Seresto Flea And Tick Collar Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

A dog collar is any material which is put around an animal’s neck for fashion, training or identification. Dog collars usually contain medical information and they can be used together with a leash. Collars can be made of different materials such as nylon, leather, polyester or metal.

Seresto Flea And Tick Collar

Seresto Flea And Tick Collar

There are different types of dog and cat collars such as stud collars, reflective collars, lighted collars, floatation collars. Flea collars and Elizabethan collars which have specific uses. This article highlights the best seresto flea and tick collar for cats and dogs, their benefits, dangers and advantages.

When choosing a Seresto flea and tick collar, there are various factors which should be considered. The selected collar should fit the dog. A large collar is suitable for adult dogs while small collars are suitable for puppies and small breed dogs. A collar should also be convenient. This prevents one from having to replace it frequently. The selected Seresto dog collar should effectively deal with fleas and ticks.

It is also important for one to check a collar’s active ingredients. Those with Tetrachlororvinphos are not ideal since the neurotoxin is unsafe for humans and animals. However, it attacks fleas’ nervous systems.

Many Seresto dog collars are effective in controlling flea eggs, ticks and flea larvae. There are a variety of formulations which are ideal for cats, medium, large and small dogs.

Benefits of Using seresto flea collar for large dogs

Seresto dog collars aid in preventing parasite infestations on dogs. The selected collar should be used for at least eight month so as to determine its effectiveness. They provide an alternative to treat flea infestations.

A release technology in a Seresto flea and tick collar releases active ingredients for a long duration. Once the collar is applied, the active ingredients get transferred to the dog’s hair and skin respectively. They are then evenly distributed all over the dog’s body. All Seresto dog collars have two active ingredients which are usually Imidacloprid and Flumethrin. Flumethrin kills fleas and flea larvae while Imidacloprid kills and repels ticks.

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Seresto Flea Collar

It is a type of supplementary collar that is worn together with the buckle collar. It provides a long lasting fleas and tick treatment as well as repelling pests such as mange. The collar also prevents re-infestation and it lasts up to eight months.

Advantages of Seresto Flea Collar

The following are some advantages of using Seresto flea collar.

It is approved by veterinarians: The collar uses the release technology which releases ingredients for a long time.

It has numerous reviews: Customers who have used it in the past have been impressed by its performance. It is effective in killing ticks and fleas in both dogs and cats. Due to its non-greasy nature; it can be used in tropical regions.

There is no odor: This makes it friendly to animals.

It contains two active ingredients: Imidacloprid and Flumethrin repels and kills flea larvae, adult fleas and ticks.

The collar is not affected by water: It is still retained even after a dog swims, gets washed or is rained on. It has a breakaway mechanism and a reflective chip which is applied at night.

It has high efficiency: It kills fleas in two hours and ticks in six hours. This prevents an adult flea from laying eggs within 23 hours hence avoiding disease transmissions.

A long lifespan: The collar can remain effective for up to eight months without being replaced.

Affordable: It is sold at a fair price which is pocket-friendly to many clients.

Dangers of Seresto Flea Collars

Despite having numerous benefits and advantages, Seresto flea collars have various dangers. They have Flumethrin and Imidacloprid insecticides which could harm dogs. They cause the following side effects in dogs.

1. Skin irritation

It could be mild or severe depending on the age and breed of a dog. One should keenly observe a dog for a week after fitting him with seresto collars.

2. Hair loss

If it occurs, the collar should be removed immediately and the dog should then be washed. The seresto collar insecticides could be allergic to some dogs hence leading to hair loss.

3. Vomiting

Some dogs experience it within a few hours after wearing the seresto collar while others vomit after several weeks. They also diarrhea and lose appetite. In case vomiting doesn’t occur immediately a dog wears a collar, he should be monitored for a while on a daily basis. In case abnormal signs occur; the collar should be removed immediately.

4. Convulsions

After wearing a dog collar, a dog could be unable to breath. This could be caused by body weakness. If this escalates, it often results in convulsions. The collar should be removed immediately.

Tick and Flea Prevention for Dogs

Ticks live in dense vegetative and wooden areas. They cling onto a dog’s skin and feed on its blood. It causes discomfort in dogs and they rub themselves against walls or trees. The following methods can be useful in preventing tick infestation in dogs.

1. Avoiding places which are infested with ticks

These are usually meadows, vegetative and wooded areas. Ticks climb onto short grass and shrubs and detect the heat emitted by dogs. As a dog approaches, the tick grabs the dog’s fur using its legs and it moves to its skin where it clings on and lays its fertilized eggs.

In order to control ticks, one should rake decaying leaves, trim lawns and bushes. A dog owner should groom her pet everyday using a fine comb. She should use her hands to part the dog’s fur and inspect its skin. Irregular lumps present could be caused by ticks. She should also inspect the dog’s ears, toes, head, tail and belly. If she finds a tick, she should gently remove it using tweezers.

2. Using insecticides

Applying a single insecticide dose protects a dog from flea infestation for up to 90 days. a tick collar can also be used and it should be replaced after four months. It contains an acaricide which kills ticks on contact or as it feeds on the dog’s blood.

Insecticides should be applied on a dog’s back and shoulders. Some last for 90 days before they are reapplied. They contain various active ingredients such as fipronil, pyrethrin and permethrin.

seresto flea and tick collars for dogs

There are different types of a Seresto flea and tick collar which are suitable for small and large dogs.

