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Best Dog Brushes For Shedding In 2022~ Buyer’s Guide

Are you a dog owner and you have recently noticed that your dog is shedding? Has he ever shed before?

Are you afraid that he is shedding off too much fur?

 If this has been happening, here is an insightful article that will educate you about the possible causes of dog shedding, how to minimize shedding and the best dog brushes for shedding which you can use. Most dog breeds frequently lose damaged and lose hair in varying intensities and frequencies. Shedding depends on the dog’s breed and health status. It is also influenced by prevailing climatic conditions as it is common for dogs to have thick coats during winter which they later shed during summer.

What Causes Excessive Dog Shedding?

There are several factors which could make your dog shed excess hair. They include:

  • Parasite infestation
  • Bacterial and fungal infections
  • Adrenal, kidney, thyroid or liver disease
  • Intensive sunburn
  • Intolerance to particular medication
  • Pregnancy effects
  • ​Poor nutrition
  • Consistent stress

If you are afraid that your dog’s shedding process is excessive, you can consult a certified veterinarian. She will help you determine whether it is as a result of a particular disorder or nutritional imbalances.

Dog food manufacturers aim at including a variety of nutrients in adequate quantities to prevent one from being forced to feed their dog with supplements. Getting the ideal brand of food which suits your dog is challenging as he could be having a sensitive stomach. A veterinarian can help you out in case you are in a dilemma.

Best Dog Brushes For Shedding – Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
backpac FURminator Deshedding Tool You can easily hold the brush. Check Price
backpac HappyDogz Deshedding Tool For Dogs The brush is affordable to clients. Check Price
cordlessblower DakPets Pet Shedding Small, Medium & Large Dogs Brush It is suitable for dogs of all sizes, age and weight. Check Price
cordlessblower FURminator Curry Comb for Short and Medium Coats The comb has anti-microbial plastic which prevents bacterial infections. Check Price
cordlessblower KONG Zoom Groom Brush It has an aesthetically designed comb which is easy to hold. Check Price

Top 5 Best Dog Brushes for Shedding 

These are rated as the best dog brushes for shedding by customers.

FURminator Deshedding Tool

FURminator Deshedding Tool

The brush is made of stainless steel and it has an ergonomic handle that enables one to grip it firmly. It is suitable for large dog breeds which have thick coats.


  • The price is affordable to many people.
  • It is efficient in trimming thick coats.
  • There is a FUR ejector button which cleans the brush and removes loose hair from it.
  • You can easily hold the brush.


  • It could injure a dog if you over trim a particular spot.
HappyDogz Deshedding Tool For Dogs

HappyDogz Deshedding Tool For Dogs

The brush makes dogs enjoy being groomed. It is suitable for both short and long haired dogs. HappyDogz’ price is affordable and it has a high efficiency.


  • It can trim large and small dogs.
  • The brush is affordable to clients.
  • Clients get a 10 year guarantee upon purchasing it
  •  Its steel blades keep a dog’s coat soft, healthy and shiny. They have a long durability hence needing fewer replacements
  • It has a high efficiency.


  • A new dog owner should keenly read its manual guide before using it.
DakPets Pet Shedding Small, Medium & Large Dogs Brush

DakPets Pet Shedding Small, Medium & Large Dogs Brush

The brush can be used on large, small and medium cats and dogs. It is sold at an affordable price and it has a high efficiency.


  • Many clients have given positive reviews about it.
  • One is given a money-back guarantee upon purchasing it.
  • It is fast in grooming pets and it has a fine finish.
  • There is a blade cover that protects blades from being damaged hence prolonging its durability
  • It is suitable for dogs of all sizes, age and weight.


  • Caution should be taken when using it.
FURminator Curry Comb for Short and Medium Coats

FURminator Curry Comb for Short and Medium Coats

It is an affordable comb which is suitable for medium and short dog coats. Upon purchasing it, FURminator comb is shipped within two days.


  • here is an ergonomic handle that makes its usage comfortable.
  • It is efficient in trimming.
  • The comb has anti-microbial plastic which prevents bacterial infections.


  • It could cause injuries if it is misused.
KONG Zoom Groom Brush

KONG Zoom Groom Brush

KONG brush is suitable for grooming small dogs and puppies. It is shipped within two days upon placing an order. The brush functions by attracting dog hair like a powerful magnet.


  • One can afford purchasing it.
  • It has an aesthetically designed comb which is easy to hold.
  • KONG brush meets international standards as it is made in America.


