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Best Cat Tree for Large Cats – Guide and Reviews

Cats are curious animals and they like to climb on different things. Cats love being up high where they can see the whole room at once and this is where they feel safe. If you don’t provide your cats with a convenient place to climb, they will end up climb on your drapes, furniture and bookshelves among other items. However, with the best cat tree for large cats, your cats can play safely without damaging your items in the house.

Selecting a quality cat tree can be a demanding task because not all models are designed to accommodate the needs of large cats. Again, if you choose a cheaply made cat tree, you may end up compromising the safety of your cat.

To assist you buy a quality and safe cat tree, we have provided you with top 15 cat trees and a comprehensive guide to give you everything that you need to know before you purchase. So, if you are looking for a cat trees for large cats or the best cat trees for multiple cats, keeping reading to find the right tree to suit your requirements.

Why Do You Need Cat Climbing Tree for Large Cats?

Before we get into details, let us understand the main reasons why you need to get a cat tree for large cats. Do these products have any benefits for you and your cat? There are so many reasons why you need to get a cat tree especially if you have larger cats. The following are some of the benefits that you and your cat will get if you get the right cat tree.

  • Provides a high place where cats can climb and enjoy a good view
  • Gives them a place where they can scratch so they will not damage your items
  • Great place where cats can leave their fur in one place for easy cleaning
  • They are durable to withstand daily use
  • Offer cats with the comfort they need

Best Cat Tree for Large Cats Comparison Table

Model Brand Weight Dimensions Price
Go Pet Club Tree Go Pet Club 36 pounds 15 x 34 x 20 inches Check Price
Vidagoods 71″ Black Tall Big Fat Cat Tree Vidagoods 55 pounds Check Price
New Cat Condos Premier Cat Scratch and Lounge. New Cat Condos 34 pounds 20 x 20 x 33 inches Check Price
Sisal Cat Stretching Post for Big Cats CozyCatFurniture 23 pounds 20 x 20 x 24 inches Check Price
Modern Cat Tower Furniture for Large Cats CozyCatFurniture 50 pounds 20 x 20 x 44 inches Check Price
BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo BEWISHOME 40 pounds 27.6 x 20.1 x 57.1 inches Check Price
Breville BJE220 Centrifugal 700 1-year Check Price
Cat Tree with the platform. X large sizes. AmazonBasics 30 pounds 23.6 x 21.6 x 51.2 inches Check Price
Vesper Cat Furniture Vesper 41.9 pounds 22.5 x 17 x 11 inches Check Price
PAWZ Road Cat Tree Luxury Cat Tower PAWZ Road 24.1 pounds 17.7 x 19.7 x 33.9 inches Check Price

15 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats Reviews

In these reviews, we are going to look at the best cat tree for large cats that you need to check on the market. Compare our top 15 top picks to pick the most suitable cat tree with the features that you love.

#1.Go Pet Club Cat Tree

1.Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Are you looking for a luxurious and comfortable place for your cat?

Worry no more for Go Pet Club Tree for cats is here. With this cat tree, your cat can get to have maximized comfort. This top-quality tree is designed to meet or the needs for your large cat.

This cat tree is designed to offer activity/training place and Entertainment for your cat. Besides its innovative feature, this cat tree is durable and also high-quality design. It has inclusive features to ensure the safety of your pet. This cat tree comes in various sizes depending on the choice you want.

The trees are covered with fur which provides safety for your cat. In addition, the post and the sides are lined with sisal rope. This satisfies the cat’s need for a place to scratch. Additionally, the structure tough and very stable. This stability ensures you worry less on the risk the tree falling. This structure is also easy to assemble.


  • Increased comfort for the cat
  • It helps to tame the behaviors of the cat.
  • List It helps to keep the house in order.
  • Reduces manpower to handle pets.
  • Very important to help manage the pet.


  • It cannot support many cats at the same time.
#2.Vidagoods 71″ Black Tall Big Fat Cat Tree

2.Vidagoods 71″ Black Tall Big Fat Cat Tree

This is among the best carpeted cat trees for large cats on the market. This is a product manufactured by the Vidagoods Company.

It is made from Faux Fur which offers great comfort and luxury to your pet. This fur also offers and maintains heat in the cats surrounding. This ensures the cat does not fill cold.

Furthermore, it comes in wide ranges of sizes to suit all sizes of cats. The size of this tree is Large. This makes it suitable for many cats or large/fat cat. The height of this tree is also large. The design of this finished product it is made it is just awesome. Your cat will just love it.

Additionally, it is has a very attractive design and tough structure to ensure long-lasting use. It also has a fabric lining to give the cat room to scratch. This is really a good spend for your cash for it also features fur covering on the posts.


