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10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog healthy and Safe

You love your dog right?

You should be because the dog is the closes friend of man today. Also, dogs are loving, faithful and forgiving. In addition, you are the pupil of the dog’s eye. So it is your responsibility to try your best to keep them safe, happy as well as healthy.

Yes, I know, there are lots of advice for keep your dog healthy you will find on the net, but this article might add some additional knowledge to you. Here I have tried to mention and explain top 10 simple and easiest ways that will, I hope, help you. Without further talk, let’s begin.

Proper Diet

The most important thing for a dog to be healthy is its diet. The diet that you give to your dog will affect. From the weight to the light of its eyes, to the apparel on his teeth, and also to their fur health – the food you provide to your dog can affect everything, even the moods.So try to provide the balanced diet to your dog that fulfills her all nutritional demand and keeps them happy and healthy.

Avoid Contaminate Or Dangerous Food

Always try to avoid any dangerous food that can harm your dog such as raisins, onions, caffeine, cooked bones, alcohol, etc. And also keep your dog away from contaminating food that can cause serious effects on your dog. In addition, of course, train him so that he does not take any food from any stranger.

Avoid contaminate or dangerous food

Keep The Dog Hydrate

Since, your dog exercises almost every time in a day, it needs enough water to remain hydrated. So you should provide him fresh water on a regular basis. But you know, the dog does not drink water itself on a regular basis; you should provide water to it on a regular basis so that it gets enough water to remain hydrated.

Lose Fat

Like man, fat is dangerous for the dog as well. Your dog will not be healthy if it has fat. How can you check? You easily check the fat level. Put your hand on his chest and if you feel the ribs there then you can be sure that there is no fat. But if you do not feel ribs, there must have fat. So try to cut that fat. It can be done by proper dieting.


Groom your dog regularly

The dog is prone to be affected by the germ. So it is very very important to keep them clean. In order to keep them clean, you need to clean him with shampoo and soap at least once in a week. This way you can keep your dog clean and away from the germs. And most importantly it will keep you healthy as well.


exercise dog regular

Exercise and walking will prevent your dog from being obese. You know obesity is the main reason for many diseases and laziness. You can take him with you for a 10-20 minutes’ walk or you can play with him. Try to use safety wired or wireless fence these types of physical activities will burn fat and keep your dog healthy.

Check up

You know how much important it is to have regular check up for a dog. You can know the current physical condition of your dog and according to that, you can take steps. Also, you can discuss with the vet about the diet plan and other issues related to your dog.


Dog loves playing and running. And also, they are unpredictable. So it is very common that they are hurt because of the accident with bike or bicycle or any other cars. For their safety, you can use seresto flea and tick collar. Fence and collar will help you to keep your dog controlled and safe.

Oral Health

Dog eat many types of foods and bite many unhygienic things. So it is important you regularly check your dog’s mouth and keeps that clean and hygienic. You can use dog toothpaste and brush to clean or you can use a fresh cloth to clean his mouth.

Have fun

Play with him, take him for a walk, take him with you to the park, introduce him to new places, train him to search something, train him catching or handshaking or do some stuff that is necessary. It will definitely make him happy and happiness is the key to being healthy.

Final Talk

If you follow these 10 tips, I hope your dog will remain happy and healthy. Keep these tips in your heart and follow when necessary.

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