dogs. Check Price
cordlessblower 3.​Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence check It is safe for pets. Check Price
cordlessblower 4.PetPi Wireless Dog Fence Containment System The system is easy to use Check Price
cordlessblower 5.Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System Waterproof and comes with a manual Check Price
cordlessblower 06.DNPet Wireless Dog Fence Containment System Keeps your pet safe Check Price
cordlessblower 7.AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System Has a nice automatic Check Price
cordlessblower 8.FocusPet Wireless Dog Fence The transmitter can use many receivers Check Price
cordlessblower 9.FunAce Wireless Pet Fence Containment System Has a friendly customer service with a refund guarantee of the product. Check Price
cordlessblower 10.Everteco Wireless Dog Fence Wire Free Pet Containment System Offers multi-dog control Check Price

** *Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change. Click the above name  to check the price on Amazon directly.

The 10 Top-Rated Wireless Dog Fences

There is no wireless fence which is perfect for all dogs. Large dogs weigh about 50 pounds, and their necks are usually 18-25 inches wide. The following are the best fences that one can use to contain them.

#1.​PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

​PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

It has a rectangular or square range shape and a circular boundary which keeps dogs inside a yard. The perimeter can be adjusted to 90 feet using an indoor transmitter.

Setting it up takes 2 hours at most, and it doesn’t need wires. Its receiver collar is durable and waterproof. There are five static correction levels which make it ideal for training dogs which weigh more than eight pounds. This is one of the best wireless dog fence for 2 dogs or if you have multiple dogs.

It is a portable fence system which has a circular boundary that keeps dogs in the compound. You can adjust the boundaries to 90 feet from the transmitter. Its overall adjustable area is a half-acre. There is a battery indicator which alerts a person when the charge is low. It can be adjusted according to the dog’s neck, and it can be used on several dogs at a time.

You can keep dogs as large as eight pounds contained in any space you want. All you have to do is plug in the transmitter to a socket. The radio frequencies will be emitted to a range of up to 180 ft in diameter. You and your pet can enjoy the beautiful outdoor view together without having to put on a leash. The transmitter which is located in the center of the specified boundary will send signals to the collar put on the pet.

When there is no more signal due to your pet approaching the boundary, the transmitter will send a loud warning which will take him back. If the pet continues to prove stubborn and leaves the boundary, an audible correction will immediately chase him back.


  • check Has static correction levels.
  • check An adjustable collar of more than 6 inches
  • check Can be used to train more than one dog at a time
  • check Has a clear manual guide.
  • check A low battery indicator.
  • One can choose tone or static.
  • Has five static correction levels.
  • An adjustable waterproof collar
  • A low battery light indicator
  • No wires are buried underground


  • Some users don’t find it reliable
  • 30 minutes stimulation is long for dogs
#2.PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

This wireless dog fence is useful in training stubborn dogs, and it has an extra wireless collar receiver.

A dog is free to roam when fixed with this collar. Its transmitter can be installed inside the house where it sends wireless signals. This is a portable fence. The collar is light and comfortable to dogs. It fits necks which are up to 28 inches wide and dogs which weigh more than 5 pounds. There are several levels of static correction for training dogs.

The fence is lightweight and portable. Also, as mentioned earlier, it can be set up within two hours and can reach an area of 210 feet in diameter. This is mostly recommended for dogs that weigh at least 5 pounds and have a neck size within 6-28 inches. There are five adjustable static correction levels, and one of the available modes alerts you with just a single beep. It keeps your dog from always running away.

When your dog is about to go beyond the specified radius or boundary, he will get zapped by the boundary line and immediately return. The dog will behave well; however, you want it to. With this, you don’t always have to worry about your dog going over to your neighbor’s yard. It can be set up for two days straight without any problem. One of the coolest features is the portability which allows you to take it wherever you want and set it up there.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the transmitter may often interfere with some home appliances and disrupt the operation. So it is best to set it up far away from any radio signal emitting appliance. Sometimes the beep in the collar may be very low and inaudible to you or your dog.


  • check It is portable due to its small and light transmitter.
  • check Has a bright collar that can be used on small dogs.
  • check Has a big range of up to a 104-foot radius
  • check You don’t need to buy a burry wire
  • check It has a long battery life
  • It is waterproof and durable


  • Complaints of inconsistent work
  • The collar doesn’t shock
#3.​Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

When it comes to wireless dog fences, it is important to consider various aspects like the battery life, quality transmitter, among other great aspects.

