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How To Give Your Dog A Haircut At Home

Many dog owners love to give their dogs a professional groom. But if you don’t want to spend more money paying for professional services, then you need to know some DIY tips to help you groom your dog at home. We all love to snuggle our dogs when their fur is clean and soft, don’t you? Therefore, you need to know how to give your dog a haircut at home.

If you are doing it for the first time, the whole process can be daunting. Keeping your dog comfortable can also be tough, especially if you don’t have the right dog grooming table. There are many benefits that you will get from giving your dog a haircut. It reduces shedding and creates a strong bond between you and your dog, among many other benefits.

You need some grooming know-how so that you can get better results more so if you have a dog with long hair. With the following pro tips on how to give a dog a haircut, you can be confident to groom your dog the right way.

Items You Need

Before you start the grooming session, gather the right tools required to cut your dog’s hair. The following are the items that you need:

  1. Straight grooming shears – They work well for general cutting.
  2. Curved scissors– Used to round the hair layers.
  3. Thinning shears – The shears are used to give the dog’s coating a more natural edge.
  4. Rounded safety tip scissors – Perfect for trimming gentle places like tail and the face.
  5. Snap-on guide combs – Help you come up with a uniform cut if you are unsure about using blades.
  6. Clipper lubricant – You can use a clipper lubricant or a coolant to prevent the blades from getting hot.
  7. Shampoo – Use high quality dog shampoo that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.


Grooming your dog occasionally involves a lot of things like clipping their nails, and cutting their hair and brushing their teeth. Before you give your dog a haircut, make sure you have the right information so that you can do it correctly. Go through the following tips that will help cut the dog’s hair perfectly at home.

Step 1: Prepare the Dog for the Haircut

Before you groom your dog, it is advisable to wash him if his coat is dirty. Use a gentle bathing shampoo that is designed specifically for dogs and ensure that the water is at the right temperature. You can choose the place to wash your dog depending on their size. If you want to reduce messes, you can opt to bath the dog outdoors.

During the washing process, the dog can shed more hair. Make sure you have a drain stopper to prevent the hair from clogging the drain. After washing your dog, the next step is to brush the hair gently. This is important to eliminate tangles, snags, and mats from their coat.

Step 2: Grooming your dog using Clippers

It is a good idea if you begin cutting your dog’s hair with clippers. They are safe as compared to scissors, and they help you do the work pretty fast. Before you start, make sure that the clippers are sharp for a smooth operation.

Many dog clippers feature various guards that help you determine the right hair length. If you don’t know which one to start with, you can begin with the big one and then work all your way down.

Don’t be in a hurry when you are using dog clippers. The best way to do it is down the body of your dog in the direction of hair growth. If you need help, let someone hold the dog in a good position as you trim the hair.

Like I mentioned above, clippers can get hot, and this can end up burning your dog after more extended use. Always check the blade temperature from time to time to ensure that it is always right and comfortable for your dog.

Make the trimming session enjoyable by talking to your dog and giving them some praise. It is also essential to treat your dog when you are through.

Step 3: How to Give Your Dog a Haircut with Scissors

After using clippers, you can use scissors to give your dog a good touch. Scissors also work well in places like the face, legs, and ears. Make sure you use the tips of the scissors when trimming such parts to avoid pulling the parts away.

Basically, you need different types of scissors to groom your dog. You should have straight scissors for basic grooming, curves scissors to round of the hair layers, thinning shears for troublesome areas, and rounded tip scissors for delicate parts.

You should also determine the length of the dog’s coat that you want to achieve before you begin cutting. You can determine this using your fingers. Start cutting the hair from the front and cut towards the back. Do your work gently and slowly, and avoid keeping the scissors at a steep angle to places that are near the skin.

When cutting the hair in dog’s ears, hold the ears down to keep them away from the blades. You can have someone hold the ears for you as you trim the hair. Use round-ended scissors when trimming the face and paws. For places that are thick or have matting, you can use thinning shears for better results.

If you are dealing with a dog with short hair, use a comb between the scissors. This will help you trim the dog safely.

Can I Cut My Dogs Hair With Human Clippers?

