Best Dog Crate for Separation Anxiety-Guide and Reviews

Dogs make great companions because they are social animals. Sometimes when you need to leave the house, you might notice that your dog is nervous or uneasy. This can be a sign of separation anxiety, which happens when you live the dog alone. One of the best ways of dealing with this problem is getting the best dog crate for separation anxiety.

The right crate will provide a good shelter, and it also provides a sense of security when you are not at home. Choosing a heavy-duty dog crate for separation anxiety can be tough since there are so many on the market. I will take you through reviews of top crate for dogs with separation anxiety that you can consider buying for your canine friend.

You may at one time or another gotten home only to find that your well-arranged comfort zone has been turned into something resembling a war zone. Your dog was most probably experiencing anxiety.

This happens when the fog is left alone and he does not know how to cope. That is why you will need the best dog crate for separation anxiety to ensure that your property and most importantly your dog stays safe.

Dogs express their anxiety in different ways like excessive chewing, excessive pacing, panicking when you are about to leave and frequent vocalizing among others.

You can buy the best dog chew toys to prevent the dog from damaging your items.

You need to properly crate your dog. Safe dog crate for anxiety not only provides a sense of safety but security as well. It may probably be the best thing to help decrease your dogs’ stress at being left alone.

How do you tell that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety? Well, several signs will help you know. When you find that your dog is displaying an anxious behavior like panting or pacing, this is a sign of separation anxiety. Your dog will follow you in the house when you are getting ready to leave the house.

Another thing that will help you know that your canine friend is suffering from separation anxiety is destructive behavior. They can scratch or chew items in the house when they are anxious to soothe themselves.

If you also notice that your dog has excessive vocalization like barking, whining, or howling when you live the house, they suffer from separation anxiety. The rate of vocalization depends on the dog breed, so some might be more vocal than others. Therefore, don't jump into conclusion before considering other symptoms as well.

Lastly, housing soiling is another sign of a dog suffering from separation anxiety. When your dog is anxious, they might lose control of their needs and experience accidents while you are away.

Best Dog Crate for Separation Anxiety Comparison Table

Product Name






Single Door

37”L x 25.125”W x 33.75”H



Single Door

39.6"D x 27.2"W x 27.3"H - 80 lbs.

Crown Pet Products


Single Door

41"L x 25"W x 29"H - 100 lbs.



Single Door

49″ x W 37″ x H44 - 150 lbs.

Homey Pet


Single Door & Double Door

36”L x23”W x 25”H



Single Door & Double Door

42L x 28W x 30 - 71 – 90 lbs

MidWest Homes for Pets


Single Door

36" x 23" x 26.7" – 70 lbs.
40" x 26.1" x 29.7" – 90 lbs.



Single Door

37”L x 25.125”W x 33.75”H



Single Door

40" x 27" x 30" - 90 lbs
48" x 32" x 35" - 125 lbs



Single Door

42¼"L x 30¾"W x 41¼"H

Pro Select

Top 10 Best Dog Crate for Separation Anxiety Reviews In 2020 

Before you buy a dog crate for separation anxiety, we thought it would be great if you checked these reviews and guide first. They will help you make an informed decision. If you would also like to contain your dog, an electric dog fence can also be a great idea.

The Guardian Gear crate is a very spacious crate that can be used by all sizes of dogs. This is one of the reasons why it may be preferred by some canine owners as the best crates for dogs with anxiety.

Another reason that it is a popular crate is the fact that it is a durable well-made crate. The crate itself is made of durable premium steel that is long lasting. Heavy duty welding ensures that the crate is sturdy and not easily breakable. The crate has rounded off corners that are rust resistant. The corners ensure safety as accidental cuts are not witnessed.

The crate is made with two sturdy frontal door latches. The latches are very secure such that the dog is not able to unsecured it. It does not matter how hard the dog thrashes, bangs or tries to jump the door, the latches remain secure. Cleaning the crate is also easy as it has a pull- out tray at the bottom which makes cleaning a breeze.

The crate is very portable. This is because of the removable castor wheels that you can use to move the crate from one area to another without stress. Alternatively, you can remove the casters to ground the crate at one location.


  • Durably made of thick steel
  • The frame is rust resistant
  • The floor is grated for comfort
  • Has caster wheels that are easily removable
  • Dual latches for extra security
  • Comes with a pull out metal pan


  • The cage may be heavy
  • Not easily portable

There is a lot that can be said about this unique dog crate. To begin with, it's look. This crate is a beautiful addition to your furniture and can even be considered you part of your furniture fixtures in your living room.

