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Why Does My Dog Stay In Another Room: How to change the behavior

Commonly, pet owners sometimes have trouble controlling their mischievous, or even destructive dogs. With patience and research, you can discover the source of your dog’s problems. 

Sometimes your dog doesn’t want to stay in his room. You may have a significant discipline problem that is in your hands. But it’s essential to identify why does my dog stay in another room. 

Your dog may be too boisterous and is getting on the guests’ nerves, or it could just want some space. To figure out what’s really behind this behavior, you’ll read this post carefully and identify what’s your dog’s problem!

Why Does My Dog Stay In Another Room?

Some dogs might feel that a room is their territory and are staying in another room only for that reason. In most cases, these dogs are not aggressive and will change their minds once you reinforce the desired behavior. Let’s know about the causes!

If the room is uncomfortable

The reason might be that your dog is uncomfortable if you are in a room. It can lead to one dog dominating the other, which is why your pet is staying away from you to avoid an altercation. If this is the case, you mustn’t let your puppy dominate you and punish them for their dominance.

Being afraid of your room is also a cause of staying away from his room. Go to your dog and ask him politely. Because identifying a dog’s problem is most important for solving it.

Familiar with other rooms

Your Dog is Familiar with other rooms

Your dog stays in another room because they are more familiar with them and do not want to change their behavior. You can use this as favorable reinforcement. Keep reinforcing good behaviors and ignoring or scolding bad ones. This is an excellent way to create trust between you and your dog if they mistreat each other.

When you look stressed

Sometimes they are stressed out by your behavior and need to be taken out of the situation. You can reward them when they stay in another room to separate themselves from you. 

It will strengthen the bond and ensure they stay in the room like you want them to. This process will also boost their confidence and prevent them from feeling too stressed in other situations.

Feel fear to climb

If your dog is scared of climbing stairs or has a joint problem, it will go to another room. It’s important to make sure that you brainstorm about a solution.

In most cases, a ramp can be built, or chairs can be used so the dog can climb the stairs more easily. Consider using their harness if you want them to get more exercise and stay in the same room as you.

Feel Anxious

When they are anxious, they might change their room. Sometimes it happens because of a lack of training. You’ll want to ensure that you reinforce the behavior you want while scolding them for any unwanted behavior.

It will help to build trust with your dog and ensure that they stay in the same room as how you want them to.


dog is staying in another room because it may feel insecure

Your dog is staying in another room because it may feel insecure. Try not to punish your dog for this behavior. Consider building a sturdy fence to protect them from other animals. It will ensure their safety and that your other pets are also safe.

How To fix the Problem?

The first thing you can do to fix this problem is to reassure your pet. The best way of doing this is by giving them a treat whenever they enter the room and avoiding scolding them if they are not doing what you want. Over time, this will change the behavior and ensure they stay in the same room as you want them to.

You Can Declutter the room

Another thing that you can do is declutter your room; this will make them feel more comfortable and relaxed. You can also try rearranging the furniture to give them more space.

A dog bed or a blanket will also help your pet feel more at home if they stay in another room because they want their own space.

Have area rug

An area rug is also a good idea to make them feel more at home. They will be more willing to go in the room if they have a place they can enjoy. It will also encourage them to stay in another room for longer and ensure you have the control you want.

Improve tolerance

The best way of doing this is by ensuring that your dog gets lots of exercises so that they feel less stressed. This will also make them more confident if they stay in another room and make them less likely to have separation anxiety. Also, it will be easier for them to feel at home when in another room at the end of the day. You can solve this kind of dog behavior by arranging a dog crate for separation anxiety.

Use less noisy room

Excessive noise can make your dog anxious or feel disgusted sometimes. So please keep them in such a room which allows less outside noise. Take care of your dog’s health and behavior.

Avoid strong smells in the room

Make sure that your pet is not allowed to drink from the toilet in your room so that strong smells don’t spread. You can also avoid having any strong scents in your room, such as perfumes or scented candles. This will help reduce stress and anxiety in your pet and ensure that they stay in another room for longer.

Ensure Good Temperature

It’s vital to ensure that your house is at an ideal temperature. You can use a fan or an air conditioner to lower the indoor temperature. You will also want to make sure that you only enter the room when it is a comfortable temperature.

Make the Space Safe

The best way to create a safe space for your pet is to have a crate. You can place their beds in the crate so that if they feel frightened, you can use it as a safe space. You can also put their food and toys in the crate so that they feel comfortable and at home.

Final Words

Why does my dog stay in another room- is now easy enough for you to identify. You must always choose the best way of doing this so that you can build trust and make your pet feel comfortable in your home. Remember that training takes time, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time.

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