10 Best Dog Training Shock Collar reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Dogs make the best pets and they get pretty well with humans.According to the  Research shows that there are over 89.7 million dogs in the United States 

which shows how so many love dogs. If you want your dog to have good behavior, then training is inevitable. One of the most essential item that you need when training your dog is a shock collar. A dog training shock collar is a device that is worn around a dog neck to tame it and train it. Having the best dog training shock collar allows you to discipline your naughty or stubborn friend so that it behaves accordingly.

A dog shock collar has two electrons attached to it. The electrodes touch the dog’s skin past the fur so as deliver a painful shock to the dog when it misbehaves. The shock has some sensors that detect when the dog barks or misbehaves delivering the shock so as to stop the dog from barking. Apart from the shock, these devices also feature a voice activated speaker that allows you to scold your best friend.

Dog training shock collars are remote controlled where the trainer can press a button and shock is delivered to a dog when it is misbehaving. Since picking the right product can be tough, we have reviewed top 10 best models on the market that you can buy to train your dog.

Product Name





PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar


1200 feet


ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar



12 ounces

eXuby Shock Collar for Small Dogs


1000 Feet

12.8 ounces

Ipets PET619S 100% Waterproof Shock Collar


220 yards

13.1 ounces

Aetertek Upgrade AT-218C Rechargeable Dog Training Shock Collar


600 yard

14.4 ounces

DOG CARE Upgrated Dog Shock Collar

Dog care

1000 Feet

10.4 ounces

Fypet Shock Collar with Remote


2000 feet

11.2 ounces

TOKEGO Dog Remote Rechargeable Shock Collar



15 ounces

YISENCE Dog Shock Collar


2500 feet

10.4 ounces

PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar


650 yards

9 ounces

10 Best Dog Training Collar Reviews

If you are on the market searching for a dog training collar, then you will find so many options on the market today. To help you get the right product, check out our top 10 best dog training collar reviews.

#1.PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar - best waterproof dog training collar

Are you considering buying a dog shock training collar?

PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar can be a great selection. The collar is designed with material that is waterproof making it durable. The collar is used by dog experts to train on dogs for professional purposes. The collar is used to control the dogs barking, sitting, leash training, aggressiveness and other obedience behaviors.

This dog training shock collar has an LCD remote that has an adjustable shock into four different modes. The collar simulations are adjustable into customized vibrations. The customization includes ate tone warning to the dog so as to act to the obedience behavior being required to.

It has a long-lasting battery with an auto power saver to help conserve energy when o sleep mode. The PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar has a lifetime replacement guarantee. The collar is praised to be the top in dog training and taming. After a successful training, it is important to reward your dog. This can be easy if you have a quality dog training treat pouch.

  • Lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer.
  • Long life battery with an auto energy saver mode when on sleep.
  • Huge LCD remote which is adjustable and has four different modes.
  • Waterproof making it safe to train a dog in watery areas or rainy seasons.
  • The collar ultimately gives excellent training to a dog
  • Shock can be extreme to a dog making it develop different behaviors
  • Cannot be used to train young and small dogs as the levels of volts produced are extreme.

#2.ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar - Best remote control shock collar

ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar has a silicone gel surface making it very comfortable to use and grasp. The collar helps the trainer to train a dog on barking, sitting, walking correctly and other obedience behaviors. This training collar is remote controlled up to one thousand square fit or up to 330 yards away.

The receiver of the collar has some rechargeable batteries which are life lasting. The collar has adjustable to training modes. The ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar is customized up to one hundred vibrations and simulations with beep modes for warnings.

The collar is waterproof and easy to use when training a dog. The waterproof makes it possible to train a dog even deep underwater such as rivers. The collar has an auto power protect which helps conserve energy.  The ALTMAN Dog Shock Collar is one of the most rated collars in the market for training dog correctly.

