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Why Does My Dog Growl When I kiss Him?

If you take your dog for walks every day, your pup is probably pleased to see you at the end of the day.

But when you bend down to pat them and kiss them, they might growl. Emotional intelligence expert Marc Bekoff says that this protective response is a learned behavior that can be unlearned.

So Why does my dog growl when I kiss him? First, we need to identify why your dog is growling in the first place: are they afraid or frustrated?

Next, we need to provide an alternative behavior, growling, or instead of growling, like turning around for attention or running after something interesting outside.

Why Does My Dog Growl When I Kiss Him?

Why Does My Dog Growl When I Kiss Him

Dogs are packed animals, and being groomed, touched, and petted is part of the grooming process. Let’s discover the reason why my dog growls when I kiss him!

Your Dog Feels Uncomfortable

If you notice that your dog is uncomfortable when you are near them, then it’s essential to keep an eye on the signs. Look for signs like lowered body posture and fur fluffing up.

If they pace, whine, or cry when you show affection, they are likely uncomfortable with the situation and don’t know how to process it.

To make them more comfortable, try holding off on them and grooming them until they have relaxed.

Dog Is Fearful Of People Approaching

You can discover your dog hiding in places where they feel comfortable if they are afraid of you approaching them. In this case, try approaching from different angles to see if they will come out of hiding.

If they don’t come out, it’s time to sit back at a distance so your dog can approach you when they are ready. Note that this may take some time, so wait a while before trying again.

Reward them for coming towards you, and once they get close enough, begin petting them gently without moving any more towards them.

Growling As A Sign Of Pleasure

In the wild, a dog’s growl warns its pack that it is about to attack. When dogs growl, attacked, or are threatened, take this concept and apply it to our pets. Some people believe their dogs will growl at them if they are unhappy about something. 

While there may be some truth to this theory, this may also be more of an expression of pleasure than anything else. Dogs who get their bellies rubbed right away will often emit little grunts or whines as they enjoy the sensation.

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Some dogs will growl when they feel threatened by their owners. It is especially true if you are in the same room as them while they are eating or sleeping. These warnings do not mean that your dog will bite you, so don’t worry about this.

It’s a sign that your dog trusts you, and the more rewards he receives after hearing these growls, the more he will gain trust in you.


Dogs growl to scare off intruders since it’s in their nature to safeguard their land and guard their territory.

In this case, dogs will growl when they feel threatened by someone entering their territories, such as when a person enters the yard or the kitchen. 

If you have ever noticed that your dog does not like strangers, it’s possible that what you’ve noticed is your dog’s way of warning you about these people from his perspective. Dogs may also growl if they do not understand that this person is friendly or an ally.

Your Dog Is Showing Affection Back To You

Are you looking for a highly active dog who wants to connect with you? If so, then the Jack Russell Terrier may be the right breed for you.

Owning this breed means that your dog won’t sit around all day, and they will make your life considerably more enjoyable. 

However, it is essential to know that if your Jack Russell Terrier is getting too distracted from its human family members, it’s a good idea to train them on how to behave in social situations because this can help keep things subtle and not make them shy away from interaction with anybody.

Signals Pleasure Or Comfort

When you’re around your dog, he will likely be in a position to try to show you that he enjoys the attention you are giving him. You can tell several things about your dog based on how they react to its human family members.

Things like the exact angle they are holding their heads, the amount of hair on their back, and even what position they’re standing in, as well as if they are sitting or lying down, can give you some indications of whether or not your dog is feeling happy and relaxed when he sees his human family members.

Sign To Continue Doing It

When you’re training a new command, it’s important to note that rewarding your dog each time they do the correct behavior will eventually make them want to do that behavior more and more.

If this is the case and you are in a situation where you are constantly putting food in front of your dog, they will learn very quickly. And they can receive rewards just by doing the behavior. 

General Happiness

dog can show you that they feel good

There are many ways that your dog can show you that they feel good. If your dog has just finished his meal, it’s possible that he will be happy about it, and if he is, then he might show you by wagging his tail.

This is simply a reaction to the fact that the food is often missing. However, in other circumstances, it may signify pure pleasure, where your dog feels energized and ready to take on the next task.

This is especially true of dogs that fast during the day, so their hunger returns in the late evening when they are ready to sleep.

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It’s important to realize that not all dogs will growl unless they are feeling threatened. However, there are certain circumstances where this behavior is a good sign that the dog feels happy and comfortable around the family members.

It’s also important to realize why does my dog growl when I kiss him. This doesn’t mean they will bite you or try to hurt you in any way.

It simply means that they want you to know something. If you understand what they are trying to communicate, then it won’t be necessary for you to get angry back.

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