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10 Best Cat Door For Cold Weather in 2022 -Reviews and Buying Guide

Pet doors give your feline friend the freedom to play and run outside the house. Without the best cat door for cold weather, you will end up paying more on bills during winter. Insulated pet doors not only provide warmth within the house but also provide easy installation.

Therefore, it will not matter whether you are living in a temporary or permanent residence. Read on to find out the right cat door that works well for maximum energy efficiency during cold weather.

IN A HURRY? See The Table

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame You can easily install the door with the help of a manual. Check Price
backpac Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Cat Door for Doors Includes durable mag seal technology for an airtight surrounding. Check Price
cordlessblower The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door Hidden Litter Box Pet Door Made of durable composite PVC Check Price
cordlessblower Vinyl Insulated Pet Patio Door 78″ Medium. It includes durable double Lexan flaps for less air seeping. Check Price
cordlessblower Endura Flap Pet Door Double Flap Wall Mount Best Extra Insulated All-Weather. Made of durable composIt has a three-sided magnetic design for long-lasting magnetic closure.ite PVC Check Price
cordlessblower PetSafe Plastic Pet Door for Cats and Dogs, Durable Paintable White Frame. It has a high-quality white frame that complements your house. Check Price
cordlessblower Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Plastic Pet Door The double flaps are energy-conservative. Check Price
cordlessblower Baboni Pet Door for Wall, Steel Frame, and Telescoping Tunnel. It has a slide-losing panel to keep away bugs and mice. Check Price
cordlessblower Perfect Pet All-Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door Has pockets for maximum insulation Check Price
cordlessblower PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door – Aluminum or Plastic Pet Door Easy cat access and helps optimize your energy bill. Check Price

Top 10 Best Cat Door for Cold Weather Reviews

Give your cat easy access with a perfect cat door. A wall entry pet door with locking security panel is ideal for small dogs and other animals. If you want to install a cat door, check our reviews to find the right interior or exterior door you can install at home.

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

The Ideal pet door has a telescoping frame that ensures that the dimensions have enough allowance to get through your door. If you need to install the dog doors on the wall, you may need a wall kit since cutting and drilling are involved.

You can still purchase the wall kit from Ideal Pet products. The plastic frame is also a winner feature because it provides thermal insulation.

This energy efficient cat door ensures that wind does not blow into your house. I know how annoying it can be, especially during winter. The dog door has this quality because of the magnetic strip at the bottom of the flaps. The magnet sticks to the metal on the single flap door during closure. It also acts a large cat door if you don’t want to use it as a doggy door.

It will be easy for your cat to push the flaps with its nose, consequently, the closing will not be an issue as the magnet easily sticks. Another feature is that the cat door includes two vinyl flaps that provide maximum insulation. It is all-weather so that wind or rain does not penetrate your doorstep. Also, vinyl material is water-resistant and easy to clean. Hence you will have an easy time wiping any debris off the door.

The pet door had large dimensions perfect for a cat or a dog. The molded frame measures 19x25inches while the cutout is 16inches by 25inches. For the flaps, they are 15x23icnhes for full coverage of the cut-out. You should look out for the pet door sizing chart so that you can establish the perfect size for both your dog and cat.


  • You can easily install the door with the help of a manual.
  • The molded plastic frame provided optimal insulation.
  • It has two vinyl flaps for maximum coverage.
  • The magnetic strip allows for easy flap closure.


  • The magnetic effect on the flaps may wear out over time.
  • The metal bolts are not durable.

Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Cat Door for Doors

As the name suggests, the Freedom pet pass allows your cat to go in and out of the house with ease.

You do not have to supervise the cat’s movement, then you can concentrate on fulfilling your current schedule. First of all, the cat door includes Double Mag seal technology that offers unbeatable sturdiness for the door. Hence, you can be sure that the door will stick around for more than a year.

Also, the seal technology goes a long way in providing an air-tight surrounding in your house. You will barely notice when the door is open or closed since it is airtight. Just like other doors, the locking door has a magnetic closure for its flaps. It makes sure that your cat can easily open the door while still closing after going through it.

Additionally, the insulated flap door has dimensions perfect for standard exterior doors. It will come in handy as your door leads to the back or front yard for your cat to effortlessly access the play area. Also, you do not need to strain while looking for a cat door that matches your door’s dimensions. The flaps provide a thermal guard for your house by preventing wind and rain from entering.


  • Includes durable mag seal technology for an airtight surrounding.
  • It has soft flaps for your cat’s comfort.
  • The magnetic closure operated effortlessly.
  • You can easily install the cat door.
  • It is perfect for standard exterior doors.


  • The magnetic quality may wear off over time.