  • Waterproof to make it possible to train the dog in deep water surfaces such as rivers.
  • The dog collar trainer is remote controlled helping you to train the dog being far apart.
  • Not complicated making it easy to use.
  • Has a silicone gel surface making it has comfort and easy to use. 
  • Batteries are rechargeable and have an auto power protect to conserve energy.
  • It is not suitable to use for small and young dogs as its levels of shock volts are high.
  • The shock can cause a stress response in dogs. 

#3.eXuby shock collar for small dogs with remote - remote control shock collar for small dog

Are you looking for the best dog training collar under 100? 

The eXuby Shock Collar comes at an affordable price and suits small dogs. This training collar is remote controlled for convenience of use. It helps trains obedience behavioral such as sitting, barking and walking by the push button on the remote.

It uses sound, shock or vibration when training the dog on these obedience behaviors. This shock collar has rechargeable batteries for both receiver and remote controller. The shock voltage produced by this dog training collar is not much high so as to be tolerated by small dogs.

The mode of vibration and sound are the one used often and recommended to train dog easily. On advanced disobedience to these modes is when the shock is used to control the dog. This model is the best shock collar for small dogs and it comes with a free training clicker.

  • Rechargeable batteries for both receiver and remote controller.
  • Alternative behavioral modes instead of shock, which are sound and vibration.
  • Collar is easy to use.
  • Correcting a behavior you just push a button in the remote controller.
  • It has a free trainer clicker.
  • Stops working after a few uses

#4.ipets pet619s shock collar reviews - Best electric shock collar dogs

When it comes to training dogs, there are a wide range of dog affordable dog shock training collars that you can find on the market. The Ipets PET619S shock collar is waterproof making it suitable to train a dog in water environment or on rainy seasons. The collar can train a dog even in deep water such as rivers. The batteries of the shock collar are rechargeable and are a long life.

This shock collar has three different correctional modes; vibration, sound, and shock. All these mode help correct a dog more easily in walking, sitting, barking or any other obedience behavior. The Ipets PET619S shock collar can train a dog up to 220 yards apart.

It features distance remote control technology helps training a dog in the backyard or in a park. The collar is easy to use and ha adjustable intensive dial. The Ipets PET619S shock collar is one of the best dog trainers in the market today as it trains the dog correctly. The collar is long enough making it easy to hold it.

  • 100% waterproof making it possible to train a dog in water area or rainy seasons. 
  • Best to train small dogs and puppies.
  • Batteries are rechargeable with power saver protection to conserve energy.
  • Can be remotely controlled up to 220 yards making it possible to train a dog in the back yard. 
  • Easy to use
  • Cannot be used to trainer bigger dogs.
  • Complaints of causing stress to dogs

#5.Aetertek Upgrade AT-218C Shock collar -Best Rechargeable Dog Training Shock Collar

The Aetertek Upgrade AT-218C Shock collar is a waterproof collar designed to train dog even at a bigger area. The collar remote is controllable up to 600 yards. It can train a dog underwater as its receiver is customized to submerge in water as it is waterproof.

It features a remote has an LCD display which is big. It has a different mode of dog training which include the sound warning, vibration mode, and shock modes. You will enjoy the different modes that help in controlling and training a dog in obedience behaviors such as sitting, barking and walking.

You can get this collar if you have dogs that are over 6 months old. It is easy to use because it is fitted with a number of switches to ensure absolute and success training of the dog. Again, it provides your dog with a perfect fit and your dog will feel comfortable wearing it.

  • Waterproof making dog training possibilities underwater and in rainy seasons. 
  • Can train the dog while far apart as it can receive signals up to 600 yards away.
  • Easy to use and operate as it is fitted with switches to control the dog
  • Trains the dog correctly with obedience behaviors.
  • Has a huge LCD display which helps to monitor dog’s behavior
  • Not suitable to train small and young dogs due to the high voltage shock delivered.
  • The shock can cause stress on a dog

#6.DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar is an upgraded dog training shock collar with three different modes. The three modes help in controlling a dog to attain absolute obedience behaviors such as barking, walking, and sitting. When you get this training collar, no more worries about accidental shock.

