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How to Make a Cat Tree That Looks Like a Tree

As cat owners, we understand the significance of getting a cat tree for your feline friends. Cat trees are great because they offer a comfy place for your cats to do various activities. Additionally, most feature scratching posts so your cats will not scratch on your precious furniture.

You can choose to buy a cat tree or make your own if you love DIY projects. This guide will give crucial tips on how to make a cat tree that looks like a tree. Read on to find out how you can do that.

Why Do You Need a Cat Tree?

Cats need cat trees for many reasons. It could be for sleeping, relaxing, lounging, jumping, or relaxing, among others. Below are some reasons why you need a cat tree.

Cat tree gives cats personal space

Cats also need personal time. At times they may want to be with you, and at times they will be alone. The tree will help them have personal space that only belongs to them.

The tree is entertaining to cats

Cats, too, need to be entertained. Therefore, to avoid them causing damages to your properties in the house, it’s advisable to build them a tree to help them entertain themselves when jumping up and down.

For exercise

Your cat needs to be healthy; to maintain their health, you need to construct a tree where they can be jumping for personal exercise. Having a big cat tree for larger cats will give them ample space to exercise and stay active.

To keep the cat happy

Most cats need anxiety; the tree will ensure their anxiety is kept at bay. They can use the tree as their rescue in case of danger.

To make cats feel like kings

All the cats feel like they are kings. Building them a tree will help them use it as their own territory. They can be at the top of the tree for a long time and watch their servants.

The structure should be placed higher than the other things in the house, and this height will make them overlook the entire house and feel like they are kings.

To give cats a sense of safety and a clear sense of their surrounding.

How to Make a Cat Tree That Looks Like a Tree

If you don’t have much space in your apartment, you can make a custom cat tree for a small apartment. Before you get started, gather these things to help you make a cat tree that looks like a tree.

  • Miter saw
  • Drill
  • Scraper
  • Sandpaper
  • Nails of different sizes
  • Screws
  • Branches and wood pieces.
  • Sisal
  • Dowel
  • Plywood
  • Faux vines.
  • Decorative rocks
  • Staple gun- should be handheld.
  • Pieces of pine scrap of different sizes and
  • Stones (should be from Lowe’s)

The procedure of Making the Cat Tree

Following is a step-by-step process you can follow to design your cat tree that will fully resemble a tree.

  • Using your scraper, scrape the branches, sand them, and make them fully smooth. The branches should be made in different sizes (big and small).
  • At the bottom and top of the branches should be leveled; therefore, they should eyeball and see off tiny portions, one after the other. Level the tops and bottoms.
  • Make holes in the branches. Here, use a driller to drill holes of different sizes in the branches. The holes should have an interval of at least 10cm from each other.
  • Add the liquid nails to the bottom of the branches. Do this to every branch. Connect the branches to the main piece at the base. Attach the branches to the plywood, do this by screwing them using screws of about 2½ inches. Let the screws come from the bottom of the plywood up to the branches.
  • Confirm the base and build it to a good shape. Ensure the screws are well attached and flat at the bottom of the plywood.
  • Using your pine pieces of about 1 by 3 inches and cut to length, construct a raised edge around your structure.
  • Stain the whole base in Kona and follow it with two coats containing semi-gloss polyurethane.
  • Cut the dowel into two pieces, and use it to make the scratching posts. The wooden dowel should be 2 by 48 inches. To finish the scratching posts in Kona and the semi-gloss polyurethane, stain it to match the base. Glue the sisal rope all-round the structure.
  • Use the remaining liquid nails, dab them on the bottom of each scratching post and then screw them into the base. Follow the same steps you did when attaching the branches to the base. Design the platform and make a cover for them using faux fur.
  • Secure each of the platforms in a good position. Place the platforms in place using a combination of screws, liquid nails, and a nail gun to secure them.
  • After doing all the steps above and having the tree in place, now it’s time to stabilize it and keep it heavy to make it balance. Place cheap stepping stones and heavy big rocks at its base. The cat tree is now good and ready to use.

Reminder: if your cat likes eating faux plants, it’s advisable not to use them in your structure.

Final Words

After checking the above steps on making a cat tree that looks like a tree, your work will be easier. It only requires simple, easily affordable, and available materials to structure it. The process of designing is also simple and very short.

It does not need much training to let your cats entertained and happy all the time. If you have never thought of having a cat tree, I hope you will now consider making one at home.

Image Source:martin henrion from adventurecats.org

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