How Many Puppies Can A Pitbull Dog Have? Know Correct Answers!

How Many Puppies can a Pitbull Dog Have?

Are you fond of dogs and you are contemplating about buying a Pitbull? Have you ever bred a pitbull before? How many puppies can a pitbull dog have?

 How many litters can a pitbull have in a year? You will get detailed answers to these questions in this informative article.

Pitbulls comprise of a variety of dog breeds. These include; American Terrier, American Bully, Staffordshire terrier and American Bulldog. Most of them were cross bred from terriers and bull baiting dogs. They were used in sports or as catch dogs where they drove livestock, and they also came in handy in hunting.

Most pitbulls have similar physiological characteristics and slight morphological variations. This makes it difficult for one to distinguish between pitbull dogs and non-pitbull dogs. They have blocky heads and bulky bodies.

Before a female pitbull gets pregnant, she always experiences a heat cycle. Veterinary doctors recommend that dog owner should not breed pitbulls during their first heat cycle until they are one year old. Premature breeding causes stunted growth in young female pitbulls. Dogs normally have two heat cycles in a year. During this time, a pitbull can breed with several male dogs. The heat cycle lasts for about three weeks, and it occurs after every 6-8 months.

During a pitbulls heat cycle, the vulva usually swells, and a bloody discharge is present. Ova are not yet released in her uterus. She draws the attention of many male dogs, but she doesn't give in to their advances until this phase of her cycle elapses.

She gets fertile during her heat cycle's second phase. The female's posture is transformed to a stance which invites male dogs. The bleeding changes from pink to yellow. The vulva softens but remains swollen. This phase could extend for up to ten days depending on the type of dog. After this period elapses, a female pitbull is no longer able to attract male dogs.

Once pregnancy occurs in a pitbull, there are several early signs which are visible. Her appetite and activeness decreases, nipples start growing, and behavioural changes occur. Her loss of appetite could be associated with morning sickness in humans. Hormonal changes could make her appear exhausted and temperamental unlike before. Glands and tissues under her nipples swell to facilitate milk production for puppies. The pregnancy cycle lasts for about 62days.

Appetite reappears after several weeks during a pitbull's pregnancy. She starts gaining weight. The abdomen thickens and becomes firm when touched. In most instances, small breeds appear larger since they have a small room for all puppies. One can feel the puppies' movement just a week before birth since that is when they align themselves in the appropriate position. Just before labour, milk can be seen dripping from the nipples.

By this time, a whelping box should have been prepared. It can be any comfortable place where she can nest. Towels or old and worn out blankets can be used for her to give birth in. This is necessary since new born puppies need a flexible environment. If this is not done, the female pitbull could shred clothes and use them as her nest.

Pitbull Giving Birth

A pitbull owner should periodically check her temperature. It is usually 101 degrees Fahrenheit. If it drops to about 97 degrees and it remains consistent for two readings with a time span of 12 hours, once can be assured that the dog will give birth within 24 hours. She undergoes three labour stages. The third stage is occasionally repeated after the delivery of each puppy.

How Many Puppies can a Pitbull Have

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Stage one: The dog becomes restless and anxious. She tries to isolate herself from other dogs and loses interest in food. One should take her to a secluded place since she could be giving birth within a few minutes.                     

Stage two: Contractions begin occurring. The vulva discharges a green sac-like fluid. Puppies start appearing either with the head or the legs first. These are standard birth positions in dogs. They could appear listless and quite immediately after birth, but this should not cause alarm. The mother should be allowed to stand or walk around. Her natural instincts cause her to open the sack and clean the puppies.

She then severs the umbilical cord. However, if this process takes long, ones should interject. If the fluid sac did not break during delivery, it should be removed instantly. The puppies should be gently rubbed with a clean cloth to stimulate their mobility. They then begin crying and squirming.

If a puppy is lodged during birth, one can assist the mother in grasping it using a clean cloth. Steady traction should be firmly exerted without jerking or pulling suddenly                                                                                                      

Stage three: The mother can rest for several hours as her mild uterus contractions fade away. If two puppies have been delivered close together, the contractions take long before they end.

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How many puppies can a pitbull have in her first litter?

This typically depends on several factors such as her litter of origin and her size. If a dog came from a litter with many puppies, she would most likely give birth to several puppies at a time. This is because the number of eggs released by a female per heat cycle is hereditary. Her fertility level depends on her genes.

How Many Puppies can a Pitbull Have?

If a dog is big, she can deliver up to 10 puppies per litter. This is due to her ample space to carry them.

How many puppies can a pitbull have in her second litter?

In her second litter, a pitbull can deliver up to 14 healthy puppies.

How Many Puppies Can a Pitbull produce at a Time?

Pitbulls mature fast. Healthy females have an average pregnancy period of between 60 to 64 days. They can produce six puppies at a time. However, this varies with the type of dog and pregnancies. Some pregnancies lead to more puppies compared to others. In some instances, up to 10 puppies are delivered in a litter.

How Many Puppies Can a Pitbull produce in a Year?

There are various factors which influence the number of puppies delivered by a dog. Young pitbulls usually experience one heat cycle per year as compared to older dogs. Their estrus cycles are normally irregular.

Small breeds can experience three heat cycles in a year while as large breeds may only experience a heat cycle only once. A dog can't get pregnant between subsequent heat cycles. However, pregnancy can occur in undetected heat cycles.

If a dog has more than two litters in a year, her health could be adversely affected. One should consult a veterinary before breeding a dog which is less than two years old.

Final Word

How many puppies can a pitbull dog have is a question which is common in many new dog owners. Safety measures should be taken when dealing with a pregnant pitbull. Her well being has a direct effect on her puppies' health condition. She should be fed with nutritious foods.
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