1. LED Large Dog Collar

It is an affordable collar which enhances safety and visibility. Upon purchasing it, one gets a 100% guarantee. It is comfortable, adjustable and dog-friendly. One can recharge it using a USB. They are produced in various sizes making them ideal for all large dog breeds. The collar has a nylon design, four modes and long lasting batteries.


  • check

    It is comfortable and adjustable.

  • check
    The collar is dog-friendly
  • check

    Has long lasting batteries that can be recharged with a USB.

  • check
    Provides ultimate safety and visibility.
  • check
    It is portable due to its light weight.
  • check
    One gets a 100% guarantee upon purchasing it.


  • Some clients complain that it is flimsy.
  • It can’t be used on small dogs.

seresto flea and tick collar for small dogs

1. Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar Small Dog

It operates on an innovative system which protects dogs against ticks and fleas for eight months. The collar repels and kills parasites hence preventing disease transmissions. Due to its non-greasy nature, it can be used on puppies of more than seven weeks. It is water resistant and it remains effective even after a dog baths, swims or it gets rained on.


  • check

    Has clear instructions which can be easily followed.

  • check
    A long life span.
  • check

    It is highly effective

  • check
    It is affordable.


  • check
    Has few color options to choose from.
  • check
    It doesn’t work when switched off.

2. Seresto Tick and Flea Collar

It is a non-greasy and odorless collar which veterinarians recommend. The collar uses a release technology which slowly releases active ingredients for up to eight months. It retains its effectiveness even after a dog baths as it is water resistant. However, if a dog is a frequent swimmer, its effectiveness reduces to five months. It prevents dogs from accidentally hanging themselves when wearing it.

Bayer Seresto Tick and Flea Collars


  • check

    High effectiveness.

  • check
    Has a long duration.
  • check

    It is odorless and hence dog-friendly.

  • check
    It can be easily used.


  • check
    It causes irritation in some dogs

Scalibor Protector Band for Dogs

It is a tick and flea collar which last up to six months. It kills Brown dog ticks, Deer ticks and American dog ticks. The collar also kills fleas for six months. It is water resistant, odorless and suitable for dogs that are older than 12 weeks. It contains Deltamethrin which is rubbed onto the dog’s skin. This ingredient kills more than 96% ticks within 26 hours after being applied.

How it Functions

After being applied on a dog, deltamethrin is released into the dog’s skin through friction. As the dog moves, a small portion of deltamethrin is released from the band and it enters into the skin. One should reapply it after every two weeks.

Benefits of Scalibor Protector Band

  • Provides long term protection to dogs against fleas and ticks infestation.
  • Kills almost all ticks within 24hours hence preventing the spread of tick-borne diseases such as Rocky Mountain Fever.
  • Its effectiveness is maintained as it is water resistant.
  • It is suitable for different sizes and breeds of dogs.

It prevents tick and flea infestation in cats for 8 months. As a breakaway collar, it releases from a cat if it gets entangled to something. It eliminates current infestations and prevents outbreaks by releasing its active ingredients at a controlled rate. 

The Seresto flea and tick collar can be adjusted according to the cat’s neck and is comfortable when worn. There are three reflectors which make a car visible at night hence preventing it from being knocked down.


  • check

    It has a long lasting effect after application.

  • check

    It can fit cats of all sizes.

  • check

    It has three reflectors that increase a cat’s visibility.


  • check
    Active ingredients could cause allergic reactions to some cats.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas And Ticks On Cats

Controlling fleas and ticks infestations on cats can be challenging. However, the following methods can be used.

1. Kill fleas on cats

  • Check for signs of fleas: It can be done by using a fine comb to groom the. One should check flea bites on the skin which leaves red patches. If a person is unable to notice any signs, he should consult a veterinarian. Incase fleas are noticed, the following medication can be used; Imidacloprid, pyriproxyfen and selamectin.

2. Kill ticks on cats

  • Check for tick infestation signs: Ticks are fond of warm areas such as armpits, ears and between paw pads.
  • Remove ticks: Upon confirmation that a cat has some ticks, one should wear gloves and gently remove them from a cat’s skin. The tick’s head should be removed together with the body as it would cause an infection.
  • Consult about the appropriate medication: One can consult a veterinarian on the safe product to use. Caution should be taken not to choose a dog tick medication instead of a cat tick medication. Many medications should be used as preventative treatment throughout the year. 

The following are effecting in treating ticks infestation in cats.

Frontline Plus
It kills chewing lice, ticks and flea larvae. One should apply it once a month.

It kills heartworms, sarcoptic mites and ticks. Veterinarians have not fully approved it as a tick acaricide as it doesn’t kill some tick species.

Apply the medication: The applicator should be held upright to prevent the acaricide from spilling. It should be spread on the cat’s neck so that it doesn’t lick it. One should then pour all the acaricide onto a single spot on the skin. The applicator should be completely emptied.

You should check out our guide on how to give your dog a haircut at home. Overgrown hair could act as ideal habitat for fleas and ticks. It should be regularly trimmed allover a dog’s body. There are various methods that you can use when grooming such as the use of dog grinders and clippers. Be prudent to ensure that you don’t over trim a particular part of the body as it could cause skin burns. Select an ideal clipper that suits your dog’s breed, size and age.

Final Words

Fleas and ticks infestation in cats and dogs should be controlled a Seresto flea and tick collar. They are effective products which are affordable and animal-friendly. One should select an appropriate collar for her pet depending on its size, breed and age.

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