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Why Does My Dog Stand Over My Feet?

There is a chance that your dog is standing over your feet because they are worriedly watching you eat.

Dogs are masters of smell, and believe it or not, and they know when you’re eating something that’s either good or bad for you. They may even be able to smell cancer on the person they’re watching. 

If a dog thinks his owner is going to eat something unhealthy and might drop dead, he will instinctively try to protect them by standing over their feet and guarding them while they eat their meal.

Dogs love attention, and if you’re paying attention to what you’re eating, the dog feels like he has some attention to get from you. Here I am providing some important reasons why does my dog stand over my feet.

Why Does My Dog Stand Over My Feet: Explained The Exact Reason

Reason Behind Dog Standing Over my Feet

Here are a few reasons why your dog stands over feet:

They Want To Be Close To You

Dog want To Be Close To You

Standing over your feet while you’re eating could be a way of showing affection on the dog’s part. Dogs who are starved of attention or affection in their life may try to get close to you in any way they can, even if it means stepping all over your dinner.

Transmitting Their Dominance

Displacing behavior is when an animal often acts like they are in charge. For example, if a dog tells his owner to move from the couch to make room for him, he will stand over them and maybe let out a warning bark before he does so.

Reinforced Behavior

Some dogs may be practicing this kind of behavior out of boredom, but others may be doing it because it’s a reinforced behavior. The more often he does it, the more confident he becomes, and his owner begins to see him as more than just a cute little guy.

They are Excited About Meal Time

Excitement is another possible cause of the dog standing over your feet while you eat. If food is not an option, and you haven’t been paying the dog any attention, then they could be excited at the prospect of something else happening to break the monotony.

Some dogs may love mealtime so much that even if you’re not eating dinner, they still insist on getting in on it.

It could be as simple as them smelling your food and hearing you make little eating noises. It’s all about the anticipation for many dogs, who feel happy just knowing it’s mealtime.

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They’re Not Aware of Their Back Legs

Some dogs may not be aware that they are standing over your feet as they are looking at you. Some may believe they’re on your other side and think it’s their own dinner table. They don’t know that their back legs can’t reach.

They Could Be Protecting You

A dog standing over your feet could be protecting you. The dog may feel it will be left behind to protect you and your family if you’re in danger.

It could also be trying to keep you from sticking fingers into the dog’s dinner because it isn’t yours.

They Are Watching You

Dogs often use their noses to watch what’s happening around them, as we do. They could recognize that something smells exciting and try to get a little closer for an odor fix. Even though they can’t make their way over your feet and take a bite, they are closer than before.

They Could Also Be Scared

Dog could Also Be Scared

If your dog is scared that you’re going to hurt yourself or someone else or is generally afraid of loud noises, then he could be attempting to protect you.

The dog may be startled by certain scents from your food and will try to guard against them.

They’re Trying to Get You to Do Something

Dogs are very goal-oriented animals, and if there is something they want or something they don’t like.

It’s only natural for them to try their hardest to get what they want or make you change your behavior somehow. Standing over your feet while you eat could be one of those behaviors.

They’re Showing Affection

Dogs have shown affection by sitting on the owner’s lap or licking their face or hands. Many people believe that dogs do this. Because they are bored, but in fact, most dogs do this to show affection and love.

They Could Think It’s Fun

Many dogs will choose to observe a person doing a task, such as cooking or eating, when it comes to something fun and exciting.

The idea of food is alluring, and watching a person chew, eat, and enjoy their meal sounds incredibly exciting and fun to them.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs may stand over your feet while you eat because they are unsure whether they should sit down. This could be a way of saying, “Don’t leave me!” If a dog is left behind, it will feel they have failed you and can’t protect you. 

Dogs who have separation anxiety will often sit on their owner’s laps as they watch them work to relieve some strain on their anxious owner. Mistreated dogs will often show this behavior, so their owners know exactly how to handle them.

Letting Other Dogs Know Your Theirs

In some cases, the dog may be showing dominance over other dogs. If a dog is going to assert their dominance over another dog, this could be one way of making that statement and letting other dogs know that they are alpha.

Training Your Dog

This behavior can be trained by having your dog sit to all kinds of commands. Dogs who are good at listening and following rules will likely listen to the words “sit” and “down” because they already know what to do. It is easy for a dog owner to train not to stand over their feet while eating.

Final Words

There are many reasons why does my dog stand over my feet. Some are more of a problem than others, and some aren’t helpful or necessary at all. As a dog owner, it’s essential to understand that dogs do things for a reason.

You have to get to the bottom of what they’re doing. That will go a long way toward helping you understand how to handle the situation better.

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