How Can You Use Hidden Cameras For Your Pet Safety?

Animals are always a joy to watch, especially the ones we can live with. They are adorable, loyal, and cute and can be a great source of company. Some of them even double as pet, alarm and security guards.

Like human beings, these animals also have feelings and you should treat them with utmost care. You should ensure that they are healthy by always keeping them clean. Ensure that you bathe them regularly and frequently. Ensure that you always feed them properly and regularly, as the food they eat is important to their health.

Above all, always protect your pets from any form of harm. Animals will always be animals and may get into fights if you do not keep an eye on them. The truth actually is that you cannot always keep an eye on your pet, as you will always have to attend to other things.

This is where a form of surveillance is necessary. Technology is one thing that is making human lives easier and surveillance is an example of how it does that. The invention of camera complemented human effort largely.

People no longer have to stand guard in the name of keeping watch. You can install your cameras, connect them to a computer and keep watch from the comfort of your surveillance room. Wired cameras are virtually everywhere as firms, companies and even homes are embracing the use of technology for surveillance.

Individuals and firms are even going beyond the use of wired cameras. Wireless cameras. Hidden cameras and motion activated hidden cameras are fast becoming a thing. These different types of cameras usually have distinct features that differentiate them from each other. Below are the two major types of surveillance cameras.

Wired cameras are the regular and most used cameras. You will find them in almost every office, bank, and hospital or sometimes in people’s homes. Wired cameras going by their name they are connected to the computer in the surveillance room using wires.

Wireless cameras

Wireless cameras on the other hand usually have some level of variety , unlike wired cameras. The basic feature is that wireless cameras do not need wires to connect them to a computer. Instead, an internet connection is what you need to connect your wireless camera to a computer. The absence of wires indicates that hidden cameras are wireless cameras. Hidden cameras are not actually hidden. They are more or less hiding in plain sight and this makes them a great fit when it comes to pet surveillance.

Animals are curious in nature and will want to identify objects in their surroundings so the idea of wires running from one place to the other may not be the best especially with electric currents passing through those wires. An obvious camera may also not be a good fit as curiosity may draw pets towards them.

This is why wireless hidden cameras are the best means of keeping your pets safe

The answer to the question of "how can you use hidden cameras for your pet safety?" is inherent in this write-up.

Hide cameras in places out of pet’s reach or in objects less likely to draw attention

This is the best thing to do if you want to protect both the pet and the camera. Hidden cameras as I mentioned earlier are cameras that will take the shape of less suspicious things. People tend to pick objects that will not draw the attention of an average person.

Even when it draws the attention of someone, the idea of that object harboring a camera will not come to that person's mind. When that is the case, the person may drop the object after picking it up. You simply cannot say the same as the case of an animal getting access to an object that catches its attention. The animal will "play" with that object and such play can be detrimental to the camera in particular. In light of this, it is best to hide the camera in objects that will be out of the pet's reach. If you have to install the camera in your pet's cage or house, ensure that it is properly "hidden".

Use intelligent motion activated hidden cameras

This is very important as well especially for ensuring your pet's safety. Regular motion activated motion cameras are still in use but are not the best for cases like this. They may end up taking too many pictures of random events. Intelligent motion activated cameras, however, use face recognition and identification to capture pictures.

They will only take pictures of objects that are big enough to be a threat. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the camera to determine what it will consider as worth capturing. When your camera has the face recognition and identification feature, it will be able to differentiate between a regular face and a strange one. This will also help to reduce greatly the number of random and irrelevant pictures.

Use hidden cameras with real-time and push notifications

If you want to protect your pets really, then you do not want to wait until you get home and view the footage to know what happened while you were away. Individuals are adopting the use of cameras that give push notifications in real time.

This will help you stay abreast with what is happening to your pet at the exact time they happen. This will able to salvage situations at the initial stage before things get worse. You do not want anything that will put your pet in harm's way.

The fact that you will always be at home means that you cannot be in control of everything. The best thing to do is to have a very good contingency plan that will prevent the situation from getting to one that needs emergency measures. With real-time and push notifications, you are only far from your home as you are from your phone.


Pets are some adorable sets of creatures. Some people even liken them to kids. I sometimes agree considering the fact that kids need love and protection. With hidden cameras, you can protect your pets even when you are not at home.

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