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How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy At Home

Who does not want a trained German shepherd will play around him or her. In general, German Shepard is loyal, lovable and adorable. Along with that, German Shepard is famous for its other attributes of character.

They have courage, confidence, ability to quick learning command, and the ability to put their life on danger in defense. They are adorable for sure, but when it is time for defense, you will rarely find any aggressive dog as a German shepherd.

And when it comes to looking, there are very few breeds that can compare to this item. They can stand 26 inches high. When they stand, it creates a smooth and curves shape. It is obedient and intelligence. Very few other breeds can as intelligent as German shepherd.

You will get all of these only if your dog is well-trained.

But to train a German Shepard is not so easy, especially if you are not an expert in this field and doing it for the first time. You need patience, time and commitment to train your beloved puppy. But don’t panic. I am here to help you. In this article, 

how to train a german shepherd puppy

I am going to tell you some fantastic techniques and tricks through which you can understand how to train a lovely German Shepard puppy efficiently and effectively. What you need to do is to read the article until the end, and after reading this, you will understand how you can train your dog.

Here we go.

Start training your dog when it reaches your home

Some people say that it is better to start preparing your puppy at the age of 1 year while some people say that you should begin training your puppy at the age of 3-4 weeks. But the right thing is that you should start training your puppy as soon as it enters your home.

The soon you teach him the right things, the promptly he will obey you. And the more waiting you will do, the harder it will be for you to train the German Shepard. So do it fast. You do not have to spend an entire day to train your puppy for sure. It will need just a couple of minute at first to teach him a lesson.

Socialize your puppy

The next thing you need to do is to socialize your puppy. Your puppy should know what is right and what is wrong. He should know what he should do and what he should not. Also, what is threatening and what is not. To do that, you have to take him with you outside. Go for a walk in a park and take your puppy with him. Let him see the world and also how other puppies behave. Let him interact with as many people and animals as possible. But one thing you need to remember here that you should keep away your pet from any negative environment always.

Be an alpha leader

Maybe you can think that your puppy treats you as his mother or father. You are completely wrong. Dogs do not treat people or anything as their relative. They treat others as either enemy or follower or alpha leader. And you have to be an alpha leader to them.

He will listen to you once he thinks you as an alpha leader. Being an alpha leader is not like discouraging him, slapping him or keep him away from food. It’s about encouraging him, being calm confident in front of him and let him understand that you are the boss.

Do not threaten him. If you do so, he will fear you and work to defend himself which is not suitable for you and your dog. Also, you will not make a good bond with your puppy ever. So be an alpha leader and keep him away from indiscipline.

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Potty training

How To Potty Train a Puppy

You need to start potty training after when you bring your one at home. If you do not do that, the puppy will ruin your home with its poop for sure, and you will face some real trouble. When it grows bigger it will be quite impossible for you to train him doing potty at the right place. So start at the very beginning. Take him to outdoor before sleep and after waking up. These are the time they do potty. Do it regularly, and as I said, they are brilliant and quick to learn, they will learn to go potty in the right place quickly.

Begin with basic command

Now start with basic commands. This is an essential part. You have to be confident and calm in this part. Remember, your puppy has not followed any command before. You are the first who is commanding him.

Your training should be five to ten minutes long for one command — more extended than it will be boring for your puppy and you as well. Never show any aggression or stress to your puppy. It will result in disobedience to your puppy. Do appreciate if it follows your command. And make sure he is comfortable. Also, use body gesture along with the verbal command. You can use sit, stand up, go, come, and stop, leave it, or other essential types of commands in this stage.

Reward them

You should reward them when they follow your command along with the appreciation. They will not only want your gratitude but also your reward as well. It can be a toy or food. Food can be a better option for him.

An alpha leader should motivate the dog to follow his command and what can be a better motivation for the dog. But the thing you need to remember that a dog should not follow your command just because you reward them. That is why you should not reward him all the time he follows your command.

Clicker training

Clicker Training Dogs


This is a great way to train your puppy. It is a kind of sound practice. In this method, your dog will take the clip sound like a positive marker. Whenever you will reward your dog, make sound with the clip so that he can understand it means very good. After a while, he will take this sound like a reward, and this is how you can train your dog as well.

Go for the other commands

Now when he is obeying your basic commands, it is time for you to take him to the next level of training. In this stage, you need to play with him and teach him what he can do and what he cannot. You need to teach him to stop running here and there all the time, you need to teach him not to bark all the time, you have to teach him not to bite everything, you have to prevent him from jumping, and other things you want.

Also, train him in different places so that he can understand the right things that he can do. For example, you need to take him in your kitchen and teach him not to sit or lay there. In addition to them, do potty training as well.

Every time he follows your command, offer him a treat or appreciation until he completely obeys you. This will inspire him to follow your next command as well.

Use collar or electric fence

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And lastly, if your dog is not obedience enough to listen to you or follow your command, you need have to use German shepherd dog collar. The reason is that not all the German Shepard is the same and all of them may not follow your command. Some are stubborn as well and to train them; you have to be a little bit harsh for sure. 

That is why you have to use bark collar so that he does not bark unnecessarily. Also, you need to use the fence so that he can know his limit or boundary and do not go outside your home area.

dog fence


We love our puppy very much for sure. And when it comes to German Shepard, we love it more. But without proper training, it will be wild, and you won’t like it. That is why it is essential to train the puppy effectively so that he can become a well-mannered puppy and follow all of your commands.

I have explained some basic rules of training the German Shepard. These rules are easy to follow, and these are effective as well. German Shepard learns, and they are good at training. So follow those tips and make your puppy love able to everyone.

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