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Top 10 Best Cat Tree for Small Apartment – Reviews and Guide

What is the best cat tree for small apartment? Cat owners who dwell in small apartments might not enjoy the luxury of getting larger cat trees. You need to think about the space and the room décor as well. Since saving space is your major concern, you need to get a tall and skinny cat tree.

It is also great to ensure that you get a stable cat tree with a strong base to keep your feline friend safe. If you are shopping for cat trees for small living spaces, you might have trouble getting a perfect one. We will help you pick the best cat tree for small spaces where your cat can relax, scratch, jump, and play.

Why Should You Get a Cat Tree?

If your cat is used to sleeping or staying on your sofa or bed, you might ask why you need a cat tree in the first place. Cats are lively pets, and they engage in many activities throughout the day. They love hiding, jumping, scratching, lounging, and running, which all make them happy.

Having a cat tree is a convenient way to help your cat enjoy all these activities. Cat trees keep the cat away from the ground and also provide them with a better view. Again, some cats don’t like children’s toys, vacuum cleaners, and other things you might be using on your floor.

Providing them with a cat tree will help them stay comfortable and see everything around them. A cat tree also helps them to look through the window.

Cat trees also give your cat a convenient place to scratch. Therefore, they will not damage your sofas, chairs, and tablecloths.

Top 10 best cat tree for small spaces Comparison Table 

Image Product Details   Price
backpac YAHEETECH 79in Multi-Level Cat Trees Comes with installation hardware and tools Check Price
backpac YAHEETECH Cat Tree Cat Tower Comes with instructions and tools for easy assembly Check Price
cordlessblower YAHEETECH 36in Cat Tree Made of comfortable and top-notch materials Check Price
cordlessblower YAHEETECH 62.2 inches Cat Tree Sisal posts to promote positive scratching Check Price
cordlessblower YAHEETECH 61.5in Multi-Level Cat Tree Made of quality and durable materials Check Price
cordlessblower pedy Cat Wall Shelves Made of high-quality and durable materials Check Price
cordlessblower AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post It has a nice color to match many home decors Check Price
cordlessblower PetFusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch Heavy-duty construction for durability Check Price
cordlessblower Trixie Baza Grande Plush material keeps your cats cozy Check Price
cordlessblower PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps Helps pets reach favorite places easily Check Price

Recommended 10 Best Cat Tree for Small Apartment in 2021

As a cat owner, you will get plenty of benefits if you have a cat tree. Your cats will not leave fur or claws on your beautiful furniture. On top of that, cats love cat trees because they get a convenient place to climb, scratch, relax, and lounge, among others. We recommend the following best cat tree for small apartment small cat.

YAHEETECH 79in Multi-Level Cat Trees

This is a nice tree and cat condo suitable for kittens, pets, and cats. The tree gives your cat a better view of the room and can also clearly see the outside. Installing the tree takes only a few minutes if you follow the instructions provided.

The tree provides a center for fun for your cats because they can do plenty of activities. You will find 9 scratching posts of varying heights that promote good scratching behavior for your feline friends. Your cats will also have fun with the dangling sisal rope, and the sisal ramp included.

It features a sturdy design so your cat can climb, jump, and lounge without compromising their safety. The tree has a big baseboard that ensures no wobbling when your cat is using the tree. The sisal is also strong and provides a stable platform for your cat. The best location you can place this tree is close to the window or in a corner.


  • Comes with installation hardware and tools
  • Provides a fun environment for your cat
  • Made with durable and stable materials
  • Encourages positive scratching behavior for your cat
  • Cleaning the tree and condo is easy
  • Gives your cat a better view of the outside and the inside of the room


  • Great but not suitable for older cats
  • Cats find it hard to climb
  • Affordable but the design is not good

Provide your cats with a relaxing place indoors with this condo play house. It features a unique design that your cats will love. The condo hose has three sisal ropes that coil on the posts at various heights. On top of that, you will find a corrugated sisal ramp below that gives your cats a nice place to scratch. Therefore, your cats will not destroy your furniture with their sharp claws.

This playground is suitable if you have more than one cat. It is a 6-level cat tree that can hold several kittens simultaneously. This playground’s vertical design promotes climbing for your kittens, and they all get enough space to play and relax. Two fur balls move intensively to grab the attention of your cats.

