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10 Best Cat Carriers with Litter Boxes – Reviews and Guide

Traveling with a cat is not easy unless you find the best cat car carrier with litter boxes to put your feline friend in throughout the trip. You can still make the trip comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your cat if you choose the right carrier for it.

Finding the right carrier for the trip may be as difficult as traveling with the wrong carrier. Therefore, we have gathered some of the best products of this nature on the market to help you find what is perfect for you and your cat in such a situation.

Best cat travel carrier with litter box Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Double Pet Kennel/Shelter Lightweight and easy to carry Check Price
backpac Pet Fit for Life Large Cat Cage Made of high-quality nylon material Check Price
cordlessblower PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Plastic lining on tray protects against leaking Check Price
cordlessblower Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Suited for traveling and attaching to seatbelt Check Price
cordlessblower Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter Delivers cleaner surfaces and reduces tracking Check Price
cordlessblower Fresh Step Crystals, Premium Cat Litter Comfortable and attractive Check Price
cordlessblower PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Gives you and your cat quality moments Check Price
cordlessblower PetSafe ScoopFree Smart You can keep track of your kitty’s health Check Price
cordlessblower PetSafe Deluxe Cat Litter Box Effectively reduces odor up to five times Check Price
cordlessblower Catit SmartSift Litter Box A clear-view window for monitoring the litter Check Price

Top 10 Best Cat Car Carriers With a Litter Box Reviews in 2022

Finding the best carrier for your cat can be tough since not many types have litter boxes. We will help you select comfortable and spacious cat carriers you need for your trip. Having these carriers with litter boxes make traveling with your cat easy.

One for Pets Portable 2-in-1 Double Pet Kennel/Shelter

It is always a good decision to use the One for Pets Portable 2-in-1 Double Pet Kennel/Shelter to carry your pet when traveling. It is a very sturdy, roomy, and stylish pet carrier that would be perfect for your cat and traveling. 

It would work wonders for you, especially when traveling long journeys. Whether you are traveling by private or public means that this would be the perfect choice on wheels or air.

This cat carrier has lots of amazing features that make it easy to use and very convenient. It features built-in straps so that you can safely connect it to a seatbelt. Besides, this amazing carrier is easy to set up. You can fold it flat in just a few seconds, and you will be done. 

You can also easily remove the pad cover, whether you want to wash it or for any other reason. It comes with a carry case where you can store it very easily whenever you do not use it.

The One for Pets Portable 2-in-1 Double Pet Kennel/Shelter has multiple entrances. With this innovatively created carrier, you have three options of different ways to use it. 

You can use it as two connected but divided compartments. Similarly, you can detach it into two individual kennels. Finally, you can use it as one big kennel by unzipping the center wall that divides the two.


  • Securely straps to your car seatbelt
  • Keeps your cat safe in the automobile
  • Zippered mesh door allows in air plenty of air and keeps your cat settled.
  • Has dual compartments and spacious
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Not the best for a single cat

Pet Fit for Life Large Cat Cage

This cat carrier boasts many amazing features that would greatly benefit you and your cat in many environments.

It is a highly versatile piece of innovation that is carefully engineered to keep your cat safe and comfortable no matter how bumpy the road is. 

This makes it the perfect option for a long road trip. The extra-large option is spacious enough to house two adult cats, and they still are comfortable in it.

You will notice that your cat or cats love the space just by the way they move within it comfortably. It would help when traveling with your cat, and when you have a visitor or during emergencies, they have to be contained. 

The bottom is covered with velvet so that it is completely comfortable for your cat, even when traveling for long distances.

The bottom materials are machine washable, which makes your work easier during cleaning. Since this product is available in medium and large sizes, you can get it for small and big cats.

 It comes complete with a collapsible water bowl, a litter box, and a teaser toy. It also features two window screens to help your cat stay calm when it can always see you and feel safe.


  • Made of high-quality nylon material
  • Equipped with a litter box and collapsible water bowl
  • Comes with a cat teaser toy
  • Flexible and versatile with two handles
  • Boasts a large interior with a comfortable velvet bottom


  • Flimsy, and easily bends

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

Nothing makes life better, like a pet carrier that automatically removes waste. This one by the reputable PetSafe is not your ordinary pet carrier.

It is a complete package of safety, comfort, and convenience for both the cat and its owner. You do not have to scoop, clean, or refill the litter box for a substantial number of days.

The odor control in this carrier is unbeatable too. It has a crystal litter that removes every last smell from the carrier by absorbing dehydrating solid waste and urine. 