The finish is lacquered. The crate itself is made of durable hardwood that is assured to last you a long time of service. The crate comes with two types of finish so you can select between mahogany and espresso according to your style.

The door of the crate a swing through that swings both inwards and outwards so is out of your way and more convenient when putting the dog inside. The crate has offers 360-degree view because of the multiple vents on the crate. It also provides maximum ventilation for your beloved dog.

The crate is easy to clean and maintain. This is because the floor of the crate has a waterproof melamine floor. This prevents the wood from absorbing any liquids, moisture, and odors. The floor can also be wiped down easily to clean it.

Vents all-round the crate provides a 360-degree view for the dog. It also provided maximum ventilation for your furry friends


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Can be used as an end tables
  • Lacquered finish is appealing
  • Floor is waterproof
  • Easy to assemble
  • 360-degree ventilation and view for the dog


  • Not suitable for very big dogs
  • The crate may be a bit heavy for some

You may have to go on a trip but you are worried about your dogs’ anxiety especially on long air bound trips. However, you are worried about the extra bulk of your dog crate. Well, you need not worry anymore, Impact has made it easy for you with the best dog crate for separation anxiety.

The Impact Collapsible Dog Crate is extremely portable. The crate is fully collapsible as it can reach to a height of only eight inches. This makes it easy to carry along and transport.

Durability is the main character of this crate. To begin with, it is made of durable aluminum. It is also coated with a rust-resistant powder that makes it rust proof. It is equally stable because of the crush-proof corners set up in the crate. The welded rivets that are rust proof, the 3/8 inch bars and the welded cross bars add on to make the crate stable. Security is assured by the use of the marine grade slam latch.

It is very convenient to use this crate. This is primarily because of its ease of use. It can be set up or taken down within seconds.

The crate has handles which make carrying the crate easy. Also, the crate has drain holes which are very handy when it comes to cleaning the crate. Just wash it and let it drain dry.


  • Durably made from high-quality aluminum
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Secure with welded cross bars and slam latch
  • Can be easily cleaned and maintained
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Airline approved dog crate


  • Assembly tends to be a bit difficult for some
  • It may be costlier than some models in the market

Getting a cage for a hefty dog may be very tricky. Especially getting a cage that is convenient and comfortable enough to curb separation anxiety in dogs. However, with this Homey Extra Large Dog Cage, no need not worry anymore. This crate is a wonderful fit even for big dogs.

When it comes to security, this cage offers maximum security for your dog. For one the cage has lockable casters that are heavy duty to ensure security. The cage has a double chain lock that secures the cage and makes it difficult for the door to be opened unintentionally. The metal design is extremely durable and long lasting.

The cage has an eco-friendly finish which is non-toxic. That means that the cage will not have any adverse effects on the health of your canine. The cage also has feeding doors that make feeding convenient. To make feeding better the cage has a pull-out tray which makes it easy for cleaning up.

The cage is also fitted with a perforated plastic floor grid. The small haloes in the grid allow air in and let out any dirt particles and water. This makes the cage easy to clean and maintain. The plastic grid additionally offers protection to the feet of your pet.


  • Durably made from sturdy material
  • Heavy-duty locks for securing the crate
  • Has a feeding door for convenient feeding
  • Double chain lock for security
  • Plastic floor grid for the dogs’ comfort


  • Assembly instructions are a bit difficult
  • The crate is bulky and not easily portable

Flexibility and comfort-ability are desirable when searching for a rescue dog separation anxiety crate. The AmazonBasics metal crate is comfortable enough to allow the dog to sit and stand comfortably in the crate.

The crate can optionally be manipulated using a divider to make the crate smaller or bigger as your dog grows. The crate also had two doors one at the front and the other at the side. This makes entering and leaving the crate convenient.

As for security, you will not need to worry about your best pal. He will remain as secure as a bond with this cage. It is fitted with four slide bolts, two on each top and bottom of the door. The lock cannot be manipulated by your dog and can only be opened by you.

Convenience and portability go hand in hand when it comes to this escape proof dog crate. The crate can be folded flat. This means it will take minimal space when it comes to storage. Also, this means that the crate is easy to transport as it becomes compact. No inconvenience of moving around with a bulky cage that may be more expensive to move around apart from being inconvenient.