  • It has a high capacity for cats.
  • It is easy to assemble and restructure.
  • It is very useful to limit the cat’s movement.
  • Very long lasting


  • In case of damage on the upper part it is difficult to repair
#3.New Cat Condos Premier Cat Scratch and Lounge.

3.New Cat Condos Premier Cat Scratch and Lounge.

This cat tree is made with the aim of making high-quality cat trees at affordable prices to suit each and every individual.

It is built to last for ages so you can get a good value for your money. This cat tree offers your pet a place to rest, to sleep, to play and for fun activities in a safe way. It is built with competence.

This cat climbing tree for large cats is ideal especially if you want to tame your cat’s behavior. It has an unoiled sisal rope lining for scratching purposes and the other parts are made using quality wood. The Finished product of this material is of attractive design.

Besides that, the fur coverings offer a comfortable place for your cate and additionally assures safety. This cat tree comes assembled and it offers room for multiple cats. It also features carpet coverings to ensure your cat remains healthy and that it can relax.


  • It saves on space because it can accommodate many cats.
  • Increased health benefits to the cat.
  • The price is very reasonable due to the quality.
  • Increased durability due to the quality materials used.


  • Require proper care and handling to avoid breakage.
#4.Sisal Cat Stretching Post for Big Cats – best wood for cat scratching post

4.Sisal Cat Stretching Post for Big Cats – best wood for cat scratching post

This cat tree is more of a comfortable place where your cat can stay and fill protected with no worry. 

Unlike other cat trees, it does not have some rooms. This makes it very fitting in the house without using a lot of space. As a result, it is pocket-friendly.

The bed at the top is very large to accommodate any size of a cat with no problem. As you know scratching of cats nails a very important health practice, this tree is not left out to facilitate this. It has a sisal post which are beneficial for scratching. The materials used are very safe.

Additionally, it also comes fully assembled you hence have no burden to do any assembling. It has great stability this is due to the heavy base it has. With this, you will need to worry less on the chances of it falling down. The thick and soft carpet used is also significant for comfort.


  • It comes in many colors for one to choose from.
  • Does not use any toxic substance.
  • Offers long lasting services to cats.
  • It uses very little space.


  • This cat tree is only used for indoor purposes.
#5.Modern Cat Tower Furniture for Large Cats

5.Modern Cat Tower Furniture for Large Cats

This is also among the top recommended cat’s resting place. It is a product of the Cozy Cat Furniture.

It is one of the most durable and tough cat towers that have stood up out to be the best. It features four resting areas which have a comfortable and compact design.

It is very fitting to the room and offers the cat a good environment to relax. This product comes when fully assembled with everything. Yours is just to receive it and place it in a conducive place. This cat tower is a 100% advisable to opt for.

Furthermore, the kitties/cats can have more fun and comfort with this tower. The safety measures put in place ensure you worry less about the safety and hygiene of the cat. You can let the cat have fun as you go on working.


  • Has a Great comfort for cats.
  • It is a good spend for cash.
  • Made from long-lasting material.
  • Has an Attractive Design.
  • It can accommodate more than one cat.


  • It is not advisable for small cats due to the large tunnels.
#6.BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo – cat trees for large breeds

6.BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo – cat trees for large breeds

If you want to have healthy cats, not only should you buy cat food for hairballs but also give them a convenient and safe place to play.

This is where cat trees come in. Whether you want this cat tree for one cat or many cats, this is one of the best budget cat tree to choose. It has a comfortable and large space to suit that large cat of yours.

This cat tree is composed of good quality material, giving your cats a soft and comfortable touch in their home. It is nicely cushioned with soft materials and fur. In addition, it has a sisal scratching post and several layer design to keep your cat’s nails healthy and maintain heat respectively.

Consequently, it has jingle bells to provide more fun to the cat. The cats/kitties can play around and jump up and down anyhow without getting hurt. The solid construction with balanced design and strong base ensures durability and stability of the tower at all times.


  • Has long-lasting usability due to material type.
  • It is fun for your cat due to the additional features.
  • Does not contain toxic materials in it.
  • Comes when already assembled and a manual for usage assistance.


  • Needs proper and careful handling.
#7.AmazonBasics Platform Cat Tree Furniture – cat trees for large breeds

7.AmazonBasics Platform Cat Tree Furniture – cat trees for large breeds

If you want to give your kitty the best comfort and also a suitable playing ground Cat the Tree with platform.

X large sizes is the best option to opt for. With his toe, the cat can jump from up to down without getting hurt. It has several resting places from the top to the lowest.

