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Best Dog Car Seat Covers Reviews & Buying Guide

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your dog for a ride and still have your car or truck spotless? We bet it would! And that’s where we come in with the best dog car seat covers reviews which will help you to find a liner that can withstand claws, liquid, fur, and waste. It may be expensive or one of the most affordable, but each can effectively serve this purpose and give your dog comfort while also prioritizing durability.

Admittedly, pups can get sick during a long journey or shed their hair especially if they have not been groomed. In the same vein, their long nails which may require one of best dog nail clippers to trim, will tend to claw at the seat and it could ruin your mood and ride. You can prevent the latter from happening and efficiently manage such events while on a driving with your pet. But first, it begins with using a guide to the best car seats covers in the market.

The Best Dog Car Seat Covers Comparison Table

Model Dimension Build Material Hammock Price
Deluxe Quilted 21″ x 72″ 56″ x 94″ 62″ x 94″ Polyester Fabric Yes(Removable) Check Price
Epica Luxury Deluxe 56″ x 47″ Fabric No Check Price
Plush Paws Custom 56″ x 65″63″ x 68″ Polyester Fabric Yes (Removable) Check Price
4Knines Crew Cab 60.5″ wide Polyester and Cotton Yes(Removable) Check Price
4Knines SUV 42″ x 78″52″ x 82″55″ x 106″ Polyester Fabric Yes(Removable) Check Price
Transpawt Luxury 57” x 55” Polyester Fabric Yes(Removable) Check Price
Perfect Pet Seat 55″ x 58″ Polyester and Cotton Yes(Removable) Check Price
Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury 55″ x 58″630 x 650 Polyester Fabric Yes(Removable) Check Price
Ultimate Pet seat Standard Leather & Nylon Check Price
Plush Paws 55″ x 58″ PU Leather Yes(Removable) Check Price

Top 10 Best Seat Covers For Dog Hair Reviews

Once in a while, you need to take your dog out maybe to visit dog parks or other outdoor activities. Cleaning dog’s hair o your car seats can be a daunting job. Again, dogs can be messy, so you don’t want to go through all these troubles during a ride. Having the best seat covers for dog hair protects your seats and also keeps your dog comfortable.

If you have a waterproof dog seat cover, then your seats will not get stains or odors. Additionally, these covers minimize the amount of hair and dirt that would have been in the interior of your car. Most importantly, dog car seat covers keep your furry friend comfortable because it prevents slipping or sliding so you can be sure that your dog is safe. 

The following are more benefits that you will get from using a seat cover for dog hair.

  • Prevents damages in your car that might result from dog’s teeth or claws.
  • Gives plenty of room as compared to a dog crate.
  • Transporting car seat covers is simple as compared to crates.
  • The covers keep your best friend safe because they are designed from pet-friendly materials.
  • Makes cleaning your seats easier and reduces the amount of chemicals that you would have used to clean the sets.

Types of Car Seat Covers

There are a wide range of car seat protectors that you can get if you are planning to travel with your dog. Before you purchase the right one, it is crucial to consider the different types available so that you can pick the most suitable one. 

The following are some common types of dog car seat covers that you can choose.

a) Universal Car Seat Covers

These care seat covers are designed to fit all types of cars. Regardless of the brand that you choose, you can be sure that the car seat cover will fit in your vehicle well.

b) Custom Fit Covers

These are seat covers that are made for a particular car. They can be available depending on the type or model of your car. Custom-fit car seat covers fit well if it is designed for that specific car.

c) Semi-Custom Seat Covers

These are relatively cheaper car seat covers as compared to the custom-fit. However, they are similar in many aspects.

How to Clean Car Seat Covers

If you want to protect the interior of your car, then investing in the right seat cover for dog hair can be a great idea. The interior of your car can get messy if you love taking your dog out, but with the help of a dog car seat cover, you can maintain a clean and stylish car which makes it comfortable for you and your pet.

If you find that the seat cover is messy, you can consider washing it to offer a clean environment. Before you wash the seat cover, you need to know a few more essential things that will help you clean it the right way. The following is a guide on how to clean seat covers for dog hair correctly.