The vibration and beep mode is safe mode to train any dog to correctly master obedience behaviors. Shock sometimes causes stress on the dog and not absolutely train dog correctly. Its remote can receive signal up to 330 yards making it easy to train a dog in the back yard and park.

This device is easy to use as it has nine channels that are controllable. The keypad has a security key guard to help not to shock the dog accidentally. On top of that, it is designed to suit all dogs because it is adjustable. So, you don’t have to worry about the size of your dog.

  • Has security can avoid shocking your dog accidentally.
  • Three modes of training which are safe to use on the dog.
  • Waterproof to help train a dog I water environment
  • Easy to use as it has keypads.
  • Safe to use to any dog as it has several training modes.
  • Shock delivered to the dog is not healthy for the dog
  • Complicated to be used by an ordinary person.

#7.Fypet Shock Collar with Remote - small dog training collar

Have a stubborn dog and looking for the best training collar for stubborn dogs?

 There are better ways to train your dog without hitting it and one of the ways is using dog training shock collars. Fypet Shock Collar can be a great investment. This device is remote controlled and has batteries that are rechargeable. The collar is made using a material that is waterproof to help in training a dog to obtain maximum behavior even underwater or during rainy seasons. Having this item makes it easy for you to achieve professional training in an effective manner.

This shock collar comes in different sizes to train all sizes and ages of dogs. The collar helps trains a dog to attain the absolute correct obedience behavior such as sitting, walking and barking. It has three different training mode which includes, beep, shock, and vibration. Vibration and beep are mostly used as they are safe modes of training dos as shock releases stress to the dog.

Another great feature you will find on this shock collar is the security lock. You can lock the keypad to prevent electric shock. The collar provides a remote range of 2000 feet so you can train your dog in your backyard or park.

  • Safe to use to dogs as it has safe modes such as vibration and beep.
  • Waterproof making it possible to train a dog under water or during rainy seasons.
  • Collar is suitable to train all sizes and ages of dogs.
  • Collar is easy to uses.
  • The collar batteries are rechargeable and have a long life.
  • The context on where to use the collar is not well defined.

#8.TOKEGO Dog Training Collar - best training collar for stubborn dogs

Did you know that owning a dog can make you happier and healthy?

Dogs make the best family members and they are pretty easy to train. You can train your dog with the TOKEGO Dog Training which is remote controlled and has three modes of training. The three mode help in absolute correct training of a dog to obedience behavior such as walking, barking, and sitting. The safe modes are vibration and beep as the shock is causing stress and unhealthy life to dogs.

This training collar has the best waterproof in the market currently. The waterproof features help to train a dog under water or during the raining season to master the obedience behavior absolutely. You can be sure that it will work well even when it gets into contact with water.

Its batteries are long life which can last between twenty days to thirty days and they are rechargeable. The training collar is only used for the huge and bigger dogs as it produces a high voltage of shocks. However, these shocks are adjustable by customized features of the collar.

  • The training collar is waterproof
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Safe to use as it has three modes of training which give a dog correct training.
  • Batteries are long life and they are rechargeable.
  • Large enough making it easy to hold and train a dog correctly.
  • Not safe to use it for small dogs due to the high volts of the shock produced.

#9.YISENCE Shock Collar - Best Shock Collar for Large Dogs and Small Dogs

Whether you are a professional dog trainer or a pet owner, training your dog the right etiquette is crucial. You can do this if you have the pet trainer shock collar. With a quality dog training collar, you can train your best friend in a few days. The YISENCE Shock Collar is remote controlled up to 25000 square feet and can cover a distance up to 800 yards making it the best in training dog in park or back yard.

If you are looking for a shock collar that is waterproof, this is the right model to buy. The waterproof features help in training a dog underwater or in the rainy season. It features an adjustable PU collar that can support USB charging. On top of that, it comes with batteries that are rechargeable.

The collar has four training modes which to help a dog in attain the maximum correct obedience behaviors such as sitting, walking and barking. It also features adjustable vibration and static shock modes from 0-99 levels. With the LED light mode, you can easily find your dog when it is dark.

