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Tips On How To Stop Your Dog From Digging ~ Step by Step Guide

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Do you have a dog that has all over sudden started digging holes in your compound? Does he dig up plants and eat them?

Have you noticed that your fence is dug up of late? Calm down your nerves because digging is part of a dog’s life. Are you aware about how to stop your dog from digging?

Dogs are often fond of digging holes in the backyard. There are several reasons which cause this behaviour. This article highlights the possible causes, why dogs eat plants and hunt for rodents underground.

Why is my dog digging holes all of a sudden? 

Reasons Why Dogs Start Digging Holes .

The following are some of the reasons why dogs develop the hole-digging habit.

​​​1. Trying to Be ComfortableIf a dog feels hot or cold, he digs a hole as he tries to make a cooler or warmer bed to rest. The hole could be underneath bushes or in the shade.2. A Form of EntertainmentSome dog breeds such as terriers dig holes for fun. They dig and run around at intervals. Sandy areas are more attractive for dogs to dig in. Numerous and random holes can be seen in such places.3. Burying Precious ItemsDogs could also dig to bury prey, food and chew bones. A dog digs up a hole, puts an item inside the hole and covers it using her nose. After some time, she retrieves the item and buries it in a new spot.4. Hunting AnimalsDogs can hunt small animals such as groundhogs and moles. If a dog spots an animal inside a hole, he tries to dig so that he can reach it.

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How Do you stop a dog from digging holes?

The following are steps which one can follow when stopping a dog from digging in the yard.

1. Diagnose the causeIt helps one in changing a dog’s digging behaviour. One could also research about dog breed’s character traits before buying a new pet.2. Be attentive to your dogDogs love getting attention. One should spend adequate time with their pet to make them feel loved and appreciated.3. Minimize your dog’s boredomBoredom could lure a dog into digging as he tries to reach other neighboring dogs. It can be reduced by providing him with chew bones and toys to play with. One should also exercise regularly at least twice a day. A dog should also be allowed to interact with other dogs in dog parks.4. Use safe discouragementsRocks can be buried in areas where a dog likes digging. They make digging a less enjoyable and strenuous activity for the dog. Large flat stones are the most appropriate as they are hard to move aside.5. Consult a dog trainerIf a dog’s digging habit persists for long, one can refer to a certified dog trainer to address this problem. The dog can be taught various commands which will prevent it from digging.

Homemade Dog Repellent Recipe

There are repellants which can be used to prevent a dog from digging the fence and the garden. The ones listed below are safe for dogs.

1. Citrus Dogs hate the smell of citrus fruits. To protect a garden from being dug, orange slices can be placed throughout a flowerbed. If a dog is fond of destroying furniture, a glass of lemon juice can be placed at a nearby table to protect it from the dog.2. Cayenne pepperCayenne irritates a dog’s throat, nose and ears. However, it is not harmful to dogs. A bowl of chilies can be placed next to a sofa, and cayenne pepper can also be sprinkled in a garden. This will prevent a dog from digging furniture and the garden.

3. Ammonia An ammonia solution can be used to clean the floor, but it should be sprayed in the backyard as it could scorch all plants.

Citronella Oil Spray to Stop Dog Digging

One can purchase a commercial citronella dog deterrent or make it at home. Water can be filled in a spray bottle, and little citronella oil added until one can sense its smell. It should be shaken before being used. Alternatively, a citronella collar can also be used. It emits the citronella odour each time a button is pressed.

Before using the citronella spray, one should consider first a dog’s behaviour when he is in the compound. As soon as he starts digging, spray the deterrent toward him aiming the bottle at his nose. The strong odour will deter him from digging further.

Undiluted citronella oils can also be used in controlling a dog’s digging behaviour. If a dog is fond of digging a particular spot in the yard, sprinkle some citronella oil in that area. Its scent will prevent a dog from digging, and one can give him toys to play.

How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Plants

Eating plants is a typical behavior in dogs. It could be due to a strong urge to eat unusual foods, boredom or stomach upset. The following methods can help you to prevent your dog from eating household plants.

How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Plants

1. Move plants awayPlants can be moved out of a dog’s reach by using plant stands. Cages can also be built around them using chicken wire.2. Train the dog not to interfere with plantsIt can be done by using a repellant which is sensitive to motion. As a dog approaches a plant, the repellant will detect him and scare him away. The repellent could comprise a chemical deterrent and an air horn. 3. Spray plants with lemon juiceLemon juice can be diluted with water, and it can then be sprayed onto plants. Its scent deters a dog from eating plants. Alternatively, lemon slices can be placed around plant pots.4. Confine the dogA dog which regularly feeds on plants can be confined to a pet crate or a room

There are well explained details on how to take care of a dog in our guidebook. Always leash your pet whenever you are not within your backyard. In this situation trainer collar helps in controlling his movement hence preventing him from straying and digging numerous holes in various sites. Extreme digging could reduce your compound’s aesthetic value if it is not controlled. However, you should first investigate on the possible factors that could have led to your dog developing that habit.

Final Verdict

As one tries to stop a dog from eating plants or digging fences and gardens, she should still be kind to the dog. If the dog gets scolded or shouted at, he could become frightened and anxious whenever he is approached. Certified dog trainers can also be consulted in case such behaviours persist. Alternatively, you can research on more tips on how to stop your dog from digging.

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