Honestly, you need special clippers to cut your dog’s hair. In as much as dog clippers, and human clippers look the same at a glance, they have several differences. Using human clippers on a dog can lead to damages to your dog’s skin. Human clippers feature teeth that are close together. This means that if you use them on a dog’s fur, the hair can jam, and this might force you to replace them.

Dog’s clippers are designed with wider teeth, so they work well on thick fur. Additionally, they are more powerful and sharper. These blades also have many blades, and they are available in different sizes to help you groom dogs perfectly.

Another reason why you should not use human clippers on dogs is the noise. Dog clippers are lighter and have a quitter motor, unlike human clippers. Therefore, using human clippers leave your dog stressed because of the noise. This can keep them uncomfortable, so they will end up trying to make some movements, and this can cause bleeding when you are cutting their hair.

Selecting the right Dog Clippers

If you decide to cut your dog at home, then you should choose the right clippers that do the job perfectly. There are different types of clippers that you can find, depending on your preference. Some of the most common types include the following:

•Plug-in style•Rechargeable clippers•Clippers for larger and small dog breeds•Light trims vs. for the entire body

For simple dog grooming, you can choose affordable clippers, but if you want a more detailed cut, then you can buy high-quality clippers. You should also check the speed and the number of blades to get the precision that you want. Other things that will help you pick the right clippers include the fur thickness, dog breed, and the type of cut you want to achieve.

Are you stranded on how to give your dog a haircut at home?Grooming dogs is an essential activity. It helps in prolonging their lifespan. All dogs should be groomed on a daily basis. It helps in making them comfortable. Some dog breeds shed while others don’t shed.

There are several reasons why grooming should be done. These are:

  1. Decreasing the frequency of health complications such as scratches and thrush
  2. Maintaining a dog’s general cleanliness
  3. Monitoring a dog’s health condition by regularly checking swellings, cuts and temperamental changes which could be symptoms of illnesses.
  4. Strengthening the bond between a dog and its owner
  5. Reducing incidences of external parasites attacks on a dog’s skin

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Dog Grooming Techniques

Grooming dogs before bathing normally consist of these steps:

Gather grooming materials: One should ensure that all materials should be within reach to avoid wastage of time when bathing a dog.

Comb the dog: Brushing dogs on a daily basis helps it to avoid mats. One should begin with the head and move to the rest of the body. Caution should be taken when combing underneath the belly since it is sensitive. The tail should also be combed thoroughly. One spot should not be brushed for too long as it would lead to brush burns.

Short-haired dogs can be combed using curry brushes where as medium and long-haired dogs can be combed using steel combs, pin brushes and undercoat rakes. The combing tool selected should evenly distribute oil throughout the coat, and it should also remove loose hair.

Praise the dog: If a dog is calm and quiet when being brushed, it should be rewarded.

Give the dog frequent breaks: Grooming should be a fun activity. A dog should be given breaks to avoid distractions. It should also be engaged in a play once in a while. This makes it enjoy being groomed and prevents it from being aggressive in future grooming sessions.

Cut stubborn mats: If a mat can’t be brushed, it should be cut or shaved depending on its proximity to the skin. It should be cut parallel to the hair’s growth direction for it to be even. Severe matting should be avoided as it pulls the dog’s skin.

Clean the eyes: It should be regularly carried out in dog breeds which have watery eyes such as pugs and Pomeranians. A healthy eye should not have signs of irritation, and it should be clear. Hair near the eyes should be trimmed by a professional groomer.

Eyes of white-haired dog breeds should be carefully wiped, and debris should be pulled away from the corners. On the other hand, for long-haired dogs, gunk should be removed from their coat as they could have tear stains.

Clean the ears: It can be done by applying an ear cleaning solution to a piece of cotton. Dirt and wax should be wiped away from the inner ear without rubbing vigorously. If a dog has drop ears, the inside face of the ear flag should be carefully cleaned. After cleaning a dog’s ears, they should be gently dried with a dry cotton cloth.

Brush the teeth: Dog toothpaste should be used to avoid fluoride poisoning. In case a dog is anxious; it should be calmed down first. The toothpaste should be evenly spread across its teeth. One should first use her fingers and later use finger toothbrushes which can be purchased from pet stores.

Clip the nails: It should frequently be done depending on the nails’ growth rate. Only a small portion of nails should be trimmed. Dog nail Clippers should be used. Caution should be taken when clipping dark-nailed dogs to avoid clipping to blood vessels. If it is accidentally cut, cornstarch, flour or styptic powder should be applied to stop bleeding.