  • Easy to use and understanding when training a dog.
  • Has a USB charging system making it universal to all charging.
  • Batteries are long life and rechargeable.
  • Has four modes of training.
  • Can train a dog up to 800 yards apart from the trainer.
  • Can only be used by professionals
  • Produces high volts of shock making it unsuitable for small dogs.

#10.PetSpy P620B Dog Shock Collar- Best dog training collars for 2 dogs

There are different types of dog training collar that you can get on the market. If you are wondering the best shock collar for dogs to pick, you can choose the PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar can be used to train two dogs simultaneously at a range of 650 yards.

The collar shock has three training modes which include, shock, vibration, and beep. The shock collar helps to train dog in obedience behavioral underwater such as barking, walking and sitting. It comes with batteries are long life and rechargeable. On top of that, you will get a free training guide for new users as it is not made for professionals only.

When it comes to the construction, this unit is made of premium quality materials. It is one of the most comfortable and durable training devices that you can find on the market today. The training collar is also designed with touch distinguishing buttons that allow a blind operation as well as correction-level adjustment. This means that you don’t have to use the remote.

  • Comes with a free dog training guide
  • Can train two dogs at the time
  • It has three modes of training
  • Batteries are long life and rechargeable
  • Has a powerful adapter
  • Not suitable for training small dogs

How to Choose the Best Shock Collar for Dogs

Choosing a good Dog training shock collar is not only essential for coaching the behaviour of your dog. It also ensures a proper spend for your cash. With the best dog training shock collar even an uncontrollable dog is disciplined.

Nearly 70% of Dogs in United States have Shock collars. Which facilitates to manage and regulate their movement. With such huge No: it is essential to identify which shock collar is fitting for taming your dog.

If you have interest in obtaining a dog training shock collar for your Dog. Then this review is aimed for you to get understanding on how to choose the best shock collar for your Dog. The following are considerations when choosing the best dog training shock collar:

Collar size 

The size of the neckline is a very important consideration. For the finest Dog Training shock collar choose that which fits your dog appropriately. For Budget friendly expenses it advisable to select a shock collar which is accommodation to various dog sizes.

Distance Range

The space within which the dog training shock collar operates is very important to consider. This is to guarantee that the dog is supervised within a certain area. The best dog training shock collar is one which covers a longer distance for efficiency.

Strength of Shock

As you choose a Shock collar it is helpful to reflect on the modes it works in and the strength of the shock. The best Shock Collars usually operates in three stimulation modes:

  • Continuous Mode-This is the mode in which the shock collar shocks the dog continuously.
  • Momentary Mode-In this mode it sends one shock at a time.
  • Warning mode-In this mode an alarm/vibration is sent before the shock comes.

Expense and Brand

Who would love to purchase a costly product? 

I know there is nobody. It is for this reason that one should consider expense. An affordable brand which is of quality is the best option. As you look on expense do not compromise on brand’s quality.

Capacity of the battery

The battery capacity is important so as to know for how long it takes before it is recharged again. A shock collar with a battery with high capacity is the best to ensure one uses less time to charge for great performance. One with Longer battery lifespan should also be the best.

Durability & Comfort

When choosing for finest dog training shock, durability is very significant.The most suitable should be crafted from durable materials and is comfortable. This comfort depends with the dog’s preference some prefer nylon materials while others prefer leather. Therefore for best results choose as per Dog’s comfort ability

Additional Features

  • Should be Waterproof.
  • Have an audio warning e.g. a speaker
  • Should have a stopwatch transmitter.
  • Able to accommodate several dogs using one remote.

Final Verdict

The above are some of the best dog training shock collar you can find on the market today. We selected quality products with admirable features and are all-weather use able. Our products are also waterproof and able to cover long distance while training the dog. If you are looking for an affordable option, I’m sure you can pick something from our top 10 best picks.

Having any of these training shock collars will allow you train your dog in the most effective way. You can make comparisons and select the product that is comfortable for your dog and meets your requirements too.

love your dog

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