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How To Get An Aggressive Cat Into A Carrier : Easiest Method

Cats can sometimes be stubborn, especially when trying to put them in a carrier that they don’t like. But this is not the end of the road! You need to be a little smarter and learn how to get an aggressive cat into a carrier. This will make your work easier when taking your cat to the vet for a regular checkup.

When dealing with an aggressive cat, you need to get the cat familiar with the carrier. Let the cat get used until you can’t see any aggression signs. 

We will enlighten you more on how you can do that in this guide.

How Can I Calm an Aggressive Cat?

According to research by pet surveys, cats are very delightful and tender-hearted animals. That’s why most people have them as pets. On the other hand, some cats are very aggressive, always meowing, biting, clawing, unlike not all cats are calm and tender. 

Here are ways to calm the aggressive cat.

Take the cat to a veterinarian

Whenever you notice any change in behavior from your cat, that could indicate the cat is unwell has an infection or even arthritis. It’s essential to check and treat the condition early.

Put the cat in a secure place

It can be very stressful for the cat if they don’t get a place to sleep well and relax. Give your cat a quiet place. It helps to calm them.

Stop yelling at the cat

You don’t keep the cat calm by shouting at them! According to animal professionals, they expound that cats don’t make a respond to negatives. 

To achieve this, you have to look for ways to create a strong bond with them. By so doing, the cat will like you and will recognize you are there for its safety.

How to Get an Aggressive Cat into A Carrier

There various ways of getting your cat into a carrier. The greatest of them is allowing your cat to familiarize itself with the carrier a few days before you get them into the carrier.

Whether you have a bike carrier or a cat carrier for long-distance car travel, these tips will help you put your cat in the carrier.

1. Toys and Treats

Use your cat’s most liked toys. Here you will need to stand at a secure distance and throw the toys into the cat’s carrier. Once the cat runs after the toys, be alert, and quickly lock the carrier’s door, the cat will not run away.

Cats love cat treats, even the aggressive ones. You can use this method to get them to the carrier. Give the cat treats and even put some treats inside the carrier. 

As the cat goes inside the carrier to fetch their treat, you can easily close the carrier’s door. You can also consider a cat carrier for nervous and difficult cats to keep them comfortable.

2. Food Traps

Cats love food, and you can use this method to get them into the carrier. First, you will need to trap them by putting the food outside the carrier. Then gradually, you will keep on adding the food. Later, put some food in the carrier, and once the cat gets inside the carrier to eat the food, you will quickly close the carrier’s door.

3. A Blanket

You can also call this method as the Burrito method of holding back your cat so that you can put him into the carrier. You need to spread out your blanket and put it on the cat’s back and round its stomach. Fold the blanket cautiously all over the cats’ body. Ensure you cover the legs well.

Hereafter, you can put it in the carrier freely and remove your blanket to give it some space to relax. Covering its entire body will give no room for the cat to escape. Do not cover the cat’s head! This will allow it to breathe and also will lower the cat’s fear. This method is ideal for small cats.

4. Laser Pointer

The light from the laser pointer entices cats, and they follow it round as it plays. By using the laser pointer, you can get the cat’s attentiveness. To get the cat into the carrier using this method, you will need to point inside the carrier.

Your cat will normally run chasing the laser’s light into the carrier.  Immediately after the cat is inside the carrier, close the carrier’s door to prevent the cat from coming out.

5. Pillowcase

This method may sound brutal to some people, but you can use it to get your cat into the carrier with no bad intentions. You will need to get hold of the cat while he’s not watching you and put him into a pillowcase.

Add a tie to the tip of the pillowcase to prevent the cat from running away. The cat will not see what is going on. Use the Feliway calming spray, the best-known spray for calming down the cat and putting him into the carrier.

6. Use of Pheromones

You can purchase the pheromones and spray it on the aggressive act to calm it down. The pheromones reduce the cat’s uneasiness, and when it calms, you can safely put it on the carrier.

Final Words

When you are handling an aggressive cat, you will need to be very careful and patient. It can make you upset, and you may want to give up on the cat. I hope you now understand some of the ways you can put your cat into a carrier without problems. It is also great to understand how long a cat can stay in the carrier and the various types of carriers you can buy.

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