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How to Discipline a Dog without Hitting : Advice & Solution By Dog Trainer

At a point when your dog turns out to develop a bad attitude, it is indeed true that you might want to discipline him. Because of the unsuitable attitude your dog turns out to display. disciplining a dog for it bad behavior is really good. So by disciplining your dog, is a step forward to let him know that he has done wrong, and the attitude is unsuitable. And at this point, you may be looking for how to discipline a dog without hitting.

Moreover, instead of shouting or hitting your dog, you might want to apply effective ways of disciplines. Suchlike ignoring him, withdrawing the whole of your attention from him. Due to the fact that they quickly respond to positive augmentation. Although there are lots of ways for disciplining a dog, is just up to you to be careful with the strategies you use.

If you want to punish your dog, punish it when the dog is displaying a bad attitude. Not when the dog is in its normal behavior. Because when you try to punish your dog, when it doesn’t misbehave, nothing good is going to come out of him. Because the dog will not know what he has done. Therefore punish your dog when it is necessary.

The kind of punishment you will need to apply in dog disciplining is negative punishment. This involves taking away some of the things the dog want until he does what you want him to do.

How To Discipline a Dog Without Hitting

​​​​Correct the attitude of your dog: when your dog turns out to show some bad behavior, give him a sign to make him know that he has misbehaved. Using a kind of corrective sound of a voice. Your dog will be in a position to understand the sound of your voice. 

  1. Withdraw your attention: when your dog tends to keep misbehaving, you can withdraw your attention from him. By either turning your back or you leave the place where the both of you might be. One interesting aspect of dogs is that they are social animals.​​​

They can adapt to the environment and the things living around. So at this point, if you can find your dog’s misbehavior before it gets too late, you can be able to stop it before the dog misbehavior gets worse.

 Keep turning your back from him or leaving the place until when it comes to understanding the right behavior.

    1. Abstain from giving attention to bad attitude: sometimes your dog might misbehave, just to get your attention. When you realize such behavior do not try to shout at your dog. By doing so, you are giving him the privilege to repeat the same behavior next time. At this point when it misbehaves, try to ignore, by doing this he has no privilege.
    1. Avoid raising your voice or hitting your dog: punishing your dog physically is not a positive way of securing your dog from bad behavior. Shouting or hitting your dog will only make the dog learn how to fear you.
  1. Find out what is causing your dog’s bad behavior: have it in mind that when your dog misbehaves, they don’t misbehave out of wickedness or malice. When your dog seems to show bad behavior, such as destroying furniture, chewing your shoes or growling at strangers, this shows that there is a reason why your dog is misbehaving. In this kind of scenario, you need to spend much time to discover what’s really causing the misbehavior.

So try to eliminate what is causing the bad behavior when you come to know the cause of his bad behavior, reward good attitude, keep your dog active and always seek for help when needed by doing all these will go along way to help you control your dog from the bad behaviors.

Effectively Disciplining Your Dog

There are tons of ways of punishing a dog when it is misbehaving, you may have experienced some bad behavior in your dog. And which you may likewise have taken some steps of securing your dog from the bad attitudes.

However, it is really important that you sort out the actual character your dog displays, so that you can effectively punish him. Knowing how to punish your dog effectively, will help eliminate the bad behaviors your dog always displayed.

How to Discipline your dog for chewing

Sometimes dog chews as a coping attitude whenever they found a victim of psychological issues suchlike uneasiness and so forth. Similarly, if your dog is also victimized by some certain parasites or being bereft of nutrients, these alone trigger your dog into chewing any kind of thing he sees around.

Therefore, before punishing your dog from chewing, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that there is no any medical cause of the chewing attitude. These steps below can help you get rid of the chewing behavior of your dog.

Apply negative augmentation to eliminate bad chewing habit: in terms of punishing your dog, you need to make sure your dog understands that, chewing certain things is unsuitable.

When your dog drops down the thing he is chewing, you can try to offer him a suitable object to chew suchlike a toy. Also when the dog runs away with the object, at this point you don’t need to pursue him. Lots of dogs count this as a playful attitude.

Never beat or hit your dog because it may lead to other bad behavior as a result of anxiety. Because by beating or hitting your dog will make him feel uneasiness and trigger him to exhibit more bad behaviors.Offer your dog healthy choice; encouraging good chewing attitude by getting toys and treat for your dog, provide dogs soothing teathing treats, spend much time with your dog, fascinate your dog with new object and play with him, keep the object you don’t want far away from your dog, do not give your dog complicated object to chew etc.