It also has a small house in it to ensure that when your cat/kit gets tired it can take a rest comfortably. It keeps them busy and on move at all times without any difficulty. Especially if you place it at its favorite window it will get used to going up and down without any difficulty.

Similar to the others it also has a sisal covered post so. This is for scratching purposes which is a very beneficial act. Whether on a cold day or a hot day you don’t have to worry for the fur lining ensures warmth at all times,


  • Increased durability due to the durable materials used.
  • Increased comfort due to efficiency when in use.
  • Helps improve a cat’s behavior.
  • Helps save pet’s management cost.


  • It can only accommodate less than 3 cats.
#8.vesper cat furniture

8.vesper cat furniture

This beautiful cat furniture is on the top of our list of best cat trees for large cats. It is among the V-line cat furniture from Vesper.

It is a V-High Base cat furniture made of high-quality New Zealand pine. It comes in different colors to fit your taste like a cat parent and your house’s décor: black, red, walnut, banana leaf and rattan.

It is 47.9 inches high with three flat platforms: one at the bottom, another one above the cave and one below. Each is outfitted with soft, removable memory-foam cushions for the ultimate comfort to your cat. Off the highest observation platform hangs a string with three balls that your cat can play with. They are joined together with tunnels covered with a sea-grass material your fur baby can scratch on when they are feeling antsy or just feeling like a good scratch.

There is a cute box-like cave halfway up the tree in which your cat can hide and rest or play in. This cave can fit more than one cat and has both front and back exits. This cat furniture is easy to install at home without the help of a professional and remains stable no matter how heavy your cat is or how active. All in all, this is one of the best cat trees for large cats and it is available for purchase on online platforms.


  • Increased durability due to the durable materials used.
  • Contains long scratching posts.
  • Has a cube with front and back exits.
  • Multicolored to give options that fit buyers’ tastes.
  • Easy installation process even for non-professionals.


  • Ropes around the scratching post might unravel.
  • Care needs to be taken so that the ball-string does not strangle inexperienced kittens.
#9.PAWZ Road Cat Tree Luxury Cat Tower

9.PAWZ Road Cat Tree Luxury Cat Tower

At first sight, you can already see how comfortable this cat tree is, and that is why it is right on top of this review for the best cat trees for large cats.

Gray in color this cat tree from PAWZ Road is a safe and stable purchase with a reinforced based that makes certain that the whole tree is sturdy.

It has an observation platform at the top made of a comfortable cushion material with a raised rim all-round. Your feline companion will be super comfortable and definitely regal-like lying on this platform. Your fur baby has the option to nap on this comfy platform or in either of the two caves, one located halfway up and the other one down below. These caves are cozy, made of the same plush cushion material, and private providing much needed quiet for the cat to sleep in.

Connecting all these elements are poles that are covered in sisal material, doubling up as scratching posts. Your cat can practice their own declawing and have a healthy outlet for when they get antsy. The ramp connecting the two caves also has a scratchy material for your cat’s ultimate fun. There is also a dangling ball they can play with that is scratch resistant. This Cat Tree is also super affordable and easy to assemble.


  • Plush cushion materials providing maximum comfort.
  • Very affordable cat tree and comes with free replacement parts.
  • Easy to assemble even for non-professionals.
  • Scratchy materials made of natural sisal that will not affect your cat.
  • Stable and can hold more than one cat at the same time.


  • The dangling ball installs the wrong way and might not be convenient for your cat.
  • The plush covering may come off if the cat is too fussy.
  • Comes only in gray for now.
#10.Molly and Friends Cradle On Top of A 27″ Sisal Wrapped Scratching Post

10.Molly and Friends Cradle On Top of A 27″ Sisal Wrapped Scratching Post

This simple, rustic, handmade cat tree needs no assembly and that is why it is number 3 on our list of best cat trees for large cats. 

At 35 inches tall this cat tree has a wide 18 by 18 base that will keep it stable regardless of the size of feline that perches on top. The different components are held together by heavy duty screws and bolts to withstand movement and hold differently sized cats.

As its name suggests, it contains a large 16 by 16 cradle at the top made of durable scratchy material so that your feline friend can get comfortable before lying down. The cradle is supported by 27 inches of pole made of pine and covered by all-natural sisal that caters to your cat’s scratching needs. This height is important as your cat can sit comfortably on the cradle and observe the goings-on outside through a window so that they are entertained and safe.

The Cradle On Top is completely beige, no clashing colors for you. It will fit in great for that rustic look to your home decor and is a great addition to a minimalist decor. The Molly and Friends cat tree is also completely made in the US which means that the customer service will be prompt. It is completely handmade and you will not need to assemble it at your home, giving you one of the steadiest cat trees for your large cat.


