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How to Train a Dog with Dog Tricks: 10 Infallible Tricks To Get It Quickly

Never apply any tricks to train your dog without reading this article. I know you love your puppy. Here We are presenting you some amazing tips about how to train a dog with dog tricks.

They say that like father, like son. It is not different, much less in the case of pets and their respective owners. Obviously, the blood is not the same, but after an adoption or an animal acquisition shortly after birth, teaching and human habits will depend a lot on the behavior with which the puppy will evolve to become an adult.

The Basic Rules For Puppies

Training a puppy is not always easy. They will be governed by our customs and norms.Every new animal member in the family must know firsthand and at an early age the necessary norms so that the coexistence between the human and canine components is the best possible. Some basic rules that carry with them a training that, with the passage of time, becomes mutual for both the owner and the pet.

Unique Tricks To Teach Your Dog

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#1. Raising Awareness Of The Whole Family

Nothing better than preparing the ground for the arrival of the new hairy member. It is important to determine the different roles that each relative will have when it comes to educating my dog and living with him. The discipline is the same for some as for others. For example, if one of the rules is to feed the dog at a certain time, no one should offer any food between meals.

#2. Study Your Behavior In Depth

Each puppy is different and may not act as expected. Each of them therefore needs a specific training in line with the characteristics and attitude of the animal. An example could be the case of the dog that tries to bite its own tail. A strange behavior that can occur for some physical or psychological reason that it is possible to treat but also prevent.

#3. Clear And Basic Rules

Dogs need easy rules to assume and follow from the first moment to quickly capture their attention and fulfill them little by little. A clear rule could be not to eat from the table, so it would be best not to offer our own dish.

#4. Rewards, Rewards And Reprimands

It can become very difficult, if not impossible, to educate a puppy without any reward in return. The food is usually the element of desire on the part of these small dogs to be used as a stimulus to them at times when they do not want or do not feel strong enough to comply with some norm.It is mandatory to be aware that the prize in the form of food must have a very measured size, since the animal can not eat a large amount in a short time, for their health and well-being.In small portions of some dog food or that is also healthy, such as turkey, you can reward easily the good behavior of our faithful companion.

Another means of reward is the interactive game, either through the throwing of balls or any object that runs if it is released. This is an action that undoubtedly always excites the animal, although they can also alter it. For tests of agility and speed, this type of games comes to perfection.Verbal praise also influences the attitude of the dog, who reacts correctly if he perceives a kind and sharp voice every time he performs an exercise in a positive way. Equally important is to act in the opposite way if the puppy disobeys, by means of a more severe tone with the necessary reprimands so that the animal is confirmed that it has made an error, that distinguishes the tone to realize that it did not act well, although always that precedes forgiveness, necessary to move forward and evolve.

#5. Do Not Exceed The Exercise Or The Duration of The Session

It is convenient to maintain a comfortable and adaptable session rhythm for the puppy, with games that the owner can invent and enjoy with his pet. The breaks are essential if there is physical tiredness or boredom in the animal. If it is the human being who gets the heaviness, it is best to stop and continue in the next session. To avoid this type of events, it is advisable to use periods of time that do not exceed 15 minutes.

Do Not Exceed The Exercise

#6. Control Your Needs and Schedules

The training of physiological needs seems fundamental to obtain control from the beginning. Puppies as young as three months old are not able to have absolute control over their bladder and their intestines, which can cause unfortunate accidents anywhere. We should not reprimand severely if this type of situation occurs, as it can undermine the morale of the animal. It is necessary to understand that most puppies will need at least six months of training to carry out their needs where appropriate.

These little dogs are can hold it without voiding or defecating for a number of hours, depending on the months of age they have. That is, a puppy of five months, should not be inside any establishment or in your own home more than five hours, except if it is a night time, in which while they sleep.

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The puppy depends on us in its evolution.Dogs can behave as the human has taught them.

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The same timetables are related to food. Nutrition is too vital for the human to implant the animal freely, so it is very convenient to go to a veterinarian to implement a rigid schedule of meals a day to avoid problems by feeding between meals or excesses that cause Gastric problems in the stomach, among others.

#7. Go Out To Take The Air

In addition to leaving a certain number of hours in order to meet their needs, dogs need fresh air every now and then . Young puppies have to go to the bathroom every half hour or so, and adult dogs with a stable physique, need to go out and walk to change their environment and breathe another air. In the morning, after lunch and before bedtime, it would be the three most appropriate outings.

go out to take the air

#8. Create Your Place In The Home, Without Forbidding Spaces In The House

For puppies, it is really important that they can enjoy a ‘childlike’ area as if they were human babies. An area that can be fenced in where they can enjoy their bed, toys, food and drink will be fundamental for their growth and habit towards that part of the house, which will become their home.

Little by little and as time goes by, the small dog can be moved to other parts of the house, always with care and with the clear idea that if he has an accident, it is necessary to reproach him at the time it occurs, not a while later, he will not know what you mean. The return to your ‘little house’ is the end of the trip.

#9. Make Clear That It Causes Damage When Biting

The puppy will not intend to hurt when it bites, it will even believe that it is all about a game, so you have to record as soon as possible that his teeth can become weapons that should be avoided in people. What better way to teach him than by showing him that you really hurt. If we express a moderate complaint, we show him the signal of his bite in our hand and we ignore him for about twenty seconds each time he does it, it will show that that act is not correct.It will also be important to avoid focusing on feet or other objects that could break or damage, be it shoes, furniture, or any other valuable item. The verbal reprimand will be necessary so that it does not repeat itself with continuity. In addition, another deterrent can also be used to distract you, so that you focus your attention on it, such as apples, toys or balls.

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#10. To Comply With Movement Orders

All puppies must know how to act before orders such as sitting, staying still or going to their master. The fastest way to be obedient is to guide him on a leash, so he is aware of the movements that are asked. Always with a reward in return in the form of food without excess or toy, if possible.Once the dog recognizes the words ‘magical’ “sit down!”, “Still!” Or “come!”, You have to pronounce them before you actually do it, so that they are recorded at the same time as the action.

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How To Teach Your Dog To Lay Down – Essential tips for ​new ownerWithout practice, time and patience it would not be possible to complete an adequate training that will not only have a well prepared pet, but also a family member that we will love in the same way as a loved one. It all starts with a good relationship and education and learning that, with the passage of time, will end with bonds impossible to break.

Final Talk

And now it’s your turn, have you taken any steps other than these to educate your puppy? We would love to know!

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