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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass And How To Solve It

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

Why do dogs eat grass? Why is my dog eating grass all over sudden? Should I let my dog eat grass?

 Why is my dog eating grass frantically? Why does my dog eat grass? Why is my dog eating grass and being sick?

 These are some of the questions that are common for new dog owners who notice that their pet has recently developed a grass eating habit. Just relax as this is a method that certain animals use to self-medicate themselves whenever they are ill or when having stomach upsets.

​Why is my dog eating grass all of a sudden?

When talking your dog out on a walk, you could spot him eating grass. It is an indication of intestinal worm infestations, boredom or nutritional deficiencies. You should be concerned when the animal eats grass and vomits yellow bile or showcases several poisoning symptoms.

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How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Grass

You can use the following techniques to control his behavior.

1. Adjust the dog’s diet

Switch his food: Some pets chew grass due to a nutritional imbalance. Give them quality food for one week to minimize his desire for the lawn. It should be rich in fiber to ensure that your dog gets essential minerals and vitamins. The texture also aids in digestion. Look out for corns, rice hulls, soybean hulls, pectin, peanut hulls, bran, and beet pulp. Gradually switch the food in five days beginning my first mixing 20% with the old variety, and then raising it to 50% and eventually to 100%.Feed the dog on steamed vegetables: Steamed veggies also increase your dog’s fiber intake. You could use them as a regular meal or as snacks. They are an ideal alternative to commercial snacks. You could select broccoli, pepper, carrots, green beans, celery, spinach, sweet potatoes, squash, and zucchini.Give the dog an alternative plant: If he often eats grass but doesn’t display any ill side effects, you could give him an alternative crop. It will fulfill his desire to chew plants and distract him from the grass. You could use rosemary, garlic grass, astragalus herb, peppermint, burdock herb or milk thistle.Permit your dog to occasionally munch on grass: In the past, before animals were domesticated, dogs usually hunted for food, and they also feed on leafy plants. If your pet is not negatively affected by grass, allow him to feed on it since it is a natural instinct occasionally. Training him not to feed on grass may be difficult and stressful to him.

2. Play with the dog

Give him a chew stick or a bone: Most dogs eat grass due to boredom. Ensuring that a dog has several bones at his disposal will entertain him and actively engage his mouth as it is an alternative to grass. It improves his dental health by relieving toothaches. Select a bone made of nylon or natural materials. Natural bones include rawhide bones, beef bones, chicken bones, and vegetables. Nylon bones are hard and ideal for powerful chewers. Alternatively, you can purchase a dental bone that cleans his teeth.

How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Grass

Plan for daily play sessions: Dogs were originally bred to work. However, they have a natural instinct to “work” through sports. Eliminate boredom by scheduling a specific daily playtime for your dog to distract him from eating grass. Each session could be 35-60 minutes long. You can entertain your pet through any of the following activities; running, walking, fetching, catching balls, visiting dog parks or hunting.Give him toys when he is alone: At certain times, you may have to work, run errands or attend classes. You will hence have to leave your favorite animal alone which in turn could make him bored. Give him several playing toys to keep him busy and to prevent him from chewing grass. These may include rubber toys, rope toys, dirty laundry, soft toys, tennis balls or box toys.

3. Repel The Dogs From Grass

Deter him with a domestic scent: This may be a spice of coffee scent which would repel him from eating grass. Spray the odors in your home and around gardens. Sprinkle cayenne pepper, chili powder or black pepper around your lawn. You can mix them with water in limited proportions as excessive sprinkling could inflame the dog’s nose.Spray a vinegar and lemon juice solution around a garden to deter him from crossing over. You should not spray on the grass directly as it could damage your garden. Don’t spread coffee husks on the lawn as caffeine is toxic and dangerous to dogs. It is a fatal deterrent.Plants deterrent plants around the grass: Some plants are natural dog repellants. Creating temporary borders around grass lawns by planting them will prevent the dog from approaching grass. These are some of the most recommended plants; bitter succulents, evergreen huckleberry, hollies, citrus trees, lemon grass, marigold, calendula and coleus canina.Reprimand the dog: Despite using various anti-grass chewing techniques, the animal could still be unwilling to stop this habit. Some people result to punishing their pets to end their annoying habit. This has little effect on the grass chewing habit, and the dog could start fearing you. He may begin to running away whenever you approach him. Issuing a firm command such as “No” could be effective. If he is leashed, gently pull away from the leash and shout. Be consistent when reprimanding him and he will eventually learn that the “No” command is associated with his irritating behavior.Train the pet not to eat grass: The safest training method is by using spray bottles. Whenever you are out on the field with him, carry a small spray bottle with some clean water. If the dog approaches grass, reprimand him by issuing a firm “No” command and spray his face with water. Avoid using other liquids or hot water as they could sting and hurt his eyes.Visit a professional veterinarian: If your dog’s grass eating habit persists, book an appointment with a vet. She can examine the dog for any underlying mental and physical conditions. The veterinarian may also suggest a certified dog trainer who could help in controlling your pet’s bad habit By using a Fence.

To prevent your dog from developing queer behaviors, feed him with the best dog food for puppies. They normally contain healthy fat, protein and carbohydrate ratios. A wholesome meal may not contain soy, grain and wheat as they normally trigger severe stomach upsets and skin irritations. An ideal puppy food does not contain chicken meat and by products. There are dry and wet foods that are sold in different stores at fair prices.

Final Verdict

Many online journals focus on why do dogs eat grass. There are also various products and techniques that one can use in controlling this habit. You should be gentle when training your dog so as not to have a negative impact on your relationship.

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