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Why Does My Cat Cuddle With My Shoes? Read on for More!

Why is it that most cats are fond of shoes? Why does my cat cuddle with my shoes? These are commonly asked questions by pet lovers.

 Most people will tell you that they have or they once had a cat that never stays away from the shoes. While this sounds funny, we try to understand such pet behavior so that we can be able to deal with it and understand why these pets love doing so.

My female Jess loves to bury her face in my shoes, especially if it has just come off my feet surprisingly; she does this not only with my husband’s shoes but also those of our kids and visitors. She loves slippers which are soft enough to allow her to stick her nose from heel to toe.

At first, I never took it seriously but after it went on, I started to figure out reasons why she loves shoes. The following are possible reasons as to why most cats love cuddling shoes.

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Reasons why cats love playing with shoes

Cat’s acute sense of smell

Cats have a sharp sense of smell and the pleasure that they get from the scent coming from the shoes makes them stick to the shoes. Besides, with the fact that your shoes have been to all kinds of attractive and fragrant places, snuffling around your pair of shoes might be a pet’s way of asking, “How was your day?” the intoxication of various smells mixed together in your feet intrigues the cat. She wants to smell where you were during the day.

Taste and smell of your sweat

Pheromones in human sweat can please a cat just like catnip does. This is a mark of respect to the visceral connection between human and feline. Also, the sweat makes your shoes salty and the salty taste in your footwear can entice the cat since there are various scents that remain in the shoes from the outside.

Marking territory

Another reason as to why cats love shoes is that it can be a way or reclaiming their territory whenever you get home and put off your shoes. Cats have scent glands in their cheeks and forehead and so they can rub their faces against your shoes or even you as a type of marking their territory. She can also be engaging in some kind of grooming another animal to reinforce relationship. Playing with shoe laces offers extra enjoyment.


As much as this sounds strange, it is the truth. Some cats calm down and relax by the smell your sweat and react positively to the smell.

Convenient placement

Normally, shoes stay at a perfect height for cats and any other pet-on the floor. The convenient placement is one reason why most cats grow fond of shoes. Since the shoe leather looks similar to straps that the cat plays with, a cat cannot help but chew, cuddle, and play around with the shoe. Some cats are just playful and they tend to play with about everything that comes to sight.


Cats associate shoe sniffing with fun, excitement, and exercises. At times, a cat can move from playing with a ribbon or a ball to deep shoe sniffing as a part of evening entertainment.

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How to make sure that a cat sticks to her toys but not your shoes

While shoe cuddling does no harm, if you do not like your shoes when full of cat saliva and fur, here is how to stop the behavior-

why does my cat want to lay on my shoes

Deny her the opportunity

You need to store all of your shoes in inaccessible areas avoid leaving your shoes out in the open and inform all your guests on this rule.


Give your cat some interesting things to play with and chew, however; do not give her an old shoe because she does not differentiate between old or new.


Boredom makes a pet play with anything that meets the eye. You need to keep your cat stimulated by playing with her. Also, you can leave her enough toys or a treat dispenser. By so doing, she will barely think of messing your shoes.Well, there you have it. It is natural for cats to love cuddling shoes and so you need not to worry about that. I hope this blog helps you understand your cat’s shoe cuddling behavior and maintain a positive and strong relationship with your favorite pet.

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