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How To Groom A Long Haired Dog With Clippers

One should carefully place the Clipper’s blade against the body. Hair should first be brushed backwards before running the clipper in the direction of hair growth. It should be moved cautiously across the body when removing hair. This ensures evenness. If one wants the hair to be shorter than the Clipper’s blade, he should move it backwards. Clipping should start from the neck, then to the shoulders, ears, chest and throat.

Haircut technique for dog

Skip blades should not be used around the throat, arm pits, genitals or the tip of the tail. The dog’s sides and back should be clipped next followed by its legs. The neck should be cut at an angle to avoid cutting invisible flaps.

Knowing how to take care of a dog is essential before adopting a new pet. Each dog has emotional, physical and nutritional needs that should be met. You should provide him with wholesome meals, shelter, clean water and a secure home that he can comfortably live in.Ensure that the pet is comfortable by regularly exercising him and allowing him to play with other dogs or his toys. You should also train your dog on various issues such as responding to calls, sitting and lying down. It is also important for you to show affection to him so as to build trust and confidence in you.

Best Dog Shampoo & Conditioner for Long Haired

Pet Silk Oatmeal Shampoo is the best for long-haired dogs. It has a pleasant scent. One can use it frequently as it does not cause skin irritation. There are other varieties of Pet Silk shampoos and conditioners which can be purchased from Kennel and Pet smart.

Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Long Dog Hair

Double Coat Dog Brush

There are several of them. They are:

  • Pin brush: It has coated metal bristles, a long grip and an oval body. The bristles are evenly spread across the head. The pins could at times lose their coating leading to skin injuries. It is handy when brushing a dense double coat.
  • Slicker brush: It has long handles and a wide base which hold pins together. One should use it lightly. The brush collects loss hair from double coats and it also evenly distributes oils throughout the coat.
  • Rubber brush: It can be gloves, hand grips or curry brushes. It massages a pet while collecting loose hair from its undercoat and top coat. These brushes are waterproof and are ideal for both dry and wet hair. There are various styles and sizes of rubber brushes.

Of course, if you have a budget, you can buy a vacuum cleaner for pet hair, which is an extra cost but more efficient.

How to Trim a Dog with Scissors

One should first comb the fur in its growth direction. The hair should be combed after each cut. Caution should be taken when trimming the eyes and the ears. Hair should be even and not too close to the skin. A thinning scissor should be used to thin thick coats around the chest.

How to Trim a Dog with Scissors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you give your dog a haircut?

A: The first thing you need to do is to wash your dog. Dry your dog and then use clippers to trim the hair. After that, use scissors to trim the hair depending on the size you want. This guide has a more details on how you can trim your dog’s hair.

Q: Should I give my dog a haircut?

A: Yes! Giving your dog a haircut is important. It gives them a good look and reduces shedding. On top of that, it gives you a good time to bond with your dog.

Q: Can you use human hair clippers on a dog?

A: No. always use clippers that are designed for dogs. Human clipper and dog clippers have some difference in their construction. Therefore, using human clippers can cause harm on your dog or keep the uncomfortable.

Q: Do you shave a dog wet or dry?

A: Before you shave your dog, make sure you wash them first. The coat might be dirty and for the best results, dealing with a clean dog is easy. Wash the dog using the right shampoo, dry the dog and them comb the hair before you begin shaving.

Final Verdict

Cutting your dog’s hair can be a frustrating experience for you and the dog. Not only do you need to get the right tools, but you should also be confident in yourself. Remember, if you are nervous when cutting your dog’s hair, the dog will notice, and they can try to become aggressive or even try to run away. Trimming your dog occasionally is crucial because it will prevent debris from being trapped and gives your dog a beautiful look.

Cutting your dog’s hair is not a process that you need to rush. Take some breaks and give them a treat then continue with the process. With more practice, you will become a pro with time. I hope after going through our guide, you have mastered essential tips on how to give your dog a haircut at home correctly. Follow these tips, and the whole grooming process will be an excellent experience for you and your dog.

If one is not experienced in grooming dogs, she should consult a certified and professional groomer. You can also read various online publications on how to give your dog a haircut at home.

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