  • The cradle is high, making it great for bird-watching.​​​​
  • The pinewood plus the heavy-duty screws and bolts make the cat tree support large cats.
  • Comes in beige that does not clash with most house décor styles.
  • Not modular and is completely assembled by the manufacturer.
  • US-made and US-based customer service for prompt service.


  • It is tall and might need a step-up for cats who cannot jump very high or who are overweight.
  • The cradle has no padding and might be uncomfortable for some cats.
#11.Vesper Cat Tree Scratching Post with Condo

11.Vesper Cat Tree Scratching Post with Condo

Another one from Vesper is the cat furniture that is both beautiful and practical for all your cat’s needs.

It contains two platforms, one at the bottom and one observation platform at the top. Both surfaces are covered by soft memory foam cushions for your cat’s maximum comfort. Off the observation platform dangles a string with three balls that your cat can play with for entertainment.

The cat tree is tall but is supported by a sturdy square base to keep it stable. The pine poles connecting the bottom platform to the top one are covered by high-quality sea-grass that also allows your feline friend to scratch on for declawing purposes.

There are two cubes in which the cats get to play in made by the same pine wood the rest of the tree is made of. They have comfortable resting platforms and the platform on top of the bottom one connects to the cube on top. Both the platforms are covered by a plush memory foam cushion for maximum comfort. This tree can be enjoyed by more than one cat at a go due to its multiple caves and platforms. It is also easy to install and gives the buyer a wider range of options as it comes in different colors to suit your taste and home’s decor.


  • Platforms covered by memory foam cushions for comfort.
  • It has two caves connected by a platform for maximum enjoyment.
  • The pole is made of a scratchy material for the cats to declaw themselves.
  • Nice oak color
  • It is easy to install and comes with instructions that are easy to understand.


  • The pre-drilled holes are poor
#12.Midwest Cat Furniture | Durable, Stylish Cat Trees

12.Midwest Cat Furniture | Durable, Stylish Cat Trees

This multi-tiered, stable cat tree from Mid West promises comfort and fun at just a glance.

It has four tiers with multiple resting platforms, going up to a height of 50.5 inches. The 22 by 15 base promises to give the whole cat tree stability to withstand your large cat’s playtime.

The cat tree contains an observation perch right at the top connected to the other platforms below by strong poles meant to support even the largest of cats. Below the second and third platforms from the top are two cute fluffy balls suspended by a string that the cat can play with. The support poles are also covered by natural sisal to cater for your feline’s scratching needs so that they can groom themselves.

All the platforms are covered by cushions made of very soft faux fur and are made of a designer print giving it a premium look. At the base is a cube into which the cat can crawl for a nap or rest. The cat tree is easy to assemble and install by yourself at home. It comes packaged with instructions and tools and a guaranteed 1-year warranty from MidWest Homes for Pets. The buyer also gets a choice between different colors for this cat tree, like mushroom/diamond, woven rattan/Script, brown/tan, blue/white sunburst and black/white Floral to suit their tastes and house’s decor.


  • Made of very soft faux fur for the cat’s maximum comfort.
  • Comes with two hanging balls at different levels to cater for different cats’ needs.
  • The cube is at the bottom and is suitable for kittens who haven’t learned how to climb yet.
  • Comes in different designer fabrics and prints for the best fashion.


  • The carpeting on the poles shed after several scratches by the cat.
  • The fluffy nature of the balls might be a choking hazard to the cat.
#13.FEANDREA 67″ Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable

13.FEANDREA 67″ Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable

At just a glance you can tell that this cat tree from FEANDREA promises the maximum luxury for your feline friend.

It is not merely a cat tree, it is a whole house. With multiple tiers and platforms, it caters for more than one large cat. This Cat Tree for Large Cats stands at 67 inches high and is supported by platforms constructed from CARB-certified natural particle boards.

The supporting poles are made from compressed and glued cardboard to withhold the weight of the cat tree and the cats without wobbling. The tubes are also covered by all-natural sisal specially selected to withstand scratches from even a cat with the sharpest claws.

This cat tree contains 2 spacious cubes made in a condo design located in the second and third tiers of the cat tree. In addition to this are three roomy perches at the third and fourth tiers for the cat to rest on when observing or take a nap in. They are covered by plush cushions for maximum comfort. There are also three balls suspended on strings of the third and fourth tier platforms. The balls also have a bell attached for maximum enjoyment by the cat.


  • Made with reinforced materials for stability.
  • Plush cushions for maximum comfort.
  • Furry balls for cats to play with.
  • Balls have bells for cats’ entertainment.
  • All-natural sisal threads to prevent fraying due to scratches.


