5 Best Dog Dewormer Reviews 2018 – Buyers Guide

If you love your dog, then you must act as a responsible owner for it. And so, it is imperative to know the importance of dog deworming and to look for the best dog dewormer!

Before that, let’s learn the little details about the dog worms.

Your pet dog is susceptible to a plethora of infections or parasitic infestations. Here is an account on parasitic infestations and the need of dog protection from them. The parasites like roundworm, tapeworm, whipworm or hookworm may infest your dog’s colon. Some of the best dog dewormers will come to your aid in such situations and you need to employ such tools immediately for your dog’s wellness.

The most common types of dog worms to infest a dog’s colon are roundworm or tapeworms. Toxocora canis is the most commonly found roundworm in dog’s bowel infestations. They can survive on partly digested food present in dog’s bowel. These worms often look like threads or spaghetti and can be up to 18cm in length. The tapeworms can grow up to 70 cm and have sharp teeth like projection by which they attach to the dog’s gut.

While roundworms and tapeworms are most commonly found worms, your dog may also have an infestation of hookworms or whipworms. Hookworms and roundworms can be transmitted from dogs to humans, so you need to be extra cautious about it. It is better to prevent and cure these parasitic infections when first detected.

From where can your dog get those worms?

These worms reach the dog’s gut from the environment. They are picked up when the dog ingests the worm eggs from its surroundings. These eggs can survive for more than two years after the faeces have been first laid down. Most of the worms are taken during eating. But the hookworm may also enter through the paws. Puppies can get a lot of worm infections from their mothers when they are born and even through milk.

Signs of a dog worm infection

• Couth
• Lethargy
• Constipation
• Vomiting
• Increased hunger
• Dryness of the dog’s coat
• Weight loss
• Bloody stools
• Dehydration

What to do about it?

When you detect a worm infestation in your dog, you need to run and buy a dog dewormer. Or better is, you regularly deworm your dog after three months to protect it from these infections. Market is flooded with a number of products. Here is a list of five best dog dewormer products that you can buy to ensure your dog’s good health.

​Our Top 5 Best Dog Dewormer Reviews 2018

Safeguard is a high quality product for dog deworming. This product has a very broad spectrum and is effective against tapeworms, whipworms, roundworms and hookworms. Whenever you buy a dog dewormer, you need to consider how they are to be served to the dog. Safeguard comes as easy to feed granules and you can feed them to your dog by mixing it with regular food.

The dosage schedule has been prescribed and you need to give it for three consecutive days every six months. This makes this product one of the best sellers, because the product is to be given just for three days to ensure your dog’s good health. Moreover, it is safe to be given in dog’s more than 6 weeks of age. Safeguard can be given in pregnant and lactating dogs also.

The packaging includes three 2-gm packages making it very easy for the dog owner to use it. You just need to empty one package each day in to your dog’s regular food. Remember, you have to use it consecutively for three days or else it won’t be as effective. One important tip is to put the packet inside fridge for one or two hours before feeding. This would render the product tasteless and odorless; hence, your dog would not have a suspicion and would eat it happily.

This highly effective dog dewormer basically contains fenbendazole which has a broad spectrum against dog worms.
If you see your dog is getting extra hungry these days or stays lethargic, it might be due to dog worms. You can use Safeguard and free your dog from these parasitic infestations.
You can order the product online and thus, a hassle free shopping. Many online buyers have loved this product and voted it as best dog wormer because of its effectiveness, easy to feed granules and competitive price.

A word of caution

Even though it has a wide spectrum and is effective against Tenia tapeworms, still is not effective against Dipyllidium and Echinococcus tapeworms. If your dog shows signs of such parasitic infestations like hunting or eating carcasses, you need to use another product.

Panacur contains fenbendazole as an active ingredient. It is effective against tapeworms, roundworms, whipworms and hookworms. This product has been effectively used against some other parasites as well.
Panacur is gentle enough to be used in newly weaned puppies and is highly protective against these parasites. This mild dewormer is available as 1gm, 2gm and 4 gm powder packets

The dosage has to be calculated according to the weight of the dog. Usually, the dog owner can give one packet and the packet dosages are made like that. The recommended dose is 1gm per 10 pounds of weight.

The powder can be easily mixed with dog’s feed so it is easy to administer. Try to give it with a moist meal; dry dog food needs to be moistened a little so that the product can mix well. This product has a positive review from most owners when used in appropriate dosage for three days consecutively.

Panacure is active against most helminthes and also protects your dog from certain intestinal flukes and protozoa Giardia. This product is highly recommended by the users who say it works well every time they use it. Some dog owners love the product because it can be easily administered. It has been used by users on different breed dogs and has been effective for all. Some people do complain of the strong smell and that their dog wouldn’t take it. This can be corrected by refrigerating the powder for a few hours before adding them to food.