The Sit Boo-Boo invisible electric dog fence can be a great way to keep your dog safe and prevent it from wandering in neighbor’s yards. So, if you have a stubborn dog that trespasses in places they are not supposed to be, this fence will work well.

Unlike other dog fences, it is easier to train your dog without frustrating moments. You can also add an unlimited number of collars if you have more than one dog. It is somehow sensitive to your dog’s behavior and adjusts the level of correction. If your dog proves stubborn to the beeping sound, it will also get a vibration warning from the collar, but when he goes out of bounds, there will be an electric zap.

The intensity in the zap will keep increasing until the pet turns around and returns out of the boundary line. In case you think your pet will get hurt, don’t worry. There is a safety precaution embedded like a safety-shutoff that stops the collar from giving static corrections. Two of the cool features we enjoyed about this system are the waterproof collars and the correction level that is made to suit your pet’s temperament.

One thing we didn’t like is the way the collar goes off even when your dogs is not near the boundary. The invisible fence is wired directly into the ground and as an auto-level of correction. It comes with a good quality collar which fits smaller dogs as well as big dogs. Also, the collar has a rechargeable lithium battery which can last a week.


  • check Easy to install
  • check It is safe for pets.
  • check It can cover up to 1.2 acres.
  • check Features the latest fence technology
  • check The range is long and customizable
  • The Hidden fence is ideal for training dogs.
  • Sit fence utilizes advanced wireless technology.


  • The thin wire easily breaks
  • Doesn’t have a warning beep, only shock
#4.PetPi Wireless Dog Fence Containment System

PetPi Wireless Dog Fence Containment System

Containing your dog in one place can be tough if you don’t have the right containment system.

The PetPi Wireless Dog Fence is an ideal containment system that keeps your dog within the required places. This is a very safe and reliable dog fence that allows your dog to stay in safe zones all the time.

Unlike other dog fences, this model features a Wi-Fi connection feature, and the installation is pretty easier and fast. The system has a transmitter at the center that provides a range of up to 500 meters. When your dog is near the boundary, the receiver collar on the dog’s neck sends a warning beep. If the dog doesn’t stop and continues to run near the boundary, it receives a shock with increasing intensity until it gets back to the right place.

This system is made of a quality ABS material, meaning that it will last longer. Before you use this system, it is crucial to train your dog several times for about 15-25 minutes. You should also go through the instructions given carefully for smooth operation.


  • check Comes with everything you need for use
  • check The system is easy to use
  • check Has Wi-Fi connection
  • check It is waterproof
  • check Transmission range is large 


  • Not ideal for aggressive dogs
  • Complaints of poor transmission
#5.Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

Petsafe is a recognized brand when it comes to quality pet products. The Petsafe PIF-300 is another wireless dog fence that provides you with an easy and safe containment for your dog.

You need to place the transmitter in your home, and then your dog wears a lightweight receiver collar.

Your dog can roam and wander around your yard. When it approaches the restricted area, he will get a warning beep. If the dog continues to run in the boundary area, he gets a static correction, which is not harmful but keeps him a little uncomfortable.

Using this containment system is easy. First, you need to train your dog to know his boundaries. You will also get instructions on how to install this system easily. This waterproof receiver can cover up to 180 feet, and it is suitable for pets weighing 8 pounds or more.


  • check Easy to use and install
  • check The system is suitable for two dogs
  • check Has a lightweight collar
  • check An adjustable circular area of 180 foot
  • check Waterproof and comes with a manual


  • The collar does not fit small dogs
  • Great if it was chew-proof
#06.DNPet Wireless Dog Fence Containment System

DNPet Wireless Dog Fence Containment System

Taking care of your pet is essential if you don’t want him to trespass in your neighbor’s backyards. 

With the DNPet Wireless Dog Fence, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your dog, and this gives you some peace of mind. This wireless dog fence keeps your pet in the contained area hence eliminating the need for wires and digging.

When your dog tries to go beyond the boundary, the receiver collar produces a warning tone to alert the do. If the dog continues to move near the restricted area, he receives an electrostatic shock to stay away from the area. This unit offers an adjustable range of up to 69 acres.

It features a quality receiver that is durable and waterproof. This containment system is ideal for dogs with a neck size ranging from 6-28 inches. Additionally, you can control unlimited dogs using this unit. You just need to buy additional receivers that are compatible.


