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How to Clip Dog Nails When Dog is Scared of ?

For many dogs, the time to cut their nails becomes a real ordeal. Some as soon as they see the scissors hide or even become aggressive. In part this behavior is normal, many ‘hairy’ are not used to notice how the scissors ‘break their nails’ and sound along with the fear of the unknown can overwhelm them and cause stress and anxiety.

But the good news is in this article, I’ll be guiding you on ” how to clip dog nails when dog is scared of ” in such a way your puppy will at the end of the process feel at home with you.

Cutting the nails of the dog is not an act of specialization or high qualification, but, yes, before facing such hygienic act, we should be instructed by a professional.

The dog’s nail contains two blood vessels (arterial and venous) and a nerve. If we cut the nail beyond the logical limits, the dog will bleed after suffering great pain from the action of the nail clipper on its sensitive nerve

This ‘feared’ moment does not always have to be a traumatic event for your dog. We give you some tips so that cutting your dog’s nails is, at least, a little easier.

Are you ready to learn the secret of cutting the dog nails when they are fear of and even help them overcome their fear? Then read on.

1. Do Not Pressure Him

If you do not dare to cut your nails and take your dog to the vet to do it, try to be as delicate as possible with your pet. A trick? Go for a long walk with your furry friend before going, so your pet will be tired and will not be so stressed before this dreaded moment.

2. Observe it With a Prize

After that ‘tragic’ moment give a prize to your pet as a ‘snack or a chuche’, in this way you will make a process that can be ‘traumatic’ a pleasant moment for your dog. There is nothing better than the relationship of ideas and experiences to make it less tedious.Whether you go to the vet to cut your dog’s nails or if you decide to do it at home, talk to your dog in a loving way, this way you will feel more secure and calm.

4. Safety First

If you are not an expert, never cut your dog’s nails, you could get to the hyponychium and cause injuries. If you feel more secure, you can choose to file your pet’s nails instead of cutting them. There is currently a series of very effective electric files on the market. But beware, the sound they emit scares many dogs, so before you buy one make sure you will not be afraid of your furry friend.

Instruments For Cutting Dog Nails That Are Too Long

There are several types of scissors for dogs’ nails: normal scissors type, guillotine style and Dremel style (a mechanical tool with a rotating high speed sandpaper drum). We recommend the guillotine style (or Dremel if your dog is not scared with its noise). Of course, always use nail clippers designed for dogs, never use normal scissors.

How To Cut Dog Nails That Are Too Long

how to cut dog nails that are too long

Read each one’s instructions carefully before using it. Some dogs recoil from the sound of motorized models, while others fear scissor-type models.

You will also need coagulation powder (astringent powder) to stop the bleeding in case you accidentally cut the living part of the nail away, and keep a bag of goodies nearby to give you a cut-and-cut (in addition to your main reward at the end).To trim, lift your pet’s paw and touch its nails with scissors. Do not cut, just touch your nails. Then leave the scissors and give him a treat. Do this several times until he feels comfortable before cutting the nail.

Hold the tip of the nail you’re going to cut gently, but firmly enough to keep it from escaping. Place the tool you have chosen for the cutting on the dog’s nail, according to the instructions, and quickly tighten (as long as that tool is not Dremel style).

What Do I Do If The Nails Start To Bleed?

If you accidentally cut your nails too short you can use astringent powder, or simply use a clean bar of soap and pass under the damaged nail. The soap will cover the wound and stop the bleeding. Usually, if you have produced bleeding in your dog, he will be nervous the next time you do it, so make sure you have lots of goodies and take things easy. If your pet is nervous when you cut his nails, there are many tactics that you can search on the Internet about how to calm him down and be able to do homework.

How To Trim Dog Nails That Are Overgrown

how to trim dog nails that are overgrown

Overgrown nails if not attended to on time could be causing your dog some painful experience. This issue of overgrown nails is usually a product of whether the dog is scared of clipping, or the owner doesn’t show concern or perhaps trying to avoid the stress involves in cutting overgrown nails due to its thickness. Whatever the responsible factor is, this few points will be helpful to you.

1.Because the nails are overgrown, definitely, cutting such will not be an exciting experience for your dog. Therefore, before cutting, make your dog a bit relaxer and help him overcome his fear by showing that you care.

2.Make use of quality and sharp nail clipper, and do this diligently so as not to inflict pains on your dog.

3.Carefully file the nails of your dog to smooth any rough edges remaining after cutting. And do not overdo this to avoid bleeding

The Final Decision 

Your ability to clip your dog nails without inflicting much pain assure him and make him more at home another time you desire to do the same.If this article on How to clip dog nails when dog is scared of has been helpful to you, why not just click on our share button and thus help us reach more dog owners?

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