Cleaning the crate has been made easy as it comes with a pull out the composite plastic pan. All you need to do is slide it out, empty any contents and wash it with water or wipe it down. It is also durable as it does not absorb any moisture dirt or odors.


  • Easy to clean comes with a slide out tray
  • Has two doors for convenience
  • Comes with divider for crate expansion as the dog grows
  • Durably made of metal construction
  • Convenient and portable as it can be folded flat


  • Assembly may be a bit difficult for some
  • It has sharp corners which may be hazardous

You may be struggling with your feisty pup and you are probably wondering, do puppies grow out of separation anxiety? The answer is, yes they do. The first step towards that is getting your pup the MidWest Life Stages Folding Dog Crate.

The crate is a favorite for new dog owners with large breed pets. This is because of its spacious size. The crate is able to accommodate dog breeds of up to 90lbs. This crate is extremely versatile. It is constructed with a divider panel. The panel allows you to reduce or expand the size of your crate as your dog grows.

When it comes to portability, this crate is extremely portable. The crate comes with a carrying handle that makes moving it easy. The additional roller feet on all the corners of crate make it easy for you move the crate from one location to another. The crate is fold-able. This means that it can be easily carried or folded for storage.

Safety and security are always paramount when it comes to man’s best friend. That is why the Midwest iCrate is fitted with twin slide-bolt latches. The latches act to ensure that the crate door is firmly locked. Your dog stays safely inside.


  • Available in single and double door options
  • Collapsible and easily portable
  • Pull out tray made of ABS composite
  • Available in a single door and double door crate
  • Comes with divider panel to expand the crate as the dog grows


  • The crate may be too heavy for some
  • It is extremely bulky and may require a lot of space

Petmate has again gone out of their way to bring a quality plastic crate for a dog with separation anxiety that you can totally rely on. The plastic crate is first and foremost easily assembled. This crate is constructed in a way that you only need to slide in the top and bottom parts then snap them in place. It is secured using four bolts. No complicated tools or assembly mechanisms.

The Plastic pets kennel is extremely durable as it is made from premium quality plastic material. The door is made of chrome with secure door latches. This means that you can rest assured that your pet is secure and is not going anywhere without you. it is also guaranteed to last you a long time giving you value for your money’s worth.

The plastic makeup of the cate makes it a very hygienic crate. The crate is easy to clean and maintain. It does not absorb moisture. The sliding top gives you easy access into the crate and you can fully clean it. It, therefore, is not just easy to clean but also convenient. This is a versatile crate because it can be used by both dogs and cats. Additionally, the door swings both ways. This makes it easy for your dog to get in and out of the crate.

The crate is adaptable for air travel. It conforms with most of the air cargo specifications. Your pet will not run the risk of suffocation even in the cargo haul because of the top and bottom ventilation. Plus, he can see all that is going on around him and not feel claustrophobic.


  • 2-way versatile door for convenience
  • Well ventilated top and bottom for airflow
  • Durable plastic material for longevity
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble and clean
  • Meets most air carrier specifications
  • Easy door locking on both sides of the crate


  • The ventilation may be too cold for the dog in the cold seasons
  • Plastic crate tends to confine odors for a longer

What is more economical than a durable dog crate. I bet nothing when it comes to the well-being of your furry best friend. This is what the Guardian gear Empire Dog Cage offers you. A dog crate that will last you long and secure your dog. The crate is durable because of its construction. Made of 20-gauge steel, this cage is guaranteed to serve you for many seasons. The reinforced steel tubes with a half inch diameter just further enhance the durability.

Of course with durable material comes security. Your dog will not be able to break free or chew her way out of the crate. After a few tries, she will know better than to try escaping the crib thus avoiding and injury to herself.

Cleaning is a breeze as they say. The crate is constructed with a tray underneath.The tray is not connected to the crate and can be easily pulled out for cleaning and returned. It is compact and not cumbersome. Also, the grated floor ensures that any waste or dirt is drained to the tray at the bottom. So your dog will not have to sit in poo all day until you return from work to clean out the tray.

In case you want to move the crate, you will not break a sweat. The crate comes with casters that make moving it easy. Just roll it along. The casters are also removable.


  • Durable as it is made of premium-gauge steel
  • Comes with a Pull out tray for easy cleaning
  • Removable casters to move the crate around
  • Extremely secure due to the reinforced steel cage and slip in lock


  • The crate is bulky and may take up a lot of space
  • The crate may be a bit heavy

As the name suggests this kennel is made for long air trips. It is approved for air travel by international standards. Your furry friend remains safe and sound.