The cat tower is made of environment-friendly and safe materials that are non-toxic to your cat. The board features a soft plush to give your cats comfort, and the posts are coiled with natural sisal. The whole unit is heavy-duty, and the base is stable enough so it will not shake or fall when the cats play or jump.


  • Comes with instructions and tools for easy assembly
  • Features a sturdy and durable construction
  • It is made with soft and environment-friendly materials
  • Ample space to accommodate more cats
  • Corrugated sisal ramp promote positive scratching


  • Complaints of missing parts
  • Nice but small for full-sized cats

If you need a comfortable place for your cat or kittens, this is another great cat tree you can choose. This is a multi-level cat tree that features quality and plush materials to enhance your cats’ comfort. It is made with durable materials for durability and stability. Moreover, the cat tower’s post features natural sisal rope reinforcement to guard their claws.

This cat tower provides your cats with a multi-activity center. They can run, play, relax as they like the top platform features soft raised edges to keep your feline friend comfortable. Your cats will also love the double condos that are spacious and give them enough space to have fun.

Having this cat tree will prevent your cats from scratching your furniture. It features robust scratching posts coiled with sisal ropes. On top of that, it has a larger scratching board that is easy for your cat to climb and scratch. The tree is made of particleboard that provides a balanced design to make the tower stable.


  • All-in-one activity center for your cat
  • Made of comfortable and top-notch materials
  • Offer ample space for your cats
  • Provides easy assembly and maintenance
  • Effective scratching posts coiled with sisal rope
  • The cat tower is stable and has a durable construction


  • Scratching poles are not straight
  • Some users complaint of missing parts

Give your cat enough space to do their things with this cat tower and condo. It is designed with quality materials that suit cats to ensure they enjoy a comfortable and safe place. The tower is made of natural sisal, particleboard, and a soft fabric cover. You will find two cushioned top perches and fluffy rooms where your cats can lounge, sleep, or keep themselves cozy.

The unit is great if you have multiple cats in your house. There is enough room to accommodate more than one cat. It is made so that it mimics the natural outdoor setting of the cat to do their activities. This condo and tower can hold 2-3 medium or large cats comfortably. Therefore, it is a cost-effective cat tree if you have many cats.

The tree is made strong and stable to keep your cats safe. Its baseboard is robust and offers better stability and support. On top of that, it has safety straps to ensure no damages take place, especially if your cats jump intensively. Your cats have 6 sisal trees made of sisal and have different heights to suit their scratching needs.


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • Gives your cat an outdoor experience
  • There is plenty of room for more cats
  • Sisal posts to promote positive scratching
  • Has soft covering to keep your cat cozy
  • Nice and worth the money


  • Great but feels cheaply made
  • Doesn’t suit big cats as advertised

YAHEETECH 61.5in Multi-Level Cat Tree

When buying cat trees, quality materials and stability should be your major concern. You want a tall cat tree with quality materials and soft covering. On top of that, the posts should be well reinforced for stability. You can get all these and much more from this multi-level cat tree. It features convenient natural sisal rope that allows your felines to scratch their claws and avoids causing damages to your furniture.

The cat tree features anti-toppling fittings that give extra stability. It is also made with a quality particle board and battens to add more strength. This is a large and spacious tree for your cats. The platforms are large and cushioned to give your cats the most comfortable environment. It has a roomy condo house where cats can sleep or rest. Additionally, there is a basket and a hammock to cater to your kitten’s needs.

Your cats will stay engaged since the condo has a hanging ball that makes them excited. You can choose to remove the ball and place your cat’s favorite toys as you like. Assembling is hassle-free since you will get detailed instructions to help you.


  • Made of quality and durable materials
  • Provides a roomy space for your cats
  • Has hanging ball to engage your cats
  • Your kitties have a cozy and safe place to stay
  • The tree is stable enough
  • You will get instructions for easy assembly


  • Great but falls apart easily

pedy Cat Wall Shelves

This is another top jump cat tree that provides your cat with a convenient place to stay active.

the tree has a space-saving design to suit your small apartment. It features a 4-layer structure, which is sturdy enough and has two mounting accessories to attach it to the wall. The tree has a nice design that allows every cat to jump or leave the tree easily.

If you would like to keep your cats active, this tree stimulates the outdoor environment. Your cats can exercise enough hence reduce the chances of getting obese. The tree has a mat with a soft touch that your cats love. They will find pleasure in climbing the 4-story house and get the best place to scratch.