Hence, you will have a carrier to be comfortable carrying in your car or place in your house. Besides, the PetSafe is easy to clean since you can also remove the tray to throw it away. The lid included in each tray makes disposal easy and quick.

So if you do not want to mess your floor anymore, try this carrier out. It comes with a health counter and motion sensors to help you monitor your cat’s movements. 

Also, the low tracking crystals are 99 percent dust free and will not stick to your cat’s paws whatsoever. Setting it up is a breeze, and you can complete it in a minute. 

With this product, you can live together with your pets happy and make it possible for you to enjoy every bit of the relationship.


  • There is a health counter to help keep track of your cat’s health by how many time it uses the box
  • Uses disposable tray
  • Plastic lining on tray protects against leaking
  • Uses crystal litter for better odor control
  • Have motion sensor


  • The metal rake fails

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This is an excellent choice of a cat carrier for sensitive cats and people. It is made to provide your cat and you with a healthy solution to your cat carrying and caring problems. 

It is a stylish pet carrier that your cat will get in willingly every time you need it to be confined or transported. With its revolutionary construction, this carrier perfectly suits its purpose and would make your work easier to maintain and use.

This is one of the best from the reputable PetSafe brand. The PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning if literally free of perfumes and dyes that would affect sensitive cats and people. It also boasts an odor control that is hardly matched in the industry. 

And for that, this cat carrier can absorb urine and dry solid waste more effectively and efficiently than most other products. With this, you will have a product that you can depend on to keep the environment around it welcoming at all times.

When it comes to cleaning this PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning, you will love the fact that it requires almost zero effort from you. It uses self-cleaning technology that, as a user, you will find accommodating. 

The good news is that there will be no acts of scooping of hard waste. Instead, you will simply need to remove the disposable litter tray and throw it as far away as you can.


  • It is roomy enough to hold a cat or two
  • The interior is made of cozy materials and surfaces
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Suited for traveling and attaching to seatbelt


  • Not sturdy enough

Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter

This product works well for people who like to keep the cat carrying environment clean and attractive without a hassle.

You can use it to travel even for the longest distances on the bumpiest terrains and still keep your cat comfortable throughout the journey. 

There are many reasons why this product would prove convenient and thoroughly helpful to you as a pet owner. The product is not only pet friendly but also protects the paws of your feline friend.

Whether you have one or more cats, you will find this product suitable and enough for them all. It is spacious and cozy so that even two cats can spend valuable time in it. 

As a loving pet owner, it helps to know that this product is created by a company with a good reputation for improving pets’ lives. It is also appeasing to know that it is made with your cat’s health and happiness in mind.

The Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter is made using a tough odor-eliminating formula. It offers ten-day odor control, which directly translates to more odor-fighting power, even for more cats. 

That is why you will hardly notice the obvious foul smell rampant when using other products of this sought.

Similarly, it is made with large, top-quality clay particles that boast specific density and shape. You will love the fact that it clumps tight for easy cleanup. That way, it makes your work and life even easier.


  • It is 99 percent dust-free, hence provide cleaner surfaces
  • Delivers cleaner surfaces and reduces tracking
  • Cleaning it is fast and easy
  • Made with high quality clay particles
  • Boasts a tough odor eliminating formula that offers ten-day odor control


  • It sticks to litter box in many cases that we have heard

Fresh Step Crystals, Premium Cat Litter

This is a wonderful device that would make the life of any cat owner easier. It would make a vacation with your cat more enjoyable as you have a reliable and convenient litter box that can serve your cat’s continuous need to go on the go. 

So if you need the perfect cat litter to complement your great cat cage that sadly lacks a litter box, this would make the perfect fit for it.

It generally makes your environment clean and easy to maintain. Whether you are traveling or just staying at home and you need your cat confined in both scenarios, the Fresh Step Crystals Premium Cat Litter would be of great help to you.

Take your time, learn how to use it, and you can go about enjoying the benefits of this innovatively created device. This crystal cat litter has been made easier to maintain with odor locking crystals that absorbs even the last moisture.

With 30 days of guaranteed odor control, you will have a lot of time on your hands. Besides, this device is ultra-lightweight, which makes it stress-free to handle. 

It is also a low dust litter, which means it delivers cleaner surfaces and clearer air. The manufacturer developed a low-dust formula that works wonders.


