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Why is My Dog Drooling Around the New Puppy: 6 Reasons

If you have a new puppy in the house, chances are that your dog is drooling. If not, don’t worry. Your dog may be suffering from what is known as separation anxiety or fear of change. 

Why is my dog drooling around the new puppy? Dogs may drool and salivate right after they show interest in puppies. You can observe why dogs drool by looking at the cases I mention below. Let’s keep continuing!

What Do You Mean By Dog Drool?

Dog saliva is critical in digestion because it is responsible for breaking down food and chewing it into smaller particles that can easily be swallowed. Saliva also contains bacteria that help your dog break down food by providing essential enzymes to help your dog digest their food.

As a side effect of this, saliva also helps with dental hygiene. It washes food particles away from your dog’s teeth, preventing bacterial growth and tooth decay.

In most cases, drooling is a result of something else. It’s often a symptom of feelings of hunger, stress and anxiety, sickness, calmness, relaxation, or excitement.

While some dogs drool more than others, it’s something that you have to get used to if you plan on adopting a dog. Most dogs drool in some way or another. A few licks here and there isn’t too much to worry about.

If your dog is drooling excessively, that could be a sign that they are experiencing health issues or feeling sick because of an illness they acquired from their environment.

What are the signs of Drooling in Dogs?

What are the signs of Drooling in Dogs

Aside from drooling itself, there are several other ways you can tell if your dog is experiencing health issues or emotional trauma. One of these signs is playing with bows and rolling in the grass. This behavior is especially true when your dog is a puppy.

If you look for signs of drooling in dogs, try to look out for these behaviors. Your symptoms are Yawning, Panting, Whining, Loss of appetite, Pacing, Stiff body, Licking, Scratching, Shedding, and more.

Why is my dog drooling around the new puppy?

Why is My Dog Drooling Around the New Puppy

As the dog’s diet changes, the older dog drools less, while the younger dogs drool more. It is especially true in breeds that are not well known for their ‘drooling gene’.

Dogs are social animals. They depend on someone or something to be with them all the time. Dogs adore attention and love to please you. It can be stressful if you suddenly need to change something in your dog’s environment or if a friend or relative brings home a new pet.

May Have Health Problems

If your dog is experiencing any health issues that require medication or other treatment, it can cause drooling. This includes heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, and kidney diseases.

When Feeling Anxious

Dogs drool when they are stressed and anxious. They experiencing anxiety will often find comfort in chewing anything in sight, licking themselves or their surroundings, pacing, whining, and even urinating inside the house. Dogs may do this when they’re left alone at home.

Feel Excited

Dogs often drool for a variety of reasons. When your dog is excited, a few things can cause drooling. These are: chewing, licking, and scratching at the skin, sniffing at the air, and urinating inside the house or in inappropriate spots outside of the house.

Have Fear

When your dog is stressed because they feel threatened by something they don’t understand, it will often react by drooling.

It happens because when your dog feels threatened by something, it causes them to become more alert and focused on its surroundings in order to protect itself from harm or physical pain.

Feel Jealousy

Other times when your dog is experiencing jealousy, it may drool because of the increase in excitement it is getting from its surroundings.

When a new pet or person enters the house, this increases the level of arousal and excitement which your dog is feeling.

Whatever the scenario may be, it’s important to remember that while you may not be able to understand why your dog is acting in a certain way when you bring home a new pet or friend, there are signs and signals that can help you figure out what’s going on.

Have Sexual desire

When your dog is experiencing sexual desire, it can lead to strange behaviors, like drooling. This is especially the case for male dogs. If a male dog suddenly develops sexual desires against its owner’s will, it might start to drool.

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How to keep your dog away from drooling near puppies?

If your dog’s drooling is due to excitement, there are several things you can do to help it settle down. You can try walking with your dog or putting it on a leash so that it is less likely to cause problems for other family members and animals.

You can also try giving your dog food rewards if you want to reward good behavior. It will teach your dog that good behavior is rewarded by a taste of food instead of getting attention from its owner.

If you want to get rid of the drooling, keep your dog away from new puppies until the situation calms down. If your dog is drooling excessively, it is likely to experience some kind of illness.

Excessive drooling can be a symptom of canine distemper, heart problems, diabetes, thyroid illnesses, and kidney problems. 

Drooling may also occur when your dog has an upset stomach because something they ate caused them to vomit. Vomiting causes excessive drooling due to having to clean themselves off and the stomach acid seeping out of their mouth.

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While it’s essential to know – why is my dog drooling around the new puppy, it is important to understand how to stop it also.

If your dog is drooling excessively, there are a few things you can try to help them feel better. Try to determine if you can do anything about it or if they are acting out because they feel sick or scared.

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