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5 Steps To Raising A Happy, Healthy Puppy

Becoming a puppy-parent is a fun, exciting time for any new owner. Ensuring that you raise your puppy well can help them live a long, healthy and happy life by your side.

Here are a few of the most important things that any new puppy owner should know about raising a puppy:


Socializing your puppy is crucial. You should begin as soon as you get your new puppy by letting them get used to other animals in your home. Once they have had their vaccinations, you can consider taking them to doggy classes like obedience training.

Training classes will let them get used to meeting new dogs in different settings, while under the supervision of you and a professional dog trainer. Walks are also another great source of socialization and help them experience the world around them.

#2.Good Food

Feeding your dog the right food is crucial. It would help to do your homework before getting your puppy and find out what the best food is for their breed and age. It may take a few goes to find the right food for your puppy, but you should experiment until you’ve found one that they enjoy.

It can also help to ask your vet’s advice if you’re unsure what kind of food is best for them. Some breeds may require special diets or supplements to ensure that they grow healthy and strong.


Exercise is vital for your new pup. It’s best to aim for little and often – over-exercising can be as bad for your puppy’s growing bones and joints as under-exercising can be.

A good rule of thumb for walking your puppy is five minutes of walking per month of their age. If you want to find out more have a look at this article on YuMOVE. They are a leading provider of dog supplements that promote healthy joints in growing dogs, which can ensure that your dog grows up happy and strong.


Getting into a good grooming routine early on will help your puppy thrive. You can start by getting your puppy used to you touching their ears and paws so that you can clean these easily in the future. Brushing out their coat will help distribute the natural oils in their fur, leaving them silky and healthy.

It may help to find a local dog groomer so that you can get your puppy used to the experience. Professional groomers can be helpful as they will have all the expertise and equipment needed to do a thorough clean of your pup.

#5.Keep A Routine

Dogs are creatures of habit. They like to know when it’s time for food, exercise and play. Making a routine and sticking with it can help keep your dog grounded and prevent stress or anxiety.

Any routine should include plenty of bonding time between you and your puppy. Bonding with your puppy can consist of anything from brushing, stroking, playing or walks. You should consider investing in some toys to keep their mind active and prevent boredom.

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