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door Hidden Litter Box Pet Door

Cats can easily litter your home if they don’t have a convenient place to pass through.

This cat door allows your cats to pass through conveniently. You can put the cats litter box behind the door to allow them easy access. The door is designed to fit on many standard door sizes from 1 ¼ inches to 1 ¾ inches.

The cat door is already finished so you can paint it to match the door of your home. Installing it takes just a few minutes. You get the installation directions and a template on how to cut the door perfectly. This cat door is made of composite PVC material with a thickness of 1.75 inches.

It provides a sure way for your pets to pass through. It is designed with a smooth and wide opening to let your cat get in and out safely without getting caught up. The pass through opening measures 7 ½ inches wide and a height of 6 ½ inches. All cats up to 20 lbs can use the door perfectly.


  • It is easy to install
  • Convenient for cats to pass through
  • Made of durable composite PVC
  • Prevents cats from littering around
  • Designed to fit all door sizes


  • The door feels unstable
  • Can be hard to cut

Vinyl Insulated Pet Patio Door 78″ Medium.

Vinyl insulates pet doors are primarily for sliding patio doors. It is a cat door without cutting door measurements since the design is different from other pet doors we have discussed above.

They measure from 75.75 inches to 78.5 inches for medium size.

The dimensions include the measurements that match your patio door beginning from the top track to the bottom track. Therefore, when buying a patio freedom pet pass door, measure your sliding glass door or window from top to bottom to find a corresponding height.

Additionally, the insulated cat door for the window patio has tempered, shatter-resistant glass to prevent damage. It will be difficult to break the door unless the force is extreme. Also, it has an energy-efficient dual-pane that helps with heat insulation during cold weather. The double-wall Lexan flaps also help with insulation. Since they are two, they offer twice the weather protection and ensure long-lasting service. You can use the animal lock outside to keep your cat inside the house at night. Generally, the pet door includes everything you need for installation.


  • It includes durable double Lexan flaps for less air seeping.
  • The patio door is easy to install with follow-up guidelines.
  • It includes tempered and shatter-resistant glass for durability.
  • The animal lock on the outside provides security.
  • The dual-pane is energy-efficient.


  • The measurement adjustments of the pet door are limited and the allowance is tight.

Endura Flap Pet Door Double Flap Wall Mount Best Extra Insulated All-Weather.

Endura all-weather pet door is an award-winning brand that boasts its sturdy make. It stands heads and shoulders above its competitors as far as quality is concerned.

They have proven themselves as this pet door has a 15-year warranty. You can be sure that your pets will age with the door plus it demands minimal maintenance. The only attention that you need to give to the door is cleaning it with a piece of cloth once every two days.

First of all, the cat door for exterior wall and interior use has a well-built aluminum frame. Therefore, it is as sturdy as your door or wall which can last for ages. The constant movement of your pets will do zero tears to the door. I would recommend this for those with multiple pets due to its heavy-duty build. You can install it on walls and doors that are as thick as 8inches. Your cat will enjoy all the freedom they need

Additionally, the double flaps provide thermal protection for your home. It cuts down on your energy bills during the cold season as it prevents energy loss. As a result of this, the flaps can stay shut even in gusts of 50mph.

Also, the flaps are of non-toxic, recyclable material that is friendly both to your cat and the environment. They can also stay flexible in low temperatures for easy pet movement. The three-sided magnet is strong to keep the flaps shut, preventing air entry.


  • It has a three-sided magnetic design for long-lasting magnetic closure.
  • The double flap door is energy efficient.
  • It has durable aluminum make for long-term use.
  • The flaps are non-toxic with recyclable material.
  • It includes a 15-year warranty that justifies its premium quality.
  • You can use a secure locking cover when the door is not in use.


  • The tunnel design is flawed, allowing water infiltration.

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door for Cats and Dogs, Durable Paintable White Frame.

PetSafe pet products company focuses on producing durable and pet-friendly products.

Therefore, you can trust the quality and make of their interior doors. First of all, it avails pet doors for small and large pets varying in four different sizes. The sizes include 10lbs, 40lbs, 100lbs and extra-large 200lbs. All it takes is training for the cats to adjust to using the pet door.

Additionally, it has a durable white frame that not only lasts long but also looks good. If you are looking conscious, this would be one of the best pet doors for your house as you can paint the frame to suit your color preference.

Also, the plastic frame offers maximum thermal protection, qualifying it as an extreme weather screen door. The flaps are transparent, which helps with the cat’s movement while going through the door. Also, they have a soft vinyl fabric for a smooth feel on your pet’s skin.