How to Discipline a dog for biting

Biting is a bad attitude, it is important to let your dog know that biting can injure people and other dogs. When your dog nips your hand, move your hands away and stop playing for a few moments. Withdraw your attention from the dog, if possible leave the room. This is a term that will let your dog understand that biting is a bad behavior. When the dog shall engage into rough play, he will avoid the biting attitude. Keep doing that until the dog comes to understand.

how to punish a dog for biting

Moreover, most dogs will spontaneously bite, nevertheless, there are many methods you can apply to teach your dog, that biting fellow dogs or human is a bad behavior.

Although some dogs do bite as a result of aggression or fear in them, and one fact is that dogs with such behavior are very hard to train. That is why disciplining a dog for biting has to be carefully done.

Positioned your dog in a time-out when it bites. The United State Human Society also pointed out that giving attention to dogs when they bite, support in augmenting their biting attitude.

However, one important thing you need to do is to absolutely ignore your dog, by either means of keeping him in an isolated place with no toys when it bites. And the dog shouldn’t be lonely for a very long time.

You can squeeze the dog’s muzzle to position its lips into its mouth. If your dog biting habit is too tough on you, put your fingers around its mouth and gently fold its lips into its mouth. this will make the dog to bite its own lips and cheeks.

However, dogs that are fully grown do bite just because of their aggressive behavior. And it will be very hard to stop such a dog from biting without professional support. At this point, you can look up to contacting your vet for help.

How long to discipline a dog for bad behavior?

It’s all about the dog not human, dogs don’t think like a human. When your dog misbehaves, the best time to discipline your dog is now. The very time your dog misbehaves is the right time to punish him. There is no specific time or period your dog will take to stop the bad behavior.

When your dog keeps misbehaving, the best thing you need to do is to always keep punishing your dog. Using the strategies you always apply. However, in some cases, it may take you too short or too long for your dog to stop the bad behavior.

If you fail to reprehend your dog’s bad behavior at the point the dog has done wrong, the dog will have no idea of why you are unhappy with him. The dog could only interpret that you are unhappy.

How To Discipline a Dog Without Hitting

If you like your relationship with your dog do not even try to hit him when he displays bad behavior. Always think before spanking or hitting your dog, because hitting or spanking on your dog will absolutely end the relationship you have with your dog. This kind of method is simply not the best way to punish your dog. Hitting your dog can lead to aggression, fear in your dog, and insecurities etc.

To summarize it, the most important method for punishing a dog without hitting is by applying positive augmentation. This method of punishing a dog goes a long way to work far better than spanking or hitting your dog. Hitting your dog because of the bad attitude causes pain to him.

how to discipline a dog without hitting

There are some ways you can also apply without hitting your dog; using corrective voice to bring an end to unsuitable behavior, instead of hitting your dog. Take your dog’s toy away and withdraw your attention from him whenever he displays a bad attitude. There are more to punish your dog without hitting, as you might have read from the above.

How to control a dog from running away

Your dog may runaway due to many reasons are best known to him. Regardless of the reason that will make him run away, amending this behavior is absolutely really important.

If your dog runs away when you are with him or walking with him, avoid scolding and punishing him, when he has come back. Because he might go and come back with negative issues. And also because you are reprehending him after the fact.

However, instead of punishing your dog for running away which might make him become aggressive or fearful, let him know what you desire him to do. Anytime he does good, use dogs treat to reward him for the good thing he has done. This will encourage him to repeat the same good behavior next time.

Should You Discipline Your Do​​​​​g?

You can discipline your dog, it is advisable that you use the appropriate disciplines method. But in most training aspect using punishment is not that too necessary. Than using augmentation method of punishing a dog.

Note that in the process of punishing your dog, do not use positive punishment, use negative punishment which includes, suchlike taking away your dog’s food or toy. So using positive punishment for your dog will make it very stressful and upsetting, and that will crumble the relationship you have with your dog.

behaviors like barging, barking, whining, pulling and snatching, can all be dwindled by the use of negative punishment. in case your dog barks for his dinner, take his dinner away till he stops barking.


Disciplining a dog for bad behavior is indeed absolutely necessary. So that to make the dog stop misbehaving, as well as to feel very safe too. You can, however, establish house rule the first time you are bringing your dog home. Affirm your leadership, and you need to be consistent, certainly about the feeding timeline of your dog.

Always make sure to correct your dog’s bad attitude, instead of punishing him. When correcting your dog, stay off from using violence and always control your emotion so that you can effectively correct your dog’s bad attitude.

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