When it comes to security and safety, the kennel offers maximum security as the dog is not able to open the doors. This is mainly because of the four-way latching mechanism.

Additionally, the kennel is branded with a “Live Animal label” and it has a sticker which you can use for identification of the dog. The gauge wires on the doors and sides offer additional security for your dog as you travel.

The Petmate Sky Kennel is a good plastic crate for a dog with separation anxiety. This is because it is durable as the plastic is premium material. The side vents are made of metal while the wingnuts are not easily corroded. The door is made of reinforced steel wire.

Cleaning the kennel is easy as you can wipe it down to clean it. Also, the kennel comes with clip-on cups for placing water and food.


  • Durable crate made of premium heavy duty material
  • Secure door with the 4-way latch mechanism
  • Comes in 6 different sizes
  • Easy to clean and is properly ventilated
  • Comes with hanging water bowl that minimizes spillage
  • Comes with “Live Animal” sticker


  • The plastic nut bolts may not be airline approved
  • Crate need additional modifications to make it air approved
  • Not suitable for big breeds of dogs

When looking for the perfect crate for a dog with anxiety, what is the first thing that comes in mind? Of course the safety and security of your dog. With this in mind, ProSelect has come up with the perfect solution for you. This is an indestructible safe dog crate for anxiety. Yes, the Guardian Gear Empire Dog cage offers this and more.

When talking about safety it is important to first talk of quality. The crate is made using 20-Gauge Steel and reinforces steel tubes. This assures that the crate is unbreakable. For one this is assurance that your crate will last you a long time. Secondly, no matter how feisty your dog, breaking out is an impossible task. Thus you are assured that at all times your BFF is secure.

The floor of the grate is tightly grated. The paws of your dog are safe and there is no worry that the paws may be stuck in the grates causing further anxiety. Also, the grates allow for any fir and waste to pass through. The crate has a pull-out tray at the bottom which allows you to clean it quickly, easily and conveniently.

Removable casters allow ease of movement. This makes the crate portable to some extent. To ground the crate, simply remove the casters. The


  • premium-gauge steel makes the crate long lasting
  • Comes with a Pull out tray for easy cleaning
  • Comes with casters to ease portability
  • Offers premium security for the dog due to the steel construction and lock


  • The is cumbersome and space consuming 
  • The crate may tend to be a bit weighty

Things to consider before buying dog crates for separation anxiety

My advice for first-time pet owners is to know how you can keep your dog calm when you are not at home. It is in the nature of dogs to feel comfortable in a den setting. That is why dog crates help in achieving that natural sense and a sense of security. Dogs sometimes get a sense of panic and anxiety when they are left alone.

However, a good dog crate can help in curing dog separation anxiety quickly. Shopping for may sound easy, but I assure you, it is not. You need to take a few things into consideration before selecting the Best escape proof dog crate. Here we explain what you need to consider before getting the dog crate.


The market is flooded with dog crates that come in different sizes and shapes. Buying the wrong size of crate for your dog may cause long term detrimental effects for your dog. Do not be swayed into buying the “standard sizes”. Rather get a size that is specific for your dog. Do not select a crate that is too small as this may cause cramps and in the long term cause internal damage after long term use.

On the contrary, do not be tempted to buy a crate that is too big for your dog. This negatively affects house training. Any extra space will encourage your dog to have a dumping area. Select something that allows comfortable movement. It should be just large enough to allow your dog to stand, sit up straight, lie on its side with its paws stretched out and be able to turn around comfortably.


Apart from the size, you should also consider a dog crate that is secure. Most dogs suffering from separation anxiety can try escaping from the crate. Therefore, you need to consider a crate with durable latches that are hard for the dog to open. This will ensure that the dog is safe all the time.


Your dog should feel comfortable in the crate. It is not advisable to leave toys in the crate because the dog will chew them. Ensure the crate you choose has enough ventilation and good visibility so that they can feel secure. Always look for the most comfortable way that will help your dog’s separation anxiety.


Of course, you want to get a dog carte that is easy to clean. Plastic dog crates are simple to maintain clean. You can also find wire creates with pull-out plastic trays that make cleaning effortless.


There is an array of materials that are used to make the crates. There is no ideal material, it all depends on your taste and the reaction of your dog. Some are allergic to plastic, others steel etc. make sure you select the material that your dog is comfortable with.


