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Should You Cover a Dog Crate with a Blanket?

A dog crate is one of the first things trainers recommend when adopting or purchasing a new dog. The dog crate is often thought of as a “training tool,” but for man’s best friend, a dog crate is a safe place.

You’ll find a dog crate for car use, a dog travel crate, and a variety of dog crate sizes.

As a pet owner, it can feel like you’re on a treasure hunt trying to find the right tools to train your dog. Along with your cage, it’s not uncommon to purchase blankets to keep your pet comfortable.

But what about a dog cage cover? Do you need one? Should you cover your dog’s crate with a blanket?

Should You Buy a Cover for a Dog Crate?

Covers are great for your pet’s cage because a dog would live in a den in the wild. The den provides comfort and the ability to feel safe. Since the cage is meant to be a haven for your pup, a cover will enhance the feeling of being safe.

When the cage is covered, it will help:

  • Reduce anxiety. A canine is removed from their pack, and while you can fill this void and help create your own “pack,” newly introduced dogs will be scared. Your pet needs to gain confidence and trust. Coverings, not over the entire crate, can provide this much-needed anxiety relief. You want to keep the door uncovered.
  • Reduce excitement. Dogs are visual creatures, and when they see something outside the window, it’s not uncommon for them to run and bark. Coverings allow your dog to reduce this visual stimulus so that he can relax and not worry about the world around him.

When you place a blanket on a small dog crate or a large dog crate, it does another key thing: alerts the animal that it’s now bedtime. Nightly, place the cover on the crate, and your pup will slowly start to realize that this is when the lights go off, and everyone sleeps.

Of course, crate training is also great for training a pup to go to the bathroom outside rather than indoors.

If you use your dog crate properly, it will be like a treasure trail to obedience and helping your pet understand what you expect from him.

Are Dog Crate Covers Safe?

Are Dog Crate Covers Safe

Covers are safe if you use them correctly. Dogs won’t have an issue with the blankets that you use, but you will want to keep in mind the following points:

  • Blankets can catch fire, so make sure that you’re not placing the cover on or near a heating source.
  • Knitted blankets can and will come apart. Do not use these blankets out of fear that your pup may ingest part of them.
  • Overheating may be a concern for some breeds, including English bulldogs. Keep a close eye on the interior temperature and remove the blanket if it gets too hot inside the cage.

Some dogs are natural chewers, which means that they’ll often grab an edge of the blanket and pull it inside of their cage. If your pet has this habit, you may want to try and secure the blanket.

A lot of owners will tuck the blanket under the cage itself to weigh it down.

Choosing the Best Dog Crate Cover

If you’re not going to use a blanket and opt for a dog crate cover, you’ll need to make sure that you choose one that matches your crate’s size. There are multiple size options available, including small, medium, and large.

Their breed will determine the right size for your pup.

If a cage is too big, it may defeat the purpose of the crate and not allow the pup to become crate trained.

A few other factors that will help you choose the best cover are:

  • Insulation. An insulated cover is a good option if the pup will be in a cooler climate and is not one of the breeds that overheat easily.
  • Noise. Dogs that are sensitive to loud noises may do well with blankets and furniture pads around their crate that can help cancel out some of the noise.

Don’t forget the interior, too. You can lay down a blanket inside the cage if you want to make the space more inviting and comfortable.

If you’re unsure of your pup liking a crate cover or not, try using a blanket you own to see how the pup reacts. A lot of dogs love the cover immediately, but some dogs despise coverings. The cover can make the dog feel trapped or scared, and if this is the case, a partial cover or no cover will often work best.

Does your pup like his cage cover?

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