  • Controls odor through elimination for longer days
  • Maintains and supports a clean environment bot at home and in your car
  • Amazingly lightweight
  • Innovatively created for better results and easier handling
  • Comfortable and attractive


  • Comes with too many instructions that are difficult to read to entirety

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This is another amazing product by reputable PetSafe. It is many pet owners’ favorite for many reasons, some of which you are about to find out.

You get to enjoy weeks of the fresh, clean litter with this product. 

So, if you have a cat and looking for the right litter box to buy for it, we would recommend this regardless of the cat’s number or size.

You can live happily together with your feline friend when you use this product because too much smell and a lot of maintenance are eliminated. You get to spend more time with the cat than you spend removing poop and cleaning the house.

Setting it up is a breeze too. All you need to do is pour the pre-portioned package of litter into the tray and place the litter tray under the box. It will provide weeks of moisture and odor control, just like that.

It can self-clean for weeks, which means more time for you to enjoy and relax. When you plug the litter box in, it is ready to work. When the sensor detects that your cat leaves the litter box, the cleaning cycle commences within twenty minutes after it leaves. 

The litter trays are disposable. When it is time to replace the tray, cover the old tray with the lid and throw it away.


  • It self-cleans for weeks
  • Easy to set up and can be completed in a minute
  • Takes little effort and time to maintain
  • Innovatively created
  • Gives you and your cat quality moments


  • Not suitable for cats with diarrhea

PetSafe ScoopFree Smart Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This is a more advanced litter box that any innovative-minded cat owner would love to the latter. It is an app-connected litter box with a connection to the My PetSafe app on a smartphone. 

The app allows you to monitor your cat’s health and the condition of its litter box from a distance when you are away from home. It is nice to take care of your feline friend, even when you are not home.

Its modern design makes it attractive and more of a solution to lots of pet handling problems. It has a sleek form and style that will look attractive both in your home and in the car when traveling with your feline friend in it. 

The modern design also caters to extra comfort, ease of handling, and maintaining the product. It makes life with pets less stressful and more enjoyable whether you are home or away from home.

You may forget to change or order the trays at times, but not with this device. If you use it well, it will remind you when you need to make the necessary changes. 

Based on the number of times the cat uses the box, you can customize the device to receive advance reminders. Likewise, this litter box ensures that you never see or get in contact with the smelly waste.


  • You can keep track of your kitty’s health
  • It automatically cleans itself for weeks
  • Has a modern design
  • Attractive and comfortable
  • Has completely disposable and leak-proof trays


  • The litter replacement cost is high

PetSafe Deluxe Cat Litter Box with Crystal Litter System

If you really love your cat, you must know how best to take care of it. One way to do so is by buying the best carrier and litter box for them. Doing so will also benefit in many ways.

 This litter box is among the best you can ever come across anywhere. The PetSafe Deluxe Cat Litter Box is a favorite to many cat owners out there.

It is a long-lasting cat litter that will improve your life at home with your cats for as long as you can still use it. It is created with your cat’s wellbeing in mind, and your enjoyment for the long run is considered in its designing too. There are vents on the box’s underside so that air flows continuously in and out of the device.

The high level of airflow also helps increase the crystal cat litter life. As a result, one bag of crystal litter will last you up to a month in one cat household. 

There is literally no or too little smell when you use this product. The crystal litter effectively absorbs urine and dehydrates solid waste, which is the mechanism that contributes greatly to odor elimination.


  • It helps keep the floor and the environment clean
  • Offers two layers of protection
  • Effectively reduces odor up to five times
  • The cat litter lasts long
  • Litter never stick on your cat’s paws


  • The bottom of the litter pan is too small

Catit SmartSift Litter Box

If you are looking for the best litter box for your contemporary cat carrier, try this out. It will blow your mind with its high efficiency and performance at keeping your cat attractive and the environment in which it lives clean. 

Using it is not only easy but also mind-boggling in a fun way. It offers a noiseless pull and refresh process to refresh the cat litter pan and collect the waste.

With this litter box, disposal is made easier than usual. To achieve this, the litter clamp will fall into the litter tray’s pull-out waste drawer. 

That is how easy the disposal is with this. The air in the litter and the surrounding will not be polluted with bad odor. There is an integrated carbon filter, which delivers optimal ventilation.

The covered litter box features a large entrance through which cats of all sizes can get through any time. This makes it a versatile option. Also, it features a clear-view window through which you can monitor the litter and the cat.

 You will love how easy the litter box is to access too. It is designed to make the maintenance door more accessible. This makes adding new liter more comfortable.


  • Noiseless and easy pull and refresh the revitalizing process
  • A clear-view window for monitoring the