Why You Should Have a Wireless Dog Fence for Your House

Do you love dogs a lot? 

Well, why not, they are one of the best companions you can ever have. 

They not just be a good companion but also protect you when necessary. When you have dogs as pet, you do concern about their protection as much as they protect you. And why not as an owner it is your duty to keep your pets protected all the time

But what measures you can take to keep them protected?

 Well, there is a system that can help you keep your dogs safe and it is called petsafe wireless dog fence .

You will set the boundaries for your dog by turning the transmitter’s knob to make a wireless globular boundary for the dog. Once you have set the boundary, the transmitter will send radio signals to the collar receiver the dog wears. You will have to teach the dog to listen for a vibration or warning tone as he nears the yard’s boundaries. If the dog continues, he’ll receive a secure but astonishing static correction from his collar, reminding the dog to stay in the backyard.

Reasons Why You Should Have A Wireless Dog Fence? 

The Wireless dog fence systems have provided millions of dog owners the ideal combo of features: adjustable collars settings, quick installation, trusted dependability, portability, and a lot more. Yard contentment is affordably yours now with the Best wireless Dog Fence!

  • You will not need any wire or tool to install such containment product
  • You can also adjust yard boundaries easily and quickly.
  • These fences are way cheaper than a traditional one.
  • One of the best things about these is that you can carry them anywhere with you.

Now let’s have a glance at the Best wireless Dog Fence you can ever get to make your pets stay in your yard protected.

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

Each fur baby requires boundaries, and the PetSafe Containment System offers them without a fence! You just need to mark your pet’s play area, and whenever your pet crosses the set boundary, the wireless unit in the house sends an annoying and static correction tone to the pet's collar, reminding him to stay in the set boundary area. Setting up PetSafe Containment System is very easy and it also has five levels of correction.


This portable wireless system takes up 1-2 hours to set up. This system is for the dogs eight pounds and up. It can fit neck sizes six to twenty-eight inches. It also provides static correction’s five adjustable levels. To alert your pet, it makes a beep sound.

 This system also has an automatic safety turn-off feature which stops after thirty seconds of correction.

It can cover an adjustable globular range up to 1/2 acres (one hundred and eighty feet in diameter). You can also expand the containment size using extra wireless transmitters. You can append a limitless number of dogs with additional wireless receiver collars. The receiver collar is waterproof. This system also works with Stay + Play receiver collar Wireless Fence and Stay + Play Wireless fence.

This Wireless Fence System Includes:

  • This Collar utilizes RFA-67 battery PetSafe brand (included)
  • Wireless transmitter comes with a power adapter
  • Test light tool
  • For long-haired dogs, it has long contact points
  • Fifty training boundary flags
  • Training and operating guide

You Might Be Thinking, Is This fence Safe To Use?

It’s completely normal to feel anxious at first but it is totally safe. Within some days, the dog will get used to this system and will never wander away. Preferably, this Wireless Dog Fence ought to be utilized with that are six months old or more because for this to function, they have to comprehend and follow simple commands like stay and sit.

Final Talk

 The system comprises training and operating guide that you can utilize to your full benefit. If the dog happens to settle into the warning sector, the receiver collar will give out a warning tone. If they carry on to pass a particular area, the contact points are utilized to send static correction so that they return to the safety of their surroundings.

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