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5 Best Dematting Tools for Cats Reviews in 2022

Cat grooming is not only helpful for their hygiene but also creates a bond between pet owners and their pets. The best dematting tools for cats make it easy to keep the loose fur flawless and maintain healthy skin. 

Mats occur in form of knots and tangles formed from excess fur and other factors. With the best cat dematting tool, it is easy to safeguard your pet from pain and piercing or scratches during the entire grooming from the tool’s sharp teeth.

Keep your cat’s coat healthy with the right dematting brush we have covered in our reviews. These tools are great for cat lovers and they work well and they come at very affordable price. They help reduce shedding on your pet’s skin in just a few minutes.

Save time by seeing the table

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Go-Pets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake for Cats & Dogs High sensitivity to the skin and minimal irritation. Check Price
backpac Pet Republique Dematting Tool Long Haired Breed Pets Made with a modern touch for better dematting. Check Price
cordlessblower RUBOLD Dematting Tool Firm grip during grooming. Check Price
cordlessblower Mat Remover by Hertzko Massage for your pet enhancing blood circulation. Check Price
cordlessblower Dematting Comb by Hertzko Durable tool with great flexibility. Check Price

Best Dematting Tools for Cats Reviews

Removing loose hair on your cat’s skin is easy if you have the right cat brush. There are many cat brushes on the market that work well for matted fur. Our guide and reviews cover the best cat brushes that work well for sensitive skin and tangled hair. Compare their features to select the most ideal dematting comb for your cat’s coat.

Go-Pets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake for Cats & Dogs

Get your pet groomed in just a few strokes with this cat grooming tool for loose fur.

This pet grooming tool offers a professional in removing dead hair from cats and dogs. This dematting tool for cats will allow your cats and dogs to have smooth skin free of mats and the side effects that come with mats.

The gopets dematting comb is double-sided with each side having its own set of teeth. One side of the professional groomer is equipped with teeth that allow you to remove mats that are less stubborn and less tangled.

The other side has teeth made with lower density allowing you to tend to mats that are tangled up and stubborn to remove. We recommend this tool as the best dematting tool for cats since the design of the teeth gives great results on cats and dogs.

Furthermore, this tool is the best de-shedding dematting tools for cats as it is made to carry out multiple tasks. It will give excellent results when used to brush off the mats and also provide undercoat care for the cat through the de-shedding rake.

The fine finish of the teeth is pleasant and comfortable on the skin providing safety during grooming. A non-slip handle comes in handy to facilitate firm grip while dematting your cat.


  • High sensitivity to the skin and minimal irritation.
  • Firm grip and comfortable mat removal.
  • Multiple tasks with a single tool.
  • Removal of all types of mats.


  • May prove challenging to use on cats with long hair.
  • Spare teeth are not provided.

Pet Republique Dematting Tool Long Haired Breed Pets

Cat owners with long haired cats will find this deshedding brush a great grooming tool to have in their proximity.

This may be the best dematting tool for long haired cats since it is suited for dogs, younger cats, rabbits, and any long-breed pet.

The teeth of this dematting tool work well in removing mats from long haired cats regardless of the tangles and knots of the mats. If by any chance the mats have formed dense coating, this is the ideal dematting tool.

Even though the blades are sharp on the inside, they are rounded edges making them safe and pleasant. Its shape is customized to make them safer than the traditional dematters with sensitive skins. The handle is also made with a non-slip design for a better grip.

High quality of the stainless steel teeth make it the best dematting comb. These teeth can last a long time before maintenance is necessary. They are well fit in place to make dematting a cozy experience for your pet.


  • Made with a modern touch for better dematting.
  • Has a high lifespan.
  • Works well on diverse pets with long hair.
  • Great handling while grooming.


  • When excess pressure is applied, the steel teeth may cause pain on the pet.
  • Steel may get hotter or cold based on the surrounding.

RUBOLD Dematting Tool

We categorize this dematting tool among the best cat brushes since it is customized to eliminate mats for all your pets at home with a medium of long hair. 

Grooming regarding dematting will be successful with this tool because the design is elegant and functional tailored. Every bit is made to serve a certain purpose and facilitate the smooth removal of mats from the cats.

The undercoat rake comb will make you achieve maximum mats removal from your pet safely and gently. The teeth are rounded and given smooth texture in the edges to ensure you subject your pet to zero pains during grooming.

 Since this dematting tool was initially designed for dogs, dog owners will share their satisfactory stories from the use of this tool for grooming.

You are granted full control of your tool during grooming through the provision of the non-slip handle. As a result, your pet will have their mats removed even from the toughest tangles without causing discomfort.

The material used in the assembly is durable making your dematting tool long-lasting in service delivery. In the end, your pet is left with a clean shiny top coat when you groom it with the aid of the RUBOLD dematting tool.


  • No pain and no scratch for your pet skin.
  • Firm grip during grooming.
  • Effective with removing medium and long hairs.
  • Works with multiple pets.
  • Durable and lasts longer.