Washing in the washer

This is the first thing that you need to do and then put it in the machine washer. You can use the regular laundry detergent. However, this might not be effective when it comes to removing pet odor. You can eliminate the bad smell by adding a ¼ cup of vinegar. On top of that, you can add the regular fabric softener that you use in the washer. This will give the car seat a fresh scent as you prefer.

Washing by hand

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable washing the car seat cover in the washer, you can choose to do that by hand. All you need is to fill the kitchen sink with some warm water, add vinegar if you like and your favorite laundry detergent. Soak the seat cover for about 20 minutes. Do not forget to massage the seat cover to get rid of any dirt that might be embedded. Rinse the cover and then let it dry.

When it comes to drying, it is not advisable to put some seat covers in the dyers. Some car seat covers also come with the right drying instructions. Keeping it in the dryer can cause shrinkage hence leading to improper fit. The best way in which you can dry the cover is to leave it outside in the sun to dry.

After drying, if you find that the cover has some wrinkles, you can put it in the dryer for about 10 minutes. Because it is already dry, no shrinkage will take place and you can fit it in your car perfectly.

With all this information, I believe you now know the importance of having the best seat covers for dog hair. It is crucial to pick a high-quality seat cover that is worth your money. Most importantly, you should remember to check the following:

  • A cover that is made of waterproof materials
  • Has a hammock style to cover the seat and the interior of your car.
  • Made from a material that is environmentally-friendly and dog-safe.
  • Machine washable and easy to wipe.
  • Slip-resistant and sturdy so it stays in place.
Quilted Car Seat Covers For Dogs-Formosa Covers

Quilted Car Seat Covers For Dogs-Formosa Covers

The quilted car seat cover can be used for Sedans, Trucks, and SUVs and that being so, it has been designed for all car sizes.

It looks quite good as if it was sewn into the car given its fitted nature which ensures that the rear of your car is protected. This cover is made of a Polyester fabric that is also resistant to water. As a result, your car can be protected from dog scratches, liquid, food, and mud.

It is also worthy to note that this perfect pet seat cover is available in different colors to enable you to pick one that blends with your car’s decor. You’ll find it in Black, Taupe, Gray, and a Black velvet color. In the same vein, its adjustable straps amongst other features make it easy to install. This means that great expertise is not required before you can have your seats covered in no time.

Key Features

  • Ease of installation
  • Suitable for all car sizes
  • Resistant to dirt and water
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • A durable 75D polyester build material
  • Comes with buckles, adjustable straps, and seat belt holes
Epica Luxury Deluxe Pet Car Seat Cover

Epica Luxury Deluxe Pet Car Seat Cover

Epica luxury deluxe pet car seat cover speaks comfort, but that’s not all it has to offer.

It is made of a high-quality polyester material which includes a plastic beneath it. This makes the quilted cover resistant to liquid and gives it some level of strength to hold other unwanted debris. Besides, it can prevent claw marks from being visible on your car seat.

Epica is available in just Black, but since you’re all out for durability and comfort, this makes it something not to bat an eyelid too. Its textured design will make your car quite different and in a good way. You should also know that you can maintain this material just by washing with a machine. This takes away the need to do it yourself as is the case of some materials that are extremely heavy.

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Plastic under quilt
  • Machine Washable
  • Ease of installation
  • Dimension of 12.2 x 10.4 x 6.3 inches
Plush Paws Custom Dog Seat Cover

Plush Paws Custom Dog Seat Cover

Plush paws custom dog seat cover features a hammock which makes it a suitable car seat cover for dog protection.

Therefore, it’s a simple way to keep your dog safe and healthy. This cover will help to barricade your pooch from the front and as such, they won’t try to lick you or seat on your lap. The hammock is also removable to allow you to choose when you want to make use of it. You get 3 headrest straps, side flaps, amongst others to help you secure this cover in place.