It is especially relevant that the petsafe extreme weather includes a Snap-On closing panel. It comes in handy whenever you want to keep your cat indoors at night hence it provides extra security. The petsafe pet screen door comes with a cutting panel to help you with the installation process. Therefore, you will not have to cut out the measurements while installing, saving you time and effort.


  • It has a high-quality white frame that complements your house.
  • The pet door comes in four sizes for various cats.
  • It is perfect for thin and thick interior doors.
  • The soft flaps are comfortable for the cat’s use.
  • It has a Snap-On closing pad for easy door closure.
  • It includes a cut-out template for easy installation.


  • It has gaps that allow water to seep in.

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Plastic Pet Door

I am pretty sure that you are looking for a pet door that will not only last long but also match your pet impeccably.

Ideal pet products have a variety of pet doors as far as sizing and color are concerned. This is part of the designer series of small, medium, large and extra-large pet doors. The pet door is impact-resistant with a plastic frame for hard-wearing service. It is suitable for small pets weighing from two to twelve pounds. Also, the door, wall, and window fitting have 1.25 to 2inch thickness.

Another feature is the lock-out slide that primarily locks the pet door when your cat is not using it. It also helps to keep out water, bugs, and mice. Your house will be safe from unwanted threats. Since the door is small, it will be easy to train your cat to go through it. You can offer your cat treats and snacks as a reward after succeeding in their attempts.

Also, the flexible vinyl flaps are water-resistant and have patents for energy conservation during all climatic seasons. The floating button threshold seals the pet door firmly for thermal protection.


  • The double flaps are energy-conservative.
  • It includes a sliding cover for security.
  • The patented vinyl flaps are wear-resistant.
  • The floating bottom threshold seals the door perfectly.
  • It is ideal for small pets.


  • The instructions may be faulty which could cause an installation mistake.

Baboni Pet Door for Wall, Steel Frame, and Telescoping Tunnel.

Unlike other pet doors, the Baboni door for interior and exterior installation has a sturdy aluminum and steel construction.

Since it is heavy-duty, it can last for numerous years despite your location. It creates a temperature difference when it is hot by providing a cooling effect. If you are looking for a way to offer your pet more freedom, the Baboni pet door is the best option. Your cat can play outside and go for potty breaks just like you do.

Additionally, the interior cat door is suitable for walls and doors with 4-75 to 7.25inch thickness. The dimensions include; 10.25 x 16.25inches for flap opening, 15.25 x 21inches for the pet door frame, and 12 x 18inches for opening.

The dimensions offer standard installation for most homes and the door is large enough to fit larger pets. Even if you have a kitten or puppy, they can grow with it, plus it will take a day at most for them to learn how to use the door.

Another feature is double flapping which offers weatherproofing and energy efficiency. Winter or summer cannot affect the door’s performance since the flaps will cover the door preventing air/ water seepage. Also, the slide-down locking pane keeps away bugs and covers the pet door when not in use. It will be difficult for your cat to slide the pane ensuring security at all times.


  • The aluminum and steel alloy frame is sturdy.
  • It has double flaps that provide energy efficiency.
  • You can install it with step-by-step instructions.
  • The cut-out template makes it easy to make measurements.
  • It has a slide-losing panel to keep away bugs and mice.


  • None

Perfect Pet All-Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door

Give your cat the freedom to get in and out with this all-weather cat door. It works amazingly well for cold and hot weather.

The door is made of vinyl and structural form molded plastic for durable use. the combination of these materials make the door energy efficient.

It is super large to allow big cats to pass through conveniently. The cat door is designed with an adjustable telescoping frame from ¾-inch to 1 3/4 –inch thickness. It features a double vinyl flap design for energy efficiency and the pocket provides optimal insulation.

Depending on the size of your cat, you can get the door in small, medium, super large and x-large sizes. It is easy to install but you need to purchase the optional wall kit separately.


  • Has pockets for maximum insulation
  • The door is energy efficient
  • Made of durable material
  • Available in different sizes
  • Suitable for dogs and cats


  • Magnetic slip might fail to work during cold weather

PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door – Aluminum or Plastic Pet Door

PetSafe pet door offers the best solution to reducing your energy bills. It eliminates winter drafts and conserves air conditioning expenses which keep your house warm.

A pet door encourages your cat’s sense of independence and activity. As you know, physical activity rejuvenates the body and strikes wholesome growth. It is the best remedy you could offer your cat.

Additionally, it has three-flap insulation that is three times more effective than other pet doors. It prevents the cold from seeping through the door all year round. The aluminum metal frame provides a hard-wearing service for your cat.

It is the best interior cat door that remains in great shape even after your cat goes through it multiple times a day. Also, the flaps are flexible with sturdy magnetic seals.


