When Should I start Training My Pitbull Puppy? Read on for more!

When should I start training my pitbull puppy? This is a common question to many pet lovers.

However, while some people say that eight weeks old is when you should start training your pit-bull puppy, I believe that there is no particular time to start. You can begin training your puppy as soon as he is born. Manners like training your pitbull to become friendly and obedience training can commence immediately.

You must not wait until your puppy is old enough to train. These days, famous dog breeders are starting to train their puppy as early as three weeks until the puppy goes to her new home. Formal learning can start with positive reinforcement training as soon as your new puppy steps into your home. You do not have to wait until they get to eight months. 

Start right away!

Why start training puppies as soon as possible?

It is simple, the earlier you train them, the better! Puppies learn from consistency. A puppy that started training early and has consistency is likely to have a long-term success compared to puppies that are trained when older. You can start with simple training like sit down and come when you call him. Leash training is not as simple as attaching the leash to him and have him drag it around. Initial training prepares him for leash manner training later on when they can go out of the house and roam the world.

By starting training early, you will help your dog retain the behaviors for longer. Besides, you want to tilt the odds to your favor by shaping your puppy while her minds are fresh to learn. However, if you buy an older puppy, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to train him. What you need is to start training him immediately since no dog is too old for training. The following are tips techniques to follow to make your pit-bull puppy training successful!

Tips for successful pitbull puppy training

Keep training sessions short

A dog, and most especially a puppy’s attention span is very short. They are easily distracted, and that is why you need to keep training sessions short, not more than 15 minutes long. As you start training your puppy, the sessions should be shorter since it is something new and the dog might not like it at first. Do not force the dog into it once he gets bored, and there is always tomorrow.

how to train your pitbull puppy


By keeping the training short, the puppy is less likely to get bored, and he will be willing to learn more, thus making the training a success.

Select the right location

As stated earlier, it is straightforward to distract a dog. With that in mind, you need to choose a quiet training area and with as minimal distractions as possible. Too many activities and noise in the surroundings can significantly affect your puppy’s concentration and obviously, training.


A good training atmosphere boosts your puppy’s chances to grasp whatever you teach him.

Train one command at a time

Allow your puppy to master one command at a time for every session. If you train on various commands on a single session, you may create confusion and the longer it will take before you can achieve your training goals


Sticking to one session will help improve the pets focus and concentration thus a successful training.

Practice at the end of every session

As you train your puppy on basic commands such as fetch, come, stay, and sit, it is beneficial to practice after the session. You can do this outside your house, on the road, or even in your sitting room. By doing so, you will help your dog apply what he learns in everyday life. The best way to do this is reinforcing these commands during playtime as that will make the dog associate training with fun, and he will become eager to learn.


Practicing outside training session will help a puppy put what he learned into practice, and this will make your training fruitful. 

Ending the session on a positive note

The best way for a puppy to learn is when he is enjoying the training. At the end of the lesson, your dog displays good behavior, give him a treat.You can learn more about Dog Signs or behavior & what you have to do from Petshaunt .By doing so, your pet will like the training and will always look forward to future training because he knows he will get something at the end of the training.


Offering a treat to your puppy after the training is the best way to motivate him to train harder, you will get a lot dog treat for training on the internet , once the puppy likes what he does, you will have an easier time and the best results.

Pit-bull puppy training is not as hard as many perceive it to be. All you need is to use the right techniques for positive results. To get the most out of your dog training, follow the above tips for a happier and healthy dog. there are lots of advice for keeping your dog healthy & stronger you will find on the net.

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