You can keep the tree clean because the mats are removable. The tree also features top quality material to enhance its longevity. The wood shelves can hold cats with a weight of up to 15 lbs so they can sleep and rest.


  • Easy and fast installation
  • It gives your cat a suitable place to sleep and relax
  • Made of high-quality and durable materials
  • Mimics cats outdoor setting
  • Your cats stay healthy through exercising
  • Nice space-saving design


  • Only suitable for kittens

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post

Having cats scratching your furniture can be frustrating considering the damages they cause with their sharp claws. You can prevent this if you give them a scratching tree like this one.

The tree is scratch-friendly and allows your cats to sharpen their claws to their satisfaction. You can place the tree on a window favorite for your cat to give them a better view.

Your cat will love this single-pillar post that has a comfortable bed. It also has a replaceable toy to keep your cat busy. The bed has an elevated design to ensure your furry friend is cozy.

The neutral color of this scratching post blends well with many home decors. It also has a durable construction and stable to keep your cat safe.


  • It prevents your cat from scratching furniture
  • It has a nice color to match many home decors
  • Rough texture makes their nails healthy
  • Comfortable bed for your cat
  • Durable and stable design


  • Stylish but too small for adult cats

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch

Give your cats a better view of the outside with this window climbing perch. It also acts as a scratching post where your cats can smartly sharpen their claws.

The perch is designed with 3 heavy-duty suction cups to add more strength and support. Therefore, it will not collapse, and cats will also find it easy to use.

It has a nice interactive design to meet the needs of your cats. They will love to lounge, scratch, and climb. On top of that, they can see the outdoor environment better. The perch is made with safe materials suitable for your cat. It can also accommodate cats of all ages.


  • It has a nice artistic design
  • Stable and strong so it won’t wobble
  • Heavy-duty construction for durability
  • Helps your cat see outdoors
  • Promotes good scratching behavior
  • Suitable for all cats
  • Good for climbers


  • Nice but strong chemical smell
  • Doesn’t come with hardware

Trixie Baza Grande

This cat tree gives your furry friends a comfortable place to relax and scratch. They can sharpen their nails on the scratching post so you will not worry about furniture damages anymore.

All the posts have durable sisal covering that promotes their natural scratching instincts.

Your cat also gets a cozy hammock with a plush material to keep them comfortable. Unlike other flimsy scratching posts and cat trees, this one has a metal rim to boost its support. Therefore, cats can play and have fun safely. You can use this unit on all cats regardless of their activity levels or ages.


  • Plush material keeps your cats cozy
  • It has a nice hammock where cats can relax
  • Posts have sisal covering to help cats scratch their claws
  • Made with a metal rim for stability
  • Suitable for all cats


  • No instructions provided
  • Putting it together is hard

PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps

Pets can experience a have time accessing their favorite spots in the house. This is why you need this folding steps for pets that works well for large and small pets. It will help your dog or cat reach the bed or sofa effortlessly.

The unit is durable, and the steps are tested to accommodate pets up to 150 pounds. Therefore, it is safe for all your pets to use. Additionally, it has a lightweight design so you can carry it around the house with ease. When it comes to storage, the unit folds down flat to help you keep it under the bed or couch.

The folding steps feature nonskid feet to ensure it is stable and safe to use. It also has side rails, and fabric tread covers to ensure the steps do not move or slide when your pet is using it. You can get it in gray and tan colors to suit your house décor needs.


  • Helps pets reach favorite places easily
  • It is stable and safe for pets
  • Nonskid feet prevent slipping
  • Lightweight for easy portably
  • Folds down flat for easy storage
  • Good for large and small pets


  • Some users find the design terrible
  • Doesn’t suit medium dogs much
  • Not as sturdy as advertised

Things to Consider Before Buying A Cat Tree for Small Apartment

You need to think about several things when buying a cat tree for small apartment. Apart from taking note of the space, you should also consider a cat tree for large cats if you have one. Stay with me as we discuss essentials things that will enable you to pick the best cat tree for big cats and small apartment.

Cat Size

Before you buy a cat tree, it is crucial to think about the size of your cat. You don’t want to bring a small tree that can’t fit your cat. Again, you should consider the number of cats in your apartment and their size. Taking all these things into consideration will help you pick a suitable jump cat tree.

If you have a big cat, then get a larger and studier cat tree. Moreover, if you have many cats, look for a cat tree with the right design to accommodate your cats.