Use this Cotton and Polyester cover for your car, truck, SUV or other vehicles and it’ll fit just nicely. This is because what you get, is a cover that measures 56″W x 65″L. This will tend not to leave sides hanging open and therefore, expose them to hair, food, or damage. Most of all, it can be washed either using a machine for thorough cleansing or vacuumed to remove hairs easily.

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Machine washable
  • Removable hammock
  • 3 seat anchors and headrests
  • 190T Polyester quilted fabric
4Knines Crew Cab Rear Bench Seat Cover

4Knines Crew Cab Rear Bench Seat Cover

Looking for a car cover for your Toyota, Ford, or Chevy Silverado which promises to keep its interior spotless and hygienic?

Then you may want to try out the 4Knines crew cab rear bench seat cover. Its manufacturer has stated that this cover uses high-temperature rated materials and it is free from heavy metals including lead and mercury. This is to ensure that the color of the material does not stain your car seat after prolonged use.

4Knines has been designed to easily give you access to the seat belts and even armrest when the cover has been fitted. It is available in Black, White, and Tan color which is quite remarkable. In terms of protection, you also get a removable hammock that barricades you and your dog, thereby keeping them safe in their seats. They won’t fall over if the car suddenly jerks forward and neither will they distract you.

Key Features

  • Colorfast
  • Waterproof
  • Machine washable
  • Removable hammock
4Knines SUV Cargo Liner

4Knines SUV Cargo Liner

Pattern designs for dog car seats are in trend at the moment because of the level and comfort they can provide And that’s what you can get with the 4Knines SUV cargo liner.

Additionally, this is one of the best hunting dog seats covers out there thanks to its durability and availability in various sizes. Whether it’s your German shepherd, French Bulldog or another breed you’re a parent too, you may want to give this dog liner for SUV much thought.

Like the 4Knines crew cab rear bench cover, this variant is also free of dyes and heavy metals. It’ll not stain your precious seats thanks to the colorfast nature of this material. This heavy duty liner is durable which translates into a material that can prevent your sea from being clawed at or being stained with waste products

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Colorfast material
  • High temperature rated materials
  • Adjustable straps with heavy-duty clips
  • Available in small, medium and large sizes.
 Transpawt Luxury Dog Car Seat Covers

Transpawt Luxury Dog Car Seat Covers

We like the Transpawt luxury dog car seat covers for its simplicity and believe you will too.

It has a lot to offer, starting from its triple layer which helps to retain liquid and other waste. This dog cover features 8 flaps at its sides and clips to aid in its easy installation. Like the aforelisted covers, this one also comes with a hammock that can be removed especially if there’s a passenger in the back seat other than your dog.

You also get a front seat cover to go with this material and as such, you keep giving your dog a front row seat while on the go. The cover is water resistant and it’s solid enough not to rip easily from being scratched on. That being the case, if your dog hasn’t been groomed to file the nail, there’s really nothing you should worry about.

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Seatbelt Clip
  • Storage Pockets
  • 600D PVC coating
  • Extra front seat cover
  • Measures 57″L x 55″W
  • 8-inch side seat protectors
Perfect Pet Seat Cover

Perfect Pet Seat Cover

As the name implies, you get what you pay for and that’s the Perfect pet seat cover for cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans.

It can protect your seat from hair, spills, and claws which helps to retain its look even after a dog has spent hours in it. This cover boasts of a heavy-duty quilted material that is durable enough to give you your money’s worth for a long period of time.

In addition to durability, it provides your pup with the much-needed comfort throughout your journey. And if you’re worried about staining your car seat while giving a dog treat for training to your pet, then you can be sure that this material is waterproof enough to be resistant to a certain amount of liquid. Wash with a machine and you’ll retain its look. The best part is, you don’t need any great skill before you can set one of this up in your vehicle.

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • For all car sizes
  • Machine Washable
  • 14 x 12.5 x 4 inches
  • Reinforced headrest straps
  • Tan, Black, and Grey color options
Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover

Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover

Plush paws ultra-luxury pet seat cover is available in two sizes to offer support to a wide range of vehicles.

