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4 Ways To Get Rid Of Unpleasant Dog Breath

Picture this: you come home from a tough day at the office, and just can’t wait to embrace your pet dog and give it a good old snuggle to relieve the tension. What happens next is almost the fate of every pet dog owner- unbearable dog breath that makes you run away from your pet dog.

If by now you think that a dog’s breath is just naturally unpleasant and bad, you are in store for good news. Dog breath does not have to smell unsavoury, and with these tips, you can make sure that you can huddle close to your furry canine without having to endure the stench of bad breath.

Start Brushing Your Pet Dog’s Teeth

This might initially sound a little ridiculous, but the oral cavity of your pet dog demands an intervention that can prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar while freshening the breath. Furthermore, dogs can also fall prey to a myriad of gum diseases and tooth decay, therefore brushing is a good habit that proactively stalls a visit to the vet.

Nowadays, there are a lot of brands and pet care shops that have developed special toothbrushes for pet dogs. These brushes are designed to slip over your fingers, giving you access to the oral cavity of your canine fellow. Also, you will have to get a special toothpaste that is developed for dogs and not for people, as it is made from special elements that make the experience more enjoyable for the furry creatures.

Go For Annual Vet Cleaning

This is specifically important for older dogs. If you have a pet dog that is old, then there is a great chance that it has a huge tartar buildup in the oral region that causes bad breath. In this instance, simply brushing won’t cut the deal, and you will have to visit a professional vet to carry out comprehensive cleaning and polishing.

Visits to the vet to get the oral cavity examined is also very essential to identify if your pet dog is facing any problems such as cavities or tooth damage. Cavities and tooth decay may sound harmless, but they can quickly evolve into life-threatening illnesses.

Give Your Pet Dog A Chew Toy

You can use both chew toys or medicated treats that can naturally clean the teeth and gums of your pet. Chewing is a dog’s intrinsic way to get rid of toxic bacteria and clean the teeth, and in turn, improve breath. If you are looking to get treats at a discount then you can check out Chewy discount codes. While looking for a chew toy, or orally medicated treat, it is a good practice to get in touch with your vet before so they can recommend an appropriate item according to the age and breed of your pet dog.

Be Watchful Of What Your Dog Eats

Dogs have a playful and inquisitive nature, and this pursuit some times leads them to ingest unsavory nutrition. While you should train your dog to always eat what you give him, there might be an off chance that your pet eats inappropriate things such as faces from cat, dog or bird. This can significantly pollute their breath. Also, make sure that you give your pet dog clean and freshwater daily.

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