  • It can’t be used on large breed dogs.

How to Minimize Dog Shedding

Different dog breeds have different shedding frequencies and intensities. German shepherds shed throughout the year while as poodles shed once in a while. Poor health status could also make your dog shed more than he usually does. The following methods can help you in controlling your dog’s shedding process while using the best dog brushes for shedding.

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  1. Improving Your Dog’s Nutrition

Feed the dog with a wholesome meal:

Dogs Nutrition

The recommended way to reduce excessive dog shedding is by giving your pet a healthy diet. Some cheap-food manufacturers add fillers such as grains and corns in cheap food. They cause allergic reactions in dogs with sensitive stomachs. High-quality foods are often costly, and the best has meat as its main ingredient. 

In our publication on the best dog food for puppies, you can get a detailed list of the most recommended food brands for any dog breed. They lack grain, soy and corn which are the common causes of severe skin irritation and stomach upset complications. These foods have a healthy fat, carbohydrate and protein ratio that is vital for optimum growth. There are both dry and wet foods hence offering you a variety of meals to choose. You can easily purchase them in various online food stores at affordable prices.

Such foods are highly digestible, and they can be quickly absorbed hence controlling dry skin and hair shedding. Nutritious meals partially prevent excessive shedding as you have to apply other techniques such as regular grooming.

Dogs with sensitive stomachs are susceptible to dietary shedding. You may have to try out a variety of foods before getting one which best suits your pet. You may also seek recommendations and advice from a veterinarian about the ideal food brand. However, you should avoid using vitamin supplements on your dog. If you feed him with excess quantities, it could result in vitamin poisoning which is fatal.

Include flaxseed or olive oil in your pet’s meal:

You can start by adding 5ml per ten pounds of your dog’s body weight.Omega-3 Fatty acids are present in these oils, and they help in controlling dandruff and skin inflammation. They also improve the coat’s texture.Omega-3 supplements are also available in powder or capsule form. You can also feed the dog on tuna, salmon or any other fish products such as fish skins. Avoid using fish bones as they could splinter and choke your pet.

Feed your dog with snacks:

These may include seedless sliced apples, cucumbers, bananas and boneless cooked meat. Apple contains cyanide which boosts the dog’s immune system while cooked meat prevents him from being dehydrated. They reduce shedding by maintaining the coat’s smoothness and shininess. However, the snacks should not exceed 10% of your dog’s food intake.There are certain foods which are listed as unfit for dog consumption. These are raw meat, onions, avocado, milk products and chocolate.

best dog snack

Provide fresh water to the dog:

Severe dehydration could cause dry skin, excessive shedding, and health deterioration. The water should be accessible throughout the day. Alternatively, you can increase the dog’s water intake by feeding him with wet food which usually contains more than 70% moisture.

fresh water to the dog

2. Regularly Groom Your Dog 

Brush his coat: Regular grooming removes loose and excess fur. It also evenly distributes skin oils onto his hair. You can use a rake, slicker brush or a bristle.- Rakes are ideal for long-haired breeds such as Chow Chows, German Shepherds, and Collies which have thick coats. When purchasing them, ensure that the pins’ length is similar to that of the fur. This enables it to adequately thin the undercoats.- Slicker brushes are suitable for curly and medium-haired breeds such as St. Bernard, Cocker Spaniels, and Retrievers. Their wire pins are tiny, short and tightly packed.- Bristle brushes are appropriate for smooth coated and short-haired breeds such as Greyhounds, Pugs, and Terriers. They are similar to those of the human hair.Use shedding tools: They should be utilized just before spring and when thick winter coats start growing. Indoor-dogs shed throughout the year. Short-coated dogs can be de-shed with rubber curry combs while those with thick coats need shedding blades or undercoat de-matting rakes.

Regularly bath your dog: Frequent showers prevent loose hair from falling on furniture. You should research on the suitable bathing schedule for your dog breed. Over bathing could cause skin cracking leading to fur loss.

Regular Bath your dog

If your dog is long-coated, it is recommended that you blow-dry him after bathing. Use a cool setting only and towel-dry him before removing loose fur with a blow dryer.Control fleas: Severe flea infestation often causes incessant scratching which leads to hair loss. Protecting your dog against such infestations helps in preventing excessive shedding, dandruff and skin irritation.

Dog Grooming Combs

There are different combs which you can use to groom your dog. Some have static teeth that are wide apart while others are tightly arranged. Combs with long teeth are suitable for long-coated dogs.