  • Easy cat access and helps optimize your energy bill.
  • The door encourages your cat’s exercise and independence.
  • It has 3 times more insulation than its counterparts.
  • The slide-in panel keeps away stray animals.
  • It has flexible flaps with a magnetic seal.


  • You may have to replace the plastic screws with aluminum-coated ones for a sturdy installation.

Things you should consider when choosing a Cat Door for Cold Weather

Best Cat Door For Cold Weather Reviews

Owning a cat comes with many benefits. That is why you should create a conducive environment by buying the best cat doors. Whether you need an interior cat door or an exterior door, these tips will help pet parents pick wisely.


I would say the size of your cat comes first when buying a cat door. You do not want something that does not fit them. You can measure the width and height of your cat and compare it with the dimensions of the cat doors. The dimensions are usually provided for both interior and exterior cat doors. Also, measure the thickness of your wall, window, or door for the perfect installation. Additionally, take note of the door thickness.

Ease of Installation

It is a good thing that most of the cat doors above are easy to install as long as you follow the instructions on the manual. You do not have to worry since the manual is in the package. Plus, the cutting template helps in aligning your door’s measurements.


The make of a cat door determines its durability. As you may have observed, most of the cat doors are of aluminum or molded plastic material. Aluminum is stronger than molded plastic but molded plastic has better insulation than aluminum. Vinyl is water-resistant and flexible for pet use. You may need to replace them once they start warping.


All pet doors have similar security mechanisms. They have double flaps for thermal protection and the magnets position the flaps close to the door. Additionally, the closing panels are easy for you to slide when the cat is indoors. The flaps and panels prevent the entry of bugs, mice, and stray animals.

You can also use an electronic door that senses the entry of your cat with the use of a pet collar. It opens and closes only after sensing the cat’s collar. It provides security against foreign wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cat doors let in cold air?

Yes, unfortunately. However, the cat flaps manufacturers are managing that issue by providing double flaps for optimal insulation. That can be a downside especially during winter, but a heavy-duty cat door will minimize the entry of cold air.

Is there an alternative to a cat flap?

Yes. Lock latch is more secure and easy to install, and cheaper than cat doors. They are of glass make and opens and closes like a normal door. You can install it on your window and door. I think it looks more natural when you install it on a glass window or door.

Do pet doors leak air?

Yes, but it is in minimal amounts as they have flaps with magnets to secure the door. The air may leak in greater amounts when the magnets become loose but you can replace the flaps.

Which cat flap is best?

My top pick is Baboni Pet Door for Wall, Steel Frame, and Telescoping Tunnel since it has flexible dimensions and space-saving features. Plus, it is affordable and sturdy. For a more heavy-duty option, Endura Flap Pet Door Double Flap would be the best choice due to its aluminum frame. It even has a 15-year warranty.

Are cat flaps a good idea?

Yes. They are rewarding for your cats and you also. You may not be always around to supervise your cat’s movement; therefore, it is best to install a cat flap. It is more like a cat’s door where they can move outside and inside the house effortlessly. Your cat will be happy to play outside and you will not feel bad about not being around to take them out to play.

How long does a cat flap last?

A cat flap can last up to two years. After that, it may get warped and the magnet may not be as effective. You can replace the flap instead of repurchasing the entire unit once it wears out.

Can you break in through a cat flap?

Yes. When your hand can get in through the door and open the door lock. However, it will be hard for someone to get in the full-body unless they weigh less than 100lbs. This will depend on the size of your cat flap.

Is it cruel to not have a cat flap?

No, it is not cruel to not have a cat flap. I think it is the same way, you do not have to buy your kid a phone. Yes, they may be missing out on the fun of playing outside but it’s not a basic need for them. However, your cat needs to have interacted with nature for a vibrant life. In the case where you cannot be available to always go outside with them, you should consider getting a cat flap.

Where is the best place to put a cat flap?

The best place to put a cat flap is on your door or window. I do not recommend wall installation since it requires a lot of drilling and penetration to insert the cat flap. However, for doors and windows, it is easier because the effort and tools are uncomplicated. It is more like a 20min DIY project. Then a door and window are easy for your cat to reach without them rushing past delicate house equipment.


I hope you feel enlightened on your search for the best cat doors for your pet. All you need to do now is measure the width and height of your cat to find its ideal cat door. Remember to consider the ease of installation so that you do not have a hard time placing it on the wall or door. I believe the best pet door is easy to install, durable, and weather-resistant.

The standing differences between these doors are the sizes and flap quality and durability. If you want an upgrade on your cat door, consider getting an electronic pet door with sensors to your cat’s collar. They ensure that stranger pets do not access the pet entry. All in all, I am sure you have figured out what your cat needs.

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