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How To Install Wireless Dog Fence – Step By Step Guide

Certainly, wireless fences are really incredible and amusing. It warrant the ability of having a profitable and convenient direction to put in place impermanent dog bounds. Wireless dog fence installation is not a kind of rocket science. It’s a very simple task and can be executed easily. Hope This article will learn “how to install wireless dog fence”on this topics.

Moreover, the wireless dog fence has being the admiration of lots of individuals and have choose to recommend it as a very excellent system to deal with. The wireless dog fence system is much more recommended compared to the wired dog fence system. Wireless dog fence system and wired dog fence system, both have different metrics as the containment of dog is highly considered.

Some interesting fact about the wireless dog fence system is that, it is easy to preserve, and also include bespeak(signal) dependability, chastening probes and more. There for wireless and wired dog fence system has little difference of modeling. But the amazing faction is that, the fundamentals notion is still as it is.

Below Are The Step By Step Guide To Install a Wireless Dog Fence

Installing A wireless dog fences

There are:

Transmitter position:

Searching for the correct position is really very essential. The signal transmitter need the right place to stay. Which is also the main building block(unit) of your wireless dog fence. Note that the installation place will indicate the actual place for your dog containment. To be certain, when selecting an excellent position for your transmitter, there are some key points to take note of.

  1. Provision of electric receptacle or outlet for powering the unit of your wireless dog fence. 
  2. In a norshell the transmitter should be next to an auter wall. Because it may get weaker losing away bespeak (signal) the more when there happened to have more concrete walls between your curtilage and the transmitter.
  3. Epectant alloy contraptions or gadget should be kept around the minimal of three (3) feet far from the transmitter. Recommendedly it can be kept to be around 5 feet Max or more.
  4. The transmitter should be on the ground level (floor) of your domain (house), and should be around 3 to 5 feet of the ground as being set out.

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Bespeak or signal receiver collar activation

in activating the signal receiver collar in some level of degrees, you will have to inset a working battery before anything else. Some of the models has cast aside or disposable batteries and which can be used for the period of 1 to 3 months. However, others collars can be rechargeable directly or even having obliterable batteries. In most cases, the collars usually last for the period of some few days before another recharge requirements.

The collar can be turn on, when the working battery had being inserted. However you can even first of all register the colllar liable on the wireless dog fence model you have. Registering the collar is just a simple task to perform. The registration postulate the simple or easy approach to the signal transmitter holding the collar in your hand, then pressing single button or two on the transmitter and after that, in the matter of some seconds your registration will be done.

Containment Area Radius

Containment Area Radius

 fix or set the radius of your pets containment area which is mostly dependent on the model of the wireless dog fence you have. The radius of the containment area can be set between 90 to 250 feet Max. Moreover, the actual method for setting the radius is also dependent upon the modality of the containment area. Likewise petsafe’s wireless fences has amazing feature which warrant the ability to set the radius of the containment area electronically with the support of buttons and LCD screen which is placed on the main control building block (unit).

Although this aspect is normally done by two people. Which the first person stays in the cartilage with the receiver collar at around the same hight as expected to be. supposing your dog was in it. The person in the curtilage should stand exactly where the boundary of the wireless containment area is expected to be. While the second person inside the house will start changing the radius of the pets containment area. That will persist until when the collar start beeping. And there must be communication between the two persons in other thus to set up an ideal size of the containment area.

Correction Level Setting

setting the correction level is still dependent upon the model you have bought. The correction level setting include one of these following glide path below:

  • On the collar, pressing the “Mode” button, waiting for twinkle (flash), alongside few beeps. The beeps will intend the present correction level. For instance one beeps is equivalent to level one, three beeps is equivalent to level three and so forth. To increase the correction level from e.g level one to level three, just press on the “Mode Button” twice after listening to the signals.
  • However, in most of the sophisticated models like the “Havahart Series” correction level can be set directly from the transmitter without the intension of making any further changes to the collar.

Plants The Training Flags

this last guide certainly deplete much time which may take up to fifteen minutes. Kindly follow these guide below for planting of the training flags.

  1. Slowly approach the containment area boundary with the receiver collar in you hand.
  2. Hold back on till the collar’s beep stop actuating (moving). And then plant one flag in the nominal head(front) of your feet.
  3. Step back again from the containment area boundary and then repeat the two steps again crosswise the circle of the whole containment boundary and all the planted flags should be distanced roughly seven to ten feet far from each other.

Transmitter Installation

installation of the transmitter is dependent upon the wireless dog fence you have. The transmitter might likely be possible to be placed on the wall using screws, or gumming it into the wall by the means of adhesive denudes.

Two Things To Always Take Note Of :

  • Avoid putting things or any item on top of the transmitter
  • Always make sure that ventilation access to the transmitter is not blocked by any household gadget or items.

Finally at a point that you have got the wireless dog fence system fully installed you can now begin your training. What to keep in mind is to always obey the wireless containment boundaries.

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