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How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away

Nothing gets better than having pets running around your household. I am a staunch pet lover, and specifically, I am into cats. I enjoy having them around for a million reasons. Starting from their playful habit, intelligence, hygiene, and cats are generally cute.

Despite all that, just like any other pets, having cats demand a lot of attention and care-giving. Indoor cats need to be fed regularly because they don’t hunt for food. But this does not mean cat owners and guardians can never afford time for a little vacation. The question we need to ask ourselves is how to feed cats wet food while away.

Can Cats Survive on Their Own?

Cats are born survivors. Their hunting instincts are inborn, making them able to survive without a guardian. However, indoor cats might have difficulties finding food on their own.

That is why it is advisable to have feeding plans whenever you’re planning to be away. It’s only right to treat your pets like you would treat your own children. Treat them like the best friends they are.

There are a lot of options on how to have your cats feed and cared for in your absence. These include hiring a sitter or having automatic food and water dispensers.

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Feeding Cats Wet Food While On Vacation

Like I said earlier, having cats does not limit you from living a normal life. You can run your daily errands, go to work, got to the movies or even hit the road for a weekend vacation and still have your pets fed.It’s only important to ensure your cat is not overfed or underfed whenever you are not around. That is why I mentioned having either automatic cat feeders or leaving your cat with a cat sitter.

how to feed cat wet food while away

#1: Use Automatic Cat Food Dispensers

Automatic cat food dispensers have revolutionized both the lives of cats and their owners. These products have made feeding cats more convenient and worry-free. More so if the cat owners are never around much.The fact is, cats naturally require less attention as compared to other pets. Even though that’s factual, you still need to ensure proper nutrition program for them.

The idea of stacking bowls full of wet cat food when going away for a journey might be dangerous or rather unhealthy. Cats might not know how to manage the food. You don’t want to have your pets overfed the first day and left starving the rest of the other days.

Again, wet food for cats can easily go bad. Having an automatic food dispenser ensures that your cat is fed all the times. Additionally, pet owners have no worries about hungry pets when traveling. The machines are easily programmable to provide food when you want.Another benefit of having an automatic food dispenser is that it helps you adhere to a particular schedule because cats and dogs get used to a certain routine. If you are too busy to feed your cats, an automatic food dispenser will ensure that your pets follow the schedule.

How Does Automatic Food Dispensers Work?

Your work schedule or vacation can easily interfere with the feeding routine of your cat. That is where automatic feeders come in. Feeding pets large quantities of food twice or once a day is not recommended. You need to provide them with smaller portions of food several times a day. This greatly helps you to control the feeding habits of your cats.

With an automatic pet feeder, you can provide your cat with the right amount of food several times a day. How do these machines work? These machines work easily by setting the time on the internal timer of the device. They are designed with a sealed container that stores the food so that it doesn’t spoil. It will only release food until the time you have set the device to release food.

These cat feeders are available in different designs, styles, colors, capacities as well as prices. Visit PetsHaunt to find the best automatic cat feeder reviews.

#2: Hire a Cat Sitter

If you are planning to take several days away from home, then you need to look for a professional pet sitter. Cats can stay overnight provided that there is enough food and water. However, if you stay away more than a day, they can be traumatized and this can be dangerous.In as much as it can be hard to notice, cats long for affection just like human beings. Leaving them a couple of days will only make them feel neglected. In such cases, you can hire a professional cat sitter to provide them company when you are away.

Why is it advisable to hire a cat sitter? If you are planning to take a long vacation and you are not sure when you will come back, having a cat sitter can be a great idea. There are many benefits that you will get if you get a cat sitter. Some of them include the following:

  • Gives you peace of mind
  • They know exactly what your cats want and how to keep them happy
  • They love their job and take care of your cat on a daily basis
  • Doesn’t interrupt your cat’s daily routine
  • Less stress for your cat
  • Less travel for you when traveling

Final Words

Pets provide the best companion and it is the responsibility of every pet owner to take care of them. Because of our busy schedules, sometimes it becomes hard to be there always to feed cats. But this doesn’t mean that you will leave your cat unattended, right? Whether you are at home or not, ensure that your cats have enough food and water. You can make good use of automatic pet feeders that provide meal portions at the specified time for your cats. If you will be away for a couple of days, I would recommend professional cat sitter services to ensure your cats and happy and well taken care of. After all, when your pet is healthy and happy, you are also happy.

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