  • Although the teeth have rounded edges, mishandling will cause excessive pressure and pain.
  • The tool may prove ineffective on short hair.

Mat Remover by Hertzko

Having a baby cat for a pet may prove quite a challenge when it comes to dematting. However, we present a solution in form of the best dematting tool for cats where you can groom even small cats with the aid of baby powder.

The reason for this is simply the fact that this tool is designed to work on all kinds of hair. Whether the hair is long, medium, thick, wiry, short, or even curly, this tool will provide satisfactory grooming results. This comb removes mat tangles and knots from the skin of your pet.

The teeth are designed to have smooth edges thus little or no scratches on your pet as you get rid of the mats. Furthermore, these smooth edges prevent the pulling of the hair as you remove the mats.

Its ability to guarantee the safety of your pet coupled with the comfortable, durable, and strong handle that is has an anti-slip grip makes it a top choice. 

Besides giving your pet a great look zero of mats, this dematting tool will make your cat feel great. Its design allows for sensational massage of your pet boosting blood circulation for your pet.

Choose mat remover by Hertzko today choose a comfortable and pleasant grooming experience for your pet with guaranteed results. Keep your pet with shiny flawless skin for a long time without the need to replace the dematting tool.


  • Massage for your pet enhancing blood circulation.
  • Pleasant and comfortable dematting experience.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Works on all types of hair.
  • Keep the pet safe from scratches.


  • The dematting tool may not reach the sensitive parts in long hair pets.

Dematting Comb by Hertzko

In the bid to provide clients with the best dematting tools that not only aim to eliminate mats but also takes care of their health, Hertzko has offered a quality assured product.

This dematting tool will remove all the mat tangles and knots from your cat as well as dogs will much ease.

It is suitable for all types of hair; short, long, medium, or even curly. There are no cases of scratches on your pet since the blades are made with smooth edges. In return, you will remove loose hair and trapped dirt gently without causing discomfort to your pet.

Your health is a priority and in this regard, the dematting tool is made with a comfortable, durable, and anti-slip handle that allows you to demat your pet as long as you wish without straining your hand wrist. 

In addition, the dematting tool will give your pet a smooth massage leaving it with a great look and better blood circulation. Quality is assured and the durability of the dematting tool is long lifeIn addition, the dematting tool will give your pet a smooth massage leaving it with a great look and better blood circulation. Quality is assured and the durability of the dematting tool is long life


  • Safeguard your wrist against straining.
  • Better blood circulation for your pet.
  • Durable tool with great flexibility.
  • Works with all types of hair.
  • Safe from scratches on your cat.


  • It is one-sided on the blades.

How Do I Get Rid of My Cats Matted Fur?

Removal of the matted fur from the skin of your cat is one of the best grooming services you will offer your cat. By so doing, you ease the skin irritation as well as infections associated with matted fur on the skin of your cat. Dematting is a grooming service that ought to be carried out frequently

This is because your cat will collect fur during its movements and some of its shed fur will tangle with the hair on the skin. This matted fur comes out smoothly when removed using the right dematting tools. 

As a result, we highly recommend you select the best dematting tools for your cat o cut t off extra work especially with hard mats which may be painful if removed the wrong way.

There are different ways to demat your cat with minimal irritation and causing painful sensations. You may use cornstarch or talcum powder to remove matted fur.

Simply sprinkle the cornstarch powder or talcum powder and gently using your fingers scrap off the matted fur. It is advised you calm your cat during this exercise for better results.

This method is simple but very effective in removing matted fur. Secondly, you may opt to use olive oil and a brush to remove the matted fur. 

Once you spot the matted area, apply some olive oil on the surface and use a soft brush or comb to brush off the matted fur. As long as your cat remains calm, this method is effective and quick in dematting a cat.

Do Dematting Combs Work On Cats?

Safety and wellbeing of your cat during dematting must be paramount. The tool you settle on for dematting must therefore ensure the process is painless, scratch-free, and effective in removing the mats from the cat. 

The tool selected need to be strong so as not to break and maybe cause piercing to the cat during the grooming process but also be gentle enough to soothe the skin of the cat during the entire process.

The dematting combs in today’s grooming industry are very safe to use on your cats. They will give you satisfactory if not excellent results when you use them to remove mats from your cats. The reasons behind this include the rounded teeth, smooth sharp inner lining for the teeth, and firm and strong teeth.

Your cat will be scratch-free since the round structure of the teeth allows smooth scrapping of the matted fur from the skin. 

In addition, the teeth inner lining is made to cut through tough mats, knots, or even tangles without breaking thus achieving the desired goal and at the same time remain intact. All you need is to keep your cat calm by soothing it during the dematting process.

One of the best combs you may try to demat your cat is the Safari De-matting comb which works well for any pet and is designed to remove mats effectively and safely. The precaution you need when working with combs for dematting is to be gentle else you will irritate the cat and cause much pain.