You know your dog and how she behaves. So look for a design that is convenient for both of you. This way you will stay happy while your dog stays safe. Ensure that the crate has all the necessary safety precautions while eliminating unnecessary additions that may end up hurting your dog. You may have a very panicky dog and you need the best when it comes to high anxiety dog crates.


You may be planning to keep the dog crate in the living room. it would be prudent that you select something which will blend with your fixtures. Maybe something that can double up as a table.


This is important as you will need to invest in a durable crate that will last you a long time. Look for quality frame materials. Flimsy material may be detrimental to your efforts. It may also cause harm to your dog.


If you plan on taking your dog on your safaris, then it will be a good idea to invest in a crate that you can easily fold and store away. So wherever you go, your dog will have a familiar environment to be. It will cause less anxiety.

Travel compliant

If you are a frequent air traveler, then it would be wise to buy a crate that is in line with airline regulations. Ensure you check the regulations before buying. It would be a pity for you to be sent back at the check-in counter because of a non-compliant dog crate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best crate for a dog with separation anxiety?

A: The best crate for a dog with separation anxiety should be tall and wide enough for the dog to pace around. It should also have comfortable padding or flooring for your dog to sleep.

Q: Are crates good for dogs with separation anxiety?

A: Yes and No. Crates can be a safe place for dogs with separation anxiety. It could also add more stress and anxiety to your dog. That is why you need to undertake some crate training.

Q: What is the strongest dog crate available?

A: The best heavy duty dog crate available is the ProSelect Empire Dog crate. It features 20-gauge stainless steel, paired door latches, heavy-duty welds, and 5-inch steel tube.

Q: How do I stop my dog from destroying his crate?

A: There are various measures you can take to stop your dog from destroying the crate. These measures revolve around crate training, feeding your dog, rewarding, and keeping playful items in the crate.

Q: How do you crate train a dog with separation anxiety?

A: You should encourage your dog to stay in the crate when you are away for some time. From there, you should gradually increase the time taken in the crate from a few minutes to thirty minutes. Ensure that your dog is used to staying in the crate before leaving it.

Q: Do dogs outgrow separation anxiety?

A: No. They don't outgrow it. Separation anxiety can only be reduced but not eradicated. Find what works for your dog and practice the schedule until it becomes a habit.

Q: Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

A: Some of the common symptoms of separation anxiety are chewing, pacing, and destruction of items. Others are coprophagia (defecation then eating excrement) and escaping the confined area. Some dogs also show digging, and defecation in the house, or outside.

Q: What Causes Separation Anxiety?

A: Separation anxiety is caused by separating the dog from the guardian or individuals to whom the dog is attached to. A behavioral change can take place, and the dog may try to destroy items or cause self-injury.

Q: What makes a Dog Crate 'Heavy Duty'?

A: A dog crate is 'heavy-duty' if it made of thick steel, strong weld, heavy-duty welds, and locks. It should also be well-ventilated, inaccessible latches, removable pan, and wheels.

Q: What Kind of Dogs Need a High Anxiety Dog Crate?

A: Any dog can develop high anxiety, especially when left for an extended period. The barking, howling, breakage of cages or crates, and uncontrolled pacing are common signs of high anxiety. Such dogs require heavy-duty crates and medication.

Q: What Kinds of Features are important in Crates for Anxious Dogs?

A: The crate should be tall and wide enough for the dog to move around. It should also have some playful toys placed. Place some water and food for the dog to eat. A comfortable sleeping area should be available.

Q: What Causes Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

A: Separation anxiety occurs when dogs separate from the guardian or people they enjoy having around most of the time. They feel lonely and start exhibiting some strange behaviors that can result in self-injury.

Final Words

All dogs need a safe place to chill out when they are anxious or maybe just laze around.That place is the safe dog crate for anxiety. It is pretty sad to see your best buddy agitated because of anxiety. So consider the list of crates that we have outlined for you.

Crates have been tested and tried and have been proven to be the best.Drop us an email or give us a call. We would like to hear how much the crate worked for your best friend. And please share the stories we would love others to hear them. Remember we are always happy to help.

We have given you in-depth reviews of quality, durable and safe dog crates that will help your dog’s separation anxiety. You can compare all these crates and pick the most suitable for your dog. It is also great if you learn some tips on how to help a dog with separation anxiety here.

love your dog

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