Grooming Combs

Types of grooming combs

Flea combs: They help you locate insect excrement on the dog’s coat. These combs have fine teeth that can’t penetrate through thick coats. However, they separate hair wide enough that you can see fleas and flea droppings. They also remove debris and gunk from underneath the eyes.Metal combs: They vary in color, shape, and size. Some are two sided while as others have straight teeth. They are metallic and those without handles are called Greyhound combs. Most of them have static pin while others have rotating pins. Turning pins easily penetrate thick and long hair hence minimizing hair loss.Their handles are ergonomically designed, and they reduce fatigue and strains experienced when de-matting coats. They are appropriate if you have wrist problems.De-matting combs: They have few, sharp and spaced teeth which easily penetrate mats. It is appropriate in cases where other de-matting methods are unsuccessful.FURmanators: They are ideal for both cats and dogs which have a steel design that comes in various sizes. FURmanators are specially designed for heavy shedding dog breeds, but caution should be taken when using them as applying excess pressure could lead to skin irritation.Undercoat rakes: They are suitable for grooming thick-coated dogs, and they are similar to a garden rake. Some have straight teeth while others have teeth with varying sizes.Rubber curry combs: A rubber comb is soft, and it removes dead hair while also massaging the dog’s skin. You can use it on a dry dog or one that has just bathed and it reduces the amount of hair lost during shedding.

Professional Dog Dryers

The following are the best pet dryers for dogs.

K-9 3-High Velocity Dryer

The dryer is ideal for thick-coated dogs. It has a variety of colors, and it has two dryer speeds. The motor produces warm air as there is no heater and versatility is enhanced by two vacuum attachments. The dryer is portable, and it has a 120-volt outlet which is compatible with clippers.

High Velocity Dryer

Oster Hi-velocity Stand Dryer

The dryer has a stand which can be adjusted to direct the dog to the most appropriate position. Its stand is made of tubular steel, and it has three heat settings. The flow direction can also be adjusted.

Oster Hi velocity Stand Dryer

K-9 2-High Velocity

The dryer is ideal for all types of dog sizes and types. It has a 10inch hose, an air filter, warranty and an outlet into which clippers can be plugged. You can use it in a cage or an adjustable-hose. There are different speed and temperature choices that you can select. The motor produces heat instead of a heating element.

Oster Hi-velocity Adjustable Cage and Table Dryer

The dryer contains three velocity heat settings and an air setting specially designed for puppies, cooling periods and dogs with highly skin allergies. The thermal switch enhances safe cage-drying, and the temperature ranges to about 1000C.The overload switch usually prevents the dryer from overheating.

Xpower Hp Variable Speed Vacuum and Pet Dryer

The dryer weighs less than ten pounds, and it has various air nozzles, and an internal motor. Its feet are coated with rubber which prevents it from slipping. The filter system keeps its motor clean and the heat does not exceed 1100C.It has a vacuum which facilitates pet cleaning.

Xpower Hp Variable Speed Vacuum and Pet Dryer

Metro Air Force Commander Dryer

The dyer has various speeds, and you can adjust it. It has dual-mounted legs and an air filter. The metro dryer doesn’t have a heating element, and the motor produces warm air. It has a steel casing with an extended durability.

Metro Air Force Commander Dryer

Best Dog Brush for Short Hair

These best dog brushes for shedding are suitable for short hair dogs.

Oster Shed monster Dog Brush

Oster Shed monster Dog Brush

It has different brushes that suit short, medium and long dog hair. You can use it to de-mat, de-shed and de-tangle fur. Shed monster significantly reduces shedding by more than 80%.


  • Clients have given it many positive reviews.
  • Its ergonomic shape makes it easy for one to handle it.


  • It lacks a hair button to clean the brush.
  • The short hair brush is not efficient.
FurGOpet Deshedder Dog Brush reviews

FurGOpet Deshedder Dog Brush reviews

It has different brushes that suit short, medium and long dog hair. You can use it to de-mat, de-shed and de-tangle fur. Shed monster significantly reduces shedding by more than 80%.


  • It significantly reduces shedding.
  • The price is affordable.


  • It’s hard for some people to handle it due to its small size.
  • The brush could burn a dog if you don’t use it carefully.

Final Verdict

You should always select the best dog brushes for shedding when you groom your pet. You need to consider factors such as the dog’s weight, age, and size. Caution should be taken during the process to avoid inflicting injuries on your pet.

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