A word of caution

Some dogs might have an acute allergy but this is mostly not caused by Panacure. It is because of the dying parasites themselves. Still, you should look for signs of an allergic reaction like itchiness, diarrhea, sometimes seizures, vomiting, cold limbs, shock like situation. This allergic reaction could even be fatal so look for early signs.

This dewormer is effective against 7 types of worms to be very precise. It removes two types of tapeworms and roundworms and 3 types of hookworms. No need to worry! These are the most common types.
The active ingredients of this product are praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate. It is a wide spectrum dewormer that targets most of the worm infestations in dogs. 

The best part is that unlike some products which have a strong smell and have to be added to food, whereas Durvet is available as tasty chewable tablets.Dogs consider it a treat when you give them these chewable tablets. At the same time, you are deworming your loved dog.
This product is available in two types of packaging’s. So, it is important to know the difference. One of the packaging is for small puppies weighing less than 25 pounds. This means this packing is for puppies and small dogs. Whereas, the other pack is for medium to large dogs and is mentioned to be for dogs above 25 pounds.

This dog dewormer has many positive reviews from its users. Users mention that it is even effective for very large dogs and works overnight. This is claimed to be the broadest spectrum dewormer available. You can buy the product easily in any of the veterinary drug pharmacies without a prescription. You can also choose to order this product online.

4. Quad Dewormer for Large Dogs (Over 45 lbs) 2 Chewable Tablets

Dealing with a lethargic or sick dog is always a painful experience for the owner. So, why don’t you buy an appropriate dog dewormer to protect and treat your dog. You can try Quad Dewormer. The active ingredients are : praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate and febantel.

This product is effective against the common tapeworms Taenia pisiformis and Dipylidium caninum, common roundworms like Toxascaris leonine and Toxocara canis, common hookworms like Uncinaria stenocephala and Ancylostoma caninum. It even removes whipworms and even Truchuris vulpis in dogs.All you need to do to treat your dog from these unwanted parasitic infestations is to give it two chewable tablets. With Quad dewormer, you do not need to worry about hiding some powder or granules in your dog’s food and wondering if it would eat the food. When you give your dog these tablets, they take it as a normal treat because these tablets are tasty.

These tablets work very fast and your dog will be free of the worms in a couple of days. The dose calculation is done on the weight basis. So, it is important to have an idea about the weight of your dog. Two types of products are available. One packing is for small puppies and medium dogs wheras the other one is for large dogs.

People might think that if a certain dog deworming product has worked well for a friend’s dog, it might work for you as well/ but, this is not always true. The efficacy of these products depend on a number of factors including your dog’s general heath. Quad dewormer has been positively reviewed by most of the users. It is also very reasonably priced. While some people might have had a difficulty and that is mostly when their dog is very fussy and refuses to take pills. In that case, the owner should try an alternative product available a powder.

Many dog dewormers are available in the market. One of the best dog dewormer is D-worm 2 and its active ingredients are: pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel. It is a broad spectrum dewormer and is effective against seven types of worms including tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms.
The packaging contains 2-12 easily chewable tablets.

​This product can only be give to puppies and small dogs. But you can add the number of tablets according to your dog’s weight and give them. The exact dosage is 2.27 mg per pound. The best way to choose the number of tablets is to weigh the dog for a proper dosage.

Retreatment with dog dewormers is usually necessary because they may catch a re-infection. The drug dosage and course should be repeated again. These are easily chewable and highly palatable tablets. So, your dog will eat them. Make sure you watch your dog for some time to check whether the chewable has been engulfed properly or not.

A word of caution

If you see bloody stools, vomiting or any other major symptoms in your dog after the treatment, then you should contact a vet doctor.

The verdict

All the above mentioned dog dewormers have a broad spectrum nd are highly effective but we recommend Durvet Triple Wormer for Medium and Large Dogs, 2-Pack because of its broad spectrum and acceptability by dogs. Some other products are available as granules and powder and you will have to hide it in dog’s food.

This might make the food unpalatable for your dog. This product comes as easily chewable tablets which your dog will accept as a normal treat. Yet again, it is effective against seven strains of tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms. So, it covers most common parasitic infestations.

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This product is positively reviewed by most users and is available as two packaging. One is available for puppies and small dogs and the other one for large dogs. Users highly recommend the product as it is effective against most breeds. It can be brought from any pet specialty store and you won’t require a prescription to buy it. So, this product can be considered the best amongst the rest.

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