Cat Dematting Tool Buying Guide

For you to get an effective dematting tool, you need to consider a few essential factors. This will help you select the right tool that makes the grooming session for your feline friend easy. Whether you need a double sided comb for small mats or one with self cleaning button, consider these tips.


The dematting tool you acquire needs to be flexible to the extent that you may use it to remove knots, tangles, loose hair, and mats from not only your cat but also on other pets at your home.

Some of the best cat brushes are effective in dematting pets like dogs meaning you will not spend an extra penny to groom your dog. 

This implies that the tool must be easy to clean after the grooming exercise. The reason for this is to prevent cross-contamination given the skin is a very sensitive part of the body.

Types of hair on your cats

Do you have a long haired cat or short haired? The mats formed on the fur have a varying degree of knots and thus calls for different tools for better removal. 

You will be prompted to acquire a very different dematting tool for long haired cats to that of a short-haired cat especially when the knots and mats are hard. 

When you use the wrong tool on your cat based on the nature of its hair, you risk causing irritation and pain through the cutting of hair and at times the mats are not completely removed.

Nature of teeth for the comb

You wish to make the dematting process painless, scratch-free, and soothing for better bonding with your cat. To achieve this, you must identify the right type of teeth for the comb you use on your cat. 

Some teeth are long, steel, and strong while others are hooked, with soft boar bristles and smooth lining, especially if your cat has sensitive skin.

Depending on your pet hair, choose the right comb to match the teeth to the hair. This way, the dematting process will be successful given the mats are removed, a bond is created and the cat is safe from any harm during the grooming.


The material used in making the dematting tool will dictate how long the tool will serve you. You will notice some tools are made from hard polyvinyl while others are made from rubber and steel nails.

When the mats on the cat are hard and tangled, using a cheaply assembled tool will only send you to the market time and again. We thus recommend you check to see the material used guarantees long-term service for better grooming.


Cross-contamination may occur between pet to pet or pet to human during the grooming exercise. This fact is often overlooked by many pet owners and before you realize it, your pet infected you with a skin disease.

 As a way to ensure you are safe when dematting your cat, get yourself protective gear such as gloves which are at times included as accessories when you purchase the dematting tools.

Grip and Weight

As much you wish to give the best grooming experience to your pet, the tool you select for the service needs to be equally friendly to you. A quality dematting tool needs to be lightweight and offer you a firm smooth grip.

Let your focus be fully on the grooming exercise of your pet as opposed to the handling of the tool chosen for dematting. A tool that allows you good control will enable you to reach every mat and knot hidden within the hair of the cat.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Question: How do I get rid of my cat’s matted fur?

Answer: Matted fur can be removed through the use of fingers using powders made from cornstarch or using a dematting tool to scrap off the knots and tangles of mats.

Question: How do you use a Dematting tool on a cat?

Answer: You must assess the matted spot and then select the right tool for dematting. Make your cat calm down and then run the dematting tool gently on the skin and remove the mats.

Question: Do Dematting Combs work on cats?

Answer: Yes; dematting combs work perfectly well on cats. This is attributed to the fact that these combs are made with smooth-edged teeth that scrap mats from the cats gently without causing pain or irritation on the skin.

Question: How do you shave a matted cat at home?

Answer: You will need to have sharp blunt-nosed scissors to carry out this grooming exercise successfully at home. Make your cat relax then slide the scissors along the skin where the mat spot is and ensure the scissors are perpendicular to the skin. One must avoid pulling the hair as you cut through the mat.

Question: Should I shave my matted cat?

Answer: This option is advised when the mat on your cat appears in sensitive areas which may irritate dematting or the mat appears in tight areas. Shaving will prevent unnecessary pulling of the skin which may be uncomfortable for your cat.

Question: Does matted hair hurt cats?

Answer: The matted hair will hurt your cat when it scratches itself and pulls the mat off its skin. This irritates and may be painful too.

Question: Why is my cats’ fur suddenly matted?

Answer: Shedding may be one of the reasons your cat has mats all over within a short time. A cat with a skin infection that forces it to scratch itself from time to time will also experience sudden mats.

Question: Why does my cat’s fur get so matted?

Answer: Once your cat experience shedding or is having movements from point to another frequently, the fur will mat at a quick and intensive rate.

Question: Does matted fur grow out?

Answer: Yes; the mats will grow if not removed from the cat’s skin since the collection of dead and ratty mass keeps accumulating thus becoming larger. Mats will rarely fall off without the dematting process being carried out thus grow with time.

Final Thoughts

The dematting process should be thorough in that it eliminates all the mats from your pet’s fur. We have covered quality tools specially designed to remove collected hair. These slicker brushes are safe to use, self cleaning, and they work well on the dead undercoat.

Make comparisons and select dematting tools that work with all types of hair and can work on different pets. This is not only convenient but also affordable. Whether you have short haired cats or a long haired cat, the above are the best cat brush you should consider.

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