  • Have to purchase other carpeting since it rips because of scratches.
  • The particle board is flimsy.
#14.TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

14.TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

This highly portable cat tower is one of the best cat trees for large cats in houses with small spaces.

It comes in brown and beige so that you can choose a color that best fits your decor. It does not need to be assembled; you can quickly open for your cat to use and shut it so that you can store it.

It has two main features: the condo-like cube at the bottom and the hammock at the top. Most of this Cat Tower is made up of thick plush fabric for maximum comfort for your feline friend. There is a sliding ramp between the hammock and the cube at the bottom wrapped in natural sisal so that your cat can sharpen its claws and generally just scratch all over. The condo has an inserted cushion so that your cat can lie inside. This cushion can be removed and washed by a machine to maintain its hygiene.

The TRIXIE Cat Tower is light and only 26 inches tall, meaning that all kinds of cats can take a rest in it, whether small kittens who cannot jump yet or larger cats that prefer sitting on top of the hammock. It also has balls hanging from the sides so that the cat can play with it.


  • Foldable for quick installation and removal.
  • Small and fit for small spaces.
  • Removable cushion that is machine washable.
  • Has a sisal scratching pane.
  • Comes in several colors.


  • The dome underneath may be too snug for larger cats.
  • The scratching pane wears off.
#15.URPOWER Cat Tree

15.URPOWER Cat Tree

The last item on our list is the Cat Tree from URPOWER. It is 3-tiered with the topmost tier having the observation platform.

The second and first tier contains the condo-design cubes for your feline friend to crawl into and nap or maybe play a game of ‘now you see me’ with other cats. There is also a sliding panel from the second to the first tier that also acts as a scratching surface.

The whole Cat Tree is covered by a plush material that will not irritate your cat. It is held up by reinforced poles that are covered by all-natural sisal thread to cater for your cat’s scratching needs. The topmost perch has a raised rim to keep your cat cozy and safe within whether when placed on the floor or at the window so that it can look outside.

The cat tree is easy to assemble and comes with an instruction manual so that you can do it yourself without professional help. The package comes with tools that are easy to use together with the manual. This cat tree is created for maximum stability and comfort and that makes it one of the best cat trees for larger cats.


  • Scratching surfaces made by durable sisal.
  • Easy installation.
  • Comes with assembling tools.
  • Covered by a plush material for comfort.
  • Good customer service response.


  • May not be suitable for very big cats.
  • Plush covering is not scratch-resistant.

Things You Should Consider When Buying a cat tree for large cats

Before you settle on a particular cat tree, you need to consider a few important things that will help you end up with the right cat tree. You also want to end up with a safe and durable cat tree that is comfortable for your cat.

The following are some of the most important things that you should consider before you buy a cat tree for larger cats.

Ease of Assembly

The last thing that you need in your house is a cat tree that is difficult to assemble. Look for a model that is easy to set up so that you don’t end up spending too much time on assembly. Look for a larger piece with all the necessary tools that you need. Additionally, it should come with directions to make it easy to follow for easy assembly.


When you have multiple cats, you need to consider purchasing different items like an automatic feeder for multiple cats. On top of that, you can buy the best cat trees for multiple cats so that it can accommodate them all. The main problem that comes with this is safety concern. When there are several cats on a cat tree or the cats are larger, the tree can get wobbly hence risking their safety.

Make sure the cat tree you are buying is stable enough such that heavier cats can use without posing any risk concerns. Select cat trees that are designed with wide bottoms and have anti-toppling grips for safety. Additionally, you can consider cat tree with strap that you can easily bolt on the wall to increase their safety.


Another important thing that you should consider when buying a cat tree is the size. You want your cat to enjoy plenty of room but you should also consider the amount of space that you have in your house. Cat trees fit well in the corners and at this position, they don’t wiggle and your cat will have ample place to lay.


Cats love to scratch things so you need to invest in a high-quality cat tree that will last long. Your cats will be using the cat tree on a daily basis. Ensure you invest in a model with a high-quality construction so that it can withstand scratching and cats playing on it.

Final Verdict

Having cats in your house as pets gives you good company. You need to take care of your cats and provide them with the right items for a comfortable living. If you have experienced your cats scratching your sofa and climbing on drapes, then you know the damages that they can cause in your house.

You can solve all these problems if you have the best cat tree for large cats. We have made your work easier by reviewing top models on the market as well as a guide to help you select the right cat tree. The most important factors that you should consider when buying a cat tree is the construction, hiding places, scratching posts and perches. I believe it will be now easier to pick the most suitable cat tree after going through this comprehensive reviews and guide.

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