Shape and Size

You will find cat trees in various sizes and shapes. Since you want something to fit in a small apartment, you can consider a smaller design. I would recommend vertical cat trees for small apartments because they don’t take up much space on your floor.


Does the cat tree have toys for your cat? Majority of cat trees are designed with plenty of scratching posts integrated in the tree. This is advantageous if your cats love to scratch your furniture. If you have playful cats, consider a cat tree with hanging feathers and other essential accessories that will interest your cat.

Stability and Construction

You want your cat to have the best environment but also a safe one. Therefore, always consider the stability of the cat tree before you purchase. If the cat tree is unstable, then your cat will find it uncomfortable to use.

Furthermore, get a cat tree that has quality materials to ensure its durability. Strong construction will make the tree stable. You also need to pay attention to the fabric and how it is attached to the tree.


There are several materials that you can consider for your cat tree. You can choose carpet, solid wood, rope, and particle boards. A cat tree made of solid wood lasts longer compared to the other materials. Some cats prefer scratching on ropes, while others love carpets. Just buy depending on your cat’s preference.


Get a cat tree that is easy to assemble. If it is complicated to assemble, you will probably experience a hard time trying to put the tree together. Basically, most cat trees feature piles with screws that you need to attach to the base and then tighten the platforms with bolts. A good cat tree needs one person to assemble, and the process should not take more than 10 minutes.

Scratching Post

You also need to check the scratching post quality. Check if the rope is attached properly and at a suitable height.


Is your cat into heights? Most cats love heights, but not all cats will love a high cat tree. For instance, if you have a cat that likes to hide under the furniture or bed, then getting a low cat tree can best suit them. But if your cat loves height, then you can buy a cat tree that is high from the ground.

Is Your Cat Social?

You should also consider how social your cat is before buying a cat tree. If you have a cat that loves to hide in crannies and nooks, get a cat tree with condos. This will provide them with a nice place to hide out and stay comfortable.


You also need to think about the appearance of the cat tree. How will it make your house look like? Of course, you want a cat tree the will enhance the look of your house.


Apart from the above factors, consider the cost of the cat tree. You need to come up with a budget that meets your needs. There are many cat trees, and they also vary in prices depending on their sizes, materials, design, and other features. You can get the tree in varying budgets from 50-200 bucks based on the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I keep my cats entertained in a small apartment?

A: There are numerous things you can do to entertain your cat if you live in a small apartment. You bring a cat tree or consider a scratching post. You can also consider a window seat or calming scents. On top of that, you need to create time to play with your cat.

Q: Do cats get bored in small apartments?

A: Cats can get bored whether they live in a small or large apartment. While they are regarded as low maintenance cost pets, they still need entertainment every day to eliminate boredom.

Q: Is it OK to have a cat in a small apartment?

A: Yes, you can have a cat if you dwell in a small apartment. However, you need items like cat trees and other essential items like toys to keep your cat engaged. Cats can stay happy in small spaces, so it’s not all about the apartment’s size.

Q: Are cats OK in small apartments?

A: Yes, they are. Basically, cats are small pets, and they love confined spaces. Therefore, a small apartment is good for them, unlike dogs, which need an open and big space to run around.

Q: Is a one-bedroom apartment big enough for a cat?

A: You might be surprised that even a 300 sq. ft. apartment is enough for a cat. Cats don’t require much room. The most important thing is to ensure that space meets their needs satisfactorily.

Q: Is it cruel to keep a cat in a studio apartment?

A: If your cat is not familiar with outdoor life, it is not cruel to keep the cat in a studio apartment. But if the cat has already experienced outdoor life, I would consider it cruel keeping the cat in a small apartment.

Q: Is it cruel to have one cat?

A: It is not cruel to have one cat. However, if you leave your cat alone for several hours, consider giving him more attention when you return home. You can also provide your cat with toys to engage and entertain him when you are not around.

Final Verdict

If you have a cat, buying a cat condo or a cat tree is not an option. You need to provide your cat with a comfortable place where they can enjoy themselves and stay happy. 

Selecting the best cat tree for small apartment can be overwhelming because you need a tree that will save space. Again, cat trees come in all sizes, functions, features, and materials to choose from.

We have tried to ease your purchase as much as possible by giving you recommended cat tress that will suit your small living space. We have also included some essential buying tips to guide you. 

I hope you will make comparisons and pick a modern cat tree to meet your needs and that of your cat. And if you are a DIY lover, you can also try to make a cat tree that looks like a tree at home.

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