It’s also available in various colors and the most obvious ones which are Black, Tan, and Gray. The design of this cover is quite unique due to the fact that it comes with two harnesses. These can be fitted to the front car seats to hold the liner in place.

This simple to install dog seat cover features two seatbelts which are adjustable. It is free from chemicals such as arsenic, mercury, cadmium etc. which could have an adverse side effect to your canine’s health. You also get to choose how you’ll maintain it on a regular basis given that this cover can be wiped, vacuum hosed, or washed with a machine. Now, all that’s left is to let it air out to keep it fresh and prevent germs from harboring.

Key Features

  • Adjustable seat belts
  • Compatible with child latch
  • Waterproof and scratch proof
  • Extra large measures 630w X 650L
  • Regular and extra large sizes available
Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover

Ultimate Pet seat Cover and Dog Hammock

Ultimate pet seat cover with dog hammock for vehicles is quite simple, but that should not deter you from settling for this piece.

This is a budget-friendly dog seat for a car you can get if you’re on a tight budget. Here, you’ll find a cover which also features a fleece mat that is detachable. Place it on your car seat and it’ll be able to retain liquid, food, hair, and waste.

To enable you to keep this seat cover clean and maintain it easily, it is machine washable and this is because it is not made out of plastic. The material also has a hammock that will prevent your dog from hitting the floorboard by accident. Packaged alongside this seat cover are a seat belt, fleece mat, and a nylon bag for packaging these items.

Key Features

  • Thick mat
  • Machine washable
  • 54 x 58 x 1.5 inches
  • Hammock included
  • Leather reinforced straps
Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover

Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover

Plush paws ultra-luxury pet seat cover features a nonslip silicone backing and its manufacturer has said that this will ensure that it does not budge.

The material is also free of dyes and other chemicals; it can withstand severe weather conditions without staining your seat with its color. This cover measures 55″ W X 58″ L which make it a perfect fit for most cars.

Plush Paws’ supports child latch and it features seat belts which are adjustable to keep your pooch in place. There’s also a hammock whose use is optional and therefore, you get to choose when to put it up. Strap it around the headrest and place the seat anchors and you’ve completed the easy steps involved in securing this cover.

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Chemical free
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable seat belt
  • Removable hammock

Why Do You Need a Dog Car Seat Cover

If you’ve stopped to wonder why you need a dog seat cover especially when it means making additional expenses, then you’re not alone. Many dog parents have as well, given the fact that you can just place your pup inside the car and well be on your way. But while this may work, you still need to cover your seats and the reasons cannot be farfetched. They include the following:

1. For Your Dog’s Protection:

Hammocks are designed into most covers and this is aimed at protecting you and your pet. Think of it as a temporary barrier between both of you which will keep them in their seat instead of trying to get your attention. It does not only sit on the upholstery but covers the floor between the back seat of your car and the front. Consequently, if you tend to drive too fast or swerve, your dog can remain safe and that’s one more basic dog care tip.

2. For Your Car’s Seat Protection:

Your car may look brand new, smell good, and be something you’re proud of, but it won’t be for so long if your dog follows you everywhere and will be sitting inside the car occasionally. These dogs are cute however; they can’t help gnawing away at the car seat while you’re driving. They also tend to drool and give off other liquid. In each of this case, a dog car seat can do a lot for your car starting with maintaining its clean and sleek look inside and outside.

3. For Window Protection:

Yes, it’s true that lots of dogs like looking out the window while they’re being driven. They enjoy having a nice view outside but this may be at the expense of your glass. Their nails can scratch it and this may even be the least of your worry since a lot more can happen. To prevent any of this, a dog seat cover can be of great help.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Dog Car Seat Cover

Before settling for a dog car seat cover, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. They will ensure that the product you settle with, is the perfect pet seat cover that can give you the highest level of performance. That is, protecting your dog while you drive, as well as your car seats. Whether its a Car or Van you’re driving, put a little thought into each of the following:


Car seat covers for dogs come in various types depending on the area they’ll be used in the car. That is why you’ll find Bucket and Bench seats specially designed for the front and back regions respectively. Bucket seat covers are suitable if you plan on going on a ride with your canine sitting in the front, but if that’s not the case, then you’ll be better off with a Bench car seat with a large surface area to cover as much space as possible.