  • check It has a longer range
  • check Has a durable and quality receiver
  • check Keeps your pet safe
  • check Small and lightweight
  • check Comes with adjustable TPU strap
  • Can be used with an unlimited number of dogs


  • The shock function doesn’t work well
  • Collar design would have been better
#06.DNPet Wireless Dog Fence Containment System

AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System

Take your dog’s safety level to a higher level with the AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence. 

This system has a unique and innovative positioning technology and uses GPS location. As compared to other traditional wireless dog fences, this model is more accurate. It allows you to set a radius of up to 800 meters. It gives your dog an automatic shock when it closes the safe area.

Another great thing about this dog fence is that it has a stronger anti-interference ability. Other wireless dog fences get easily affected by metal or other obstacles. Its GPS signals are stable, so there is no instance that your dog will get injured. The unit has an automatic protection design such that when the dog leaves the safe zone, it receives a 20-second stimulation.

The system is perfect for outdoor use. Unlike other models, it doesn’t have a transmitter or remote control. Everything needed is integrated into the collar, which is IP66 waterproof. It is also easy to set it up automatically, and you can use it in a place like a campground, riverside, beach, courtyard, park, and farm, among others


  • check Simple unit that is easy to use
  • check Has a nice automatic protection design
  • check It doesn’t overstimulate your dog
  • check The system has a long-range
  • check It is waterproof and ideal for outdoor use
  • Accurate and reliable system
  • Other obstacles do not interfere it


  • Battery is weak
  • Many users say it doesn’t work
#8.FocusPet Wireless Dog Fence

FocusPet Wireless Dog Fence

This is another great wireless fence dog owners use to keep their pet safe. It has up to 16 adjust the sensitivity easily.

The unit has a quality design and offers a nice solution to contain your dog. The beep and vibration reminds your dog when he is getting out of bounds. The shock serves as a punishment when your dog has gone beyond bounds.

The radio signal covers up to 655 yards. You can also use this to control two dog collars at the same time without staring at the remote. Also, it is rechargeable and water-resistant. It can’t be easily damaged when your dog decided to roll in a puddle of water. You should take note that this is boy suitable for aggressive dogs because they can kill their owners a people around them.

When the collar is worn for too long or too tight in your pet, it can cause skin damage. The collar should only be on for 12 hours per day to prevent irritation on your dog’s skin. Also, don’t put the collar too tight on your dog, always leave some room for comfort purposes. For those who love going camping and vacations with their dogs, you can carry this unit because it has a rechargeable transmitter.


  • checkThe fence system is safe for your dog.
  • check The transmitter can use many receivers
  • check It is waterproof
  • Has a nice receiver strap
  • It uses a 300mA lithium battery that has long power durability.
  • No extra shipping fees are charged to clients upon purchasing it.


  • Complaints of inconsistent range
  • The collar beeps at any range
#9.FunAce Wireless Pet Fence Containment System

FunAce Wireless Pet Fence Containment System

The system has a rechargeable receiver collar, a transmitter, perimeter radio and a radial-shaped boundary.

Each containment system can be used on one dog only. It has a cordless and easy installation process. It has a maximum setting that can cover more than the 900-foot diameter.

The fence system can fit dogs which weigh more than eight pounds and which have 20-inch necks. It is hence suitable for medium, large, extra large and small dogs. It has a waterproof and rechargeable collar. There is a battery indicator which notifies one when to recharge it. The containment system can be attached to many receiver collars hence making it possible for one to train more than one dog at a time.


  • check
  • Comfortable for dogs
  • It has an excellent long, vast range.
  • A waterproof collar which doesn’t turn off during rainy seasons.
  • Has a friendly customer service with a refund guarantee of the product.


  • The collar is not adjustable as it could at times be too big or too tight.
  • The manual is hard to understand as it is written in the Chinese language.
#10.Everteco Wireless Dog Fence Wire Free Pet Containment System

Everteco Wireless Dog Fence Wire Free Pet Containment System

Everteco Wireless Dog Fence is a reliable wireless system which is ideal for small dogs.

There is a rechargeable transmitter which has a long charge span hence making it portable. It can be linked to several collars which are rechargeable and waterproof. There is a manual guide with instructions on how to use the collar when training dogs which makes your work easier.

