10 Signs Your Dog Is Acting Strange Even for a Dog

Every dog owner loves his or her companion and probably the most unfortunate part of your relationship with your dog is that it can’t speak. It would be so easy to know how our dogs feel and when they are not doing that great. But, even if dogs can’t speak, there are signs in their behavior that act as clues. A strange behavior in your dog may indicate a problem, so don’t simply consider that your dog is “special”. Take a look at this list with 10 strange signs in your dog’s behavior and learn what you have to do.

Did it occur to you to take your dog to the park only to come to the stunning conclusion that it enjoys rolling in poop? This is not something pleasant for any dog owner, as it means a lot of shampoo, hot water, and a pair of rubber gloves once you return home. Believe it or not, this behavior is instinctual, as the dog’s ancestors used smelly things to cover their own smell, as they were out hunting.
Using proper training methods, you can make your puppy not have that troubling behavior anymore.

2. It licks its private parts too insistently

While there’s nothing wrong for a dog to periodically groom and clean itself, it can be bothering if this kind of behavior becomes rather obsessive. If this happens when your dog meets someone new or one gazes too much at the dog, then it is a sign that your dog is stressed. Turning off the stress factor will solve this issue.

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3. It shakes or trembles out of a sudden

This is an issue more commonly met in small breeds. While the cold temperature outside can be a factor of this behavior, if there’s nothing wrong with the temperature then it must be stress. Sudden shivering can be due to the fact that the dog is stressed or scared of something. Figuring out that causes so much tension to your dog will help reduce the symptoms and calm it down.

5. Your dog sleeps most of the day

It is not so awkward for dogs to sleep a lot throughout the day, but this usually happens when it is left home alone. When you come back home, it should adopt a happy and alert state. If this is not happening and your dog appears lethargic, lacking its energy and even goes back to sleep, then this is a problem indicator. Check to see if your dog is in pain first. Taking it to the vet may be a good idea as well, especially if the symptoms persist. Just do have in mind that excessive sleeping can also indicate a depression.
In case the vet says your pet’s body is healthy, then you should probably make its life more interesting.

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6. It seems to have a hard time peeing

Is your dog having a hard time peeing? If he shows signs of discomfort or pain when peeing, if he appears to want to pee but not managing to do so, or if its attempts to pee are not that successful from a quantitative point of view, then it would be recommended to take the dog to the vet. Your companion’s peeing problems may indicate serious health issues or threats, so you should not ignore such a sign. A visit to the vet is also recommended in case you notice changes in the color of the urine, like the dog presenting reddish, orange, or brownish urine, as they may be signs of infections or kidney problems.

7. The eyes of your dog are red

While it is common for people to have red eyes especially after a long night, in which sleep has been scarce, this is not normal in the case of dogs. If you notice that your dog has red eyes, it may be a sign of depression or health problem. If the dog has been up all night indeed, perhaps something is bothering it or it may be in pain. Watch out for other signs of illness as well. But, again, take this particular sign into account as a potential indicator toward a state of depression.

8. Refuses food several times in a row

Okay, so the dog is not in the mood to eat its food as soon as you put its bowl down. And perhaps it doesn’t want to eat it later either. In case your dog doesn’t have sufficient physical exercising and walks, it will not feel the need to eat too much and may even skip meals. This is common when the temperatures outside are high, as no one feels comfortable eating on a scorching heat. But, if the dog refuses to eat several occasions in a row, its lack of appetite can be a sign of illness.

9. Nothing seems to catch its interest anymore

Is the dog lethargic and nothing seems to catch its interest anymore? In case your companion doesn’t seem too excited about going on walks or playing with its favorite toy, even if you wiggle in front of its eyes, there is definitely something wrong with it. You may assume that it is tired, but the truth is that he may be sick or even depressed. Lethargy and lack of interest are common signs of depression. Consider spending more time with your dog and taking it on long and nice walks.

10. The dog drools way too much or too often

It is true that some breeds tend to drool more than others, but when this aspect becomes rather abundant, it may be a sign of discomfort and stress. This is even more obvious if the drooling is accompanied by panting and constant licking of the lips and nose.


Taking really good care of your dog is not always an easy task. There may be a lot of problems you will have to face once you get one. However, if you make its life interesting and take it to the vet periodically, through this behavioral prevention, you can steer your companion’s jaws away from eating a lot of problems that may come its way. Also, these may be the best solutions even after the issue arises.

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