The advantage of using a Bench seat over a Bucket seat is the level of protection it offers. Asides offering maximum protection for your seat, it also protects you and your dog while you drive. This is because of some features like a hammock which covers the back of the front seat. As a consequence, your pet can just sit back and relax while you drive.

2. Material

There are car seats whose material can handle liquid more than others and this type usually come with a plastic underneath This ensures that dog drools and urine do not seep from the covers unto your upholstery. Ones you’ll find out there will either be made out of one or more of these materials. They include Nylon, Vinyl, and Polyester Fabric which are all resistant to a certain amount of liquid.

The material also determines its durability and this can be attributed to the fact that some will be able to withstand the sharp nails of your dog, while others won’t. Therefore, if you’re looking for a dog seat cover that can stand the test of time, check the layers of material it has.

Is it up to three? then it’s good. It’ll be durable enough to also withstand your dog’s teeth and claws.

3. Size

This can never be overemphasized, always measure your car seat or settle for a universal cover. The former will give you an insight to which cover is suitable and will protect the entire back seat. This is because they are made for different car sizes such as small, medium, and large. That being the case, what works for one car may not really give you the best results in yours.

A universal dog car seat, on the other hand, ensures that you don’t go wrong even if you haven’t spent the time to take measurements. In this case, if it’s a dog seat covers for trucks or cars you decide to settle on, it’ll still be a perfect fit. Dog accidents will be handled with ease and you can be assured that you won’t have messes running around the

4. Brand

Unarguably, some brands are more popular than others due to the level of quality products they have released for dogs. These are manufacturers who strive to release products that will stand the test of time, thus a product you settle for may be just what you need to get started with your dog.

While it may be a bit difficult to tell one brand aside from another, there’s always the user reviews and recommendations on e-commerce sites like Amazon to rely on. These are customers that have already made purchases and can vouch for the brand’s credibility. Accordingly, you would’ve narrowed down your search to a significant number of dog cover seats.

5. Maintenance

Depending on the material the cover is made from, you may be able to maintain it using a washing machine. This can be attributed to the material’s texture that keeps it intact when it’s washed with a machine. Now, there are others out there that are made of heavyweight material or plastic and as such, you’ll have to manually wash with your hands.

Just use soap and water to clean it and then you can use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate any dog hair. You can then hang it up to dry and look as fresh as it once did. That’s all it’ll take to maintain a car that looks good and smells good. Each of this mode of maintenance sounds quite easy, but the former method will definitely be easier to perform especially if you plan on taking your canine out very often.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Seat covers for dog hair

Q: Which is the best fabric to choose for car seat covers?

A: There are different types of fabric that you can choose. The covers come in materials like polyester and nylon. Nylon is a common material because it is durable, breathable, and sturdy.

Q: Can car seat covers affect leather seats?

A: Car seat covers will not cause any harm on your leather seat. This depends on the type of fabric of the cover. The covers can also be ruined if you expose them to UV rays for long.

Q: Do seat covers protect the leather?

A: Bearing in mind that leather seats are expensive, using seat covers is the best way to protect them. Not only does the seat cover protect the leather but also other different types of fabrics.


You’d rather not leave your dog home alone or try to stop your dogs barking with a citronella bark collar? Then our best dog seat covers reviews will help you to choose a suitable car seat liner from a wide range in the market. The essence is to save you the time and money of having to buy a dog seat for your car or truck only to discover it does not really help much. 

Therefore, these selections of 10 of the best from different brands will help you narrow your search. They can hold liquid, mud, food, hair and every other thing your dog may throw their way. Most especially, claw marks will not be left on your car due to their heavy duty build. Now it’s left for you to make a choice that meets your needs and budget in order to enjoy your next ride with your pet.

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