How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost ?

How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost

They are small domestic dog breed which originated from crossbreeding ratters and bulldog breeds in 1810. In 2014, French Bulldogs were among the most famous dogs in France and England. Here in in this detailed article​, I will cover everything about French Bulldog Price and how much do French Bulldogs cost  in those country.

During the 20th century, they were sold for up to $2900.They were mostly owned by wealthy families such as the J.P. Morgan family. The breed was recognized after the formation of the breed club, and by 1906 it was among the most popular breeds in America. ,

They are muscular dogs with large bones, smooth coat, a small or medium compact built body. None of the features should dominate over the others as it would lead to deformities and poor body proportionality. However, female dogs don't have the same distinct breed characteristics as their male counterparts.

How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost

According to the American Kennel Club's breed standards, the ideal colours are fawn, brindle or tan. It does not recognize other patterns or colours. In some instances, some colours have been associated with genetic health complications that are not common in French bulldogs such as blue colouration. This is a condition which leads to severe baldness.

The Kennel club recommends that they can be fawn, white and brindle while it rejects black, white, fawn, grey and brindle colours. The coat should be short, smooth, brilliant and moderately fine. Bulldogs' skins should be loose and soft especially on the shoulders and head where it should form tiny wrinkles.

They should have a large square head with a rounded and top-flat skull. The head's curve should have a well-defined end which causes a hollow between the dog's eyes. He should have well-developed cheek muscles and a well laid back, deep and broad muzzle.

He should have a short black nose with well-defined nostrils. His flaws should be wide and thick, hanging over the sides of the lower jaw, meet the bottom lip and cover all teeth. The teeth should be hidden when the French bulldog closes his mouth. His lower jaw should be square-shaped, deep, broad, well turned up and undershot.

They have round, moderate size, dark and wide apart eyes which are far from their ears. The eyes' white should not be visible when the dog looks forward. Their ears should be elongated, round-topped and have a broad base. The ears' leather should be soft and fine.

​French Bulldog Breeding Cycle​

How Many Times Can You Breed a French bulldog?

Breeding French Bulldogs is a sensitive activity. Producing many puppies strains the female dog, and it also threatens her health condition. Many bulldogs are usually operated on when delivering.

The following steps are helpful when breeding them.

French bulldog cost

1. Choose the suitable Bulldog to Mate

  • Understand the technicalities involved in breeding: You should be ready for long term commitment to the bitch and her puppies, their safety and health.
  • Do not breed ill or deformed dogs: Many Bulldogs have breathing complications due to their small windpipes, large tongues and flat faces. Any of the mating dogs who might have been operated on to open their nostrils, remove tonsils or to trim the rear part of their palates should not be bred. Their genetics will be inherited by the puppies and lead to deformities.
  • Analyze the female bull dog's temperament: Scientific research has previously shown that the mother's character is inherited by the puppies. The best dog to breed should be gentle. Calm and friendly. She will make a good mother who won't be insecure when with her puppies.
  • Check for mites: An ideal breeding female should have a healthy skin that is not infested with parasites. Insect infestations could stress her during pregnancy and lead to fur loss. It could also be easily transferred to puppies during whelping. Such puppies would be hard to sell.
  • Consult a veterinarian: It is important for a certified vet to physically examine the female dog at least one month before breeding. She should be vaccine on time, dewormed and tested for bacterial infection. Diseases such as brucellosis could lead to spontaneous abortion.The male and female dogs should both undergo genetic screening. This eliminates the possibility of passing undesirable traits to puppies.
  • Avoid breeding her before the second cycle: The female bulldog experiences her first heat cycle when she is six months old. You should breed her when he is not less than one year old.

2. Mate the Bulldogs at the Appropriate Time in Her Reproductive Cycle

  • Notice when she is in heat: At the beginning of her heat cycle, her vulva swells and a vaginal discharge occurs. The male dog can't mate her at this time since she won't be receptive. The heating phase lasts for about nine days.
  • Test her for ovulation: A veterinarian can conduct several tests on her. They include the slide cytology and blood tests.
  • Mate the dogs after the female finish her first cycle's phase: After the first nine days, she will often attract the male by standing to be mated. Ovulation occurs within 48 hours after the start of the second heat cycle's phase. It lasts up to 9 days.
  • Diagnose her pregnancy: An average pregnancy cycle lasts for about can be diagnosed through an ultrasound, palpation, blood testing or radiography.

3. Care for the female during pregnancy

  • ​Adjust her diet: You should feed her with a wholesome diet which you should change depending on her weight gain. She needs more food in her final pregnancy days.

    •Consult a veterinarian for a C-section: A veterinarian should first examine her and clear her for a natural birth.

How Many Litters Can a French bulldog have?

A mature female bulldog should not be bred more than three times in her life. Intensive breeding will have a detrimental effect on her health.

Most females deliver about 5-8 puppies per litter. These dogs are slow and sensitive in breeding.

How Many Litters Can a French bulldog have

French Bulldogs Cost : Why are French Bulldogs so Expensive?

Bulldogs are expensive because breeding and reading them is tiresome and requires a lot of financial input.

Most Expensive French bulldog ever sold

​French bulldogs have been sold for as much as 5500 pounds. However, most of them are sold for 2000-3000 pounds.

How Much Are English Bulldogs Price Range?

On average, English bulldogs cost about 4000 pounds each.

​Shiba inu and English Bulldog Mix

Many wealthy people are often concerned about how much do Shiba Inus cost. It is a tiny dog breed hat originated from the hilly Japanese terrain. They were commonly used in hunting expeditions but this has changed with time. The Shiba Inus breed has slight variations from the Akita Inus and Hokkaido as it has a unique bloodline and temperament. It is also the smallest Japanese dog breed. A mature male Shiba Inus can be 43cm long where as a mature female can be 40cm long. A Shiba Inus puppy’s price can range from $350-$900.

The Final Verdict ​

How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost? The cost of French bulldogs is attributed to several factors. They include the technicality involved in breeding, the cost of acquiring a high breed stud and rearing puppies. One should not be obsessed with the profit she will make from selling puppies but the health status of the mother.

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