This dog fence has a large coverage, and its circular boundary signal is up to 500 meters radius. It is waterproof, so no worries about getting damaged when it gets into contact with water. The unit is also rechargeable suitable for dogs with neck sizes from 8-21 com. You will also enjoy multi-dog control with this dog fence since one transmitter can be used to control unlimited collar receivers.


  • checkLong-distance between transmitter and collar
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Multi-dog control
  • 100 adjustable levels
  • Offers multi-dog control
  • Provides a more extensive coverage


  • No negative reviews so far

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Wireless Dog Fences

You don’t have to go through the hassles of installing a fence in your yard simply because you have a dog. Get a quality wireless dog fence to contain your dog is safe places. But how do you choose the right one? There are various factors which should guide one when selecting the best wireless dog fence. Some of the most important considerations include the following:

There are various factors which should guide one when selecting the best wireless dog fence.

You can also train your dog using the Sportdog Field Trainer SD-425. It will help in making him get accustomed to remaining within your backyard even when he is alone. The field trainer is found in most online stores and it is sold at affordable prices. Using both the manual trainer and installing the best wireless dog fence would be useful in controlling your pet’s movement.

1.The dog’s temperament

Various dog breeds have different personalities and characters. The type of wireless fence selected should be compatible with a dog’s temperament. If for instance, a dog is energetic and it is being trained as a guard dog, it will be defensive. A high fence should be installed as the dog could be dangerous in case it escapes.

2.The dog’s size

Different dogs vary in size. If one owns a small dog such as a Pug, a short fence should be installed. On the other hand, if they own a large dog such as a Labrador, they should fix a high wireless fence.

3. A dog’s age

A dog’s age is vital when choosing a wireless fence. This will help you select the most suitable fence for your dog. If it is in its growing stage, the type of fence installed should ensure the dog’s safety even after it matures. A high fence should also be used if it’s a puppy.

4. The dog’s chewing habit

Different dogs possess different habits. Some are fond of munching on treats while others appear to be restless. For such restless dogs, a high fence should be used as they can easily escape.

Installation of a Wireless Dog Fence

Installing a best wireless dog fence is a natural process which takes few hours. The following steps could guide a person on how to do it.

  • Placing the transmitter

This is the most sensitive and time-consuming activity in this process. The antenna should be at the center of the yard but not close to wireless signals such as routers. It should also not be near a lot of metal, such as a laundry room or a furnace. They could block or diminish the signal. The transmitter should be on the ground floor. It should be near an outer wall, and it should not be moved since it could interfere with signal transmittance. At first, it should not be attached to any object as one could need to adjust it.

  • Turning on the collar

The collar should be turned on after the transmitter has been placed. Some collar models need to be synced with a secure fence while others don’t. These instructions can be obtained from the collar’s manual.

  • Setting boundaries

Most wireless electric fences have their radius, high or low settings. Some have a 120-foot radius, while others have a 90-foot radius. If one wants to reach the system’s full maximum range, she should use the high setting. The scope of the system should be adjusted as per its manual.

Setting collars with multiple settings: Sensitive dogs need a low sound setting while aggressive dogs need a high setting. The collar should be set, and its setting adjusted according to the manual.

  • Finding the edge

The edge can be determined by using the collar. One should hold an activated collar and walk around in the compound with it until it beeps. He should place a flag there and continue walking within the compound as they put flags after every 5 feet to create a visual boundary.

Once this is done, the transmitter should be secured in a place where it can’t be knocked or bumped by pets and children. It should be physically mounted to the closet. The collar can then be put on a dog and training can commence.

Best Dog Proof Fence Options

To dog-proof a fence, one can use the following options.

  • Landscaping

It is ideal for dogs like patrolling fence lines. Dense shrubs such as Boxwood can be planted along the fence line. They prevent dogs from jumping high when attempting to escape. Landscaping widens the buffer zone between a dog and the fence. It allows the dog to rest for a while. However, one should regularly inspect the shrubs to check whether the dog has created a tunnel between them.

  • Slats, garden fencing, and reed rolls

Reed fencing can be applied if a dog reacts to what he sees through a chain-link fence. It is a cheap option which increases the aesthetic value of a fence and privacy in a yard. Plastic slats can also be fed through a chain-link fence. If one is not bothered when a dog sticks its head through the fence, she can add rolls of garden fencing.

  • L-footer

If one has a dog which is fond of digging, this option is appropriate. Wires can be laid against the base of the fence while bent at a 90-degree angle. This wire fencing can be buried slightly, or it can be put on the grass and covered by rocks or garden gnomes.

  • Concrete footers

They can be used if a dog is addicted to digging. Concrete should be poured along the fence line and be the bottom part of the fence should be sunk into it before it dries up.

  • Coyote rollers

They are specially designed to prevent jumping dogs from gripping the top part of the fence. They can be enjoined with PVC pipes.

  • Build lean-ins

It can be done using garden fencing such that the top of the fence is bent and parallel to the ground.

  • Airlocks

They are handy if a yard doesn’t have a fence such as a boarding facility or a dog park. Airlocks are built before the main entrance such that is the door is opened, and a dog runs away. They are contained by them outside the door.

For some dogs, a sturdy gate is added in front of the porch while for some. A tiny fenced in the area should be built in front of the door with a locking gate. A doorbell can be added to the airlock to make visitors wait outside an airlock before being let in. This option is commonly applied in dog cares.

  • Locks

They restrain dogs and allow people to move around. Dogs should not be left unattended in the yard, especially if they fight frequently. Snakes can also attack them or get bored. Boredom causes dogs to be more adventurous, and they tend to escape regularly. It can be reduced by providing them playing toys.

Benefits of Using Wireless Dog Fence

Wireless dog fences are essential because they give your dog the chance to enjoy the freedom and you don’t have to worry about safety. The following are some of the benefits that you will get from having a wireless dog fence.

  • Cost-Effective

The cost incurred when installing a wooden fence around a compound is higher than that of a wireless electric fence. There are plenty of affordable wireless dog fences that you can get to ensure your dog doesn’t go beyond confined places.

Ease of Installation

When one is installing a wooden fence or an underground electric fence around a yard, aesthetic beauty is usually lost. Deep, circular pits may have to be dug to connect electrical cables. However, in using wireless dog fences, all that is required is for one to fix the system, plug it into a socket and to switch it on.

A dog’s or a dog owner’s view is not obstructed

Wireless dog fences are invisible. One’s view of the surrounding environment is not blocked. They enable dogs to get familiar with neighbors and frequent passersby. It prevents them from backing on anyone that they see.

They can’t be damaged

Such fences can’t get destroyed by pet onslaughts or harsh weather. There are no small holes made in it which would allow the entry of small animals into the compound. All that one has to do for the fence to last longer is to maintain its battery life properly.

They track a dog’s location

Traditional wooden fences only allow dogs to get inside a compound. Wireless dog fences enable one to monitor a dog’s position and movement inside the compound. It assures the owner of its safety.

They have multiple uses

Apart from monitoring a dog’s movement, wireless electric fences can also be used to train dogs. This could begin when a puppy is two months old. It can be taught commands such as responding to calls. If one owns more than one dog, they will just need one wireless electric fence system. They can purchase several dog collars depending on the number of their dogs and use the safe, wireless network to contain all dogs within the compound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the best wireless fence for dogs?

A: Several things will guide you when it comes to choosing the best dog fence. We have given you a guide and review that covers some of the best wireless dog fences on the market today. Check out their unique features to find which one is suitable for your dog.

Q: Do the wireless dog fences work?

A: Yes, they do. As you know, dogs love to roam or wander and sometimes they can trespass to other people’s yards. You don’t have to coop your dog the whole day or install a fence in your yard if you want to limit the movements of your dog. Getting a wireless dog fence can be a great idea, and they work amazingly well.

Q: What is the best wireless dog fence for large dogs?

A: Choosing the right dog fence is essential depending on the size of your dog. You also want something comfortable for the dog. We have provided you with seven recommended wireless dog fences for larger dogs. Our top picks have amazing features, and they offer incredible performance.

Q: How much is a wireless pet fence?

A: Wireless dog fences come in various price ranges. You can get affordable models, medium-priced and high-end models that cost more. Before you buy, it is essential to set a budget range and determine how much money you can part with. Then look for a wireless dog fence that matches your budget needs or the features that you want.

Final Verdict

A wireless dog fence assures you that your dog stays in a safe zone all the time. Whether you are looking for a dog fence for a small or large dog, I hope you our reviews and guide will help you. We have given you dog-friendly quality products, and they are easy to use.

When choosing the best wireless dog fence to use in your compound, you should consider the dog’s size, age, temperament, and character. There are different fence systems for large and small dogs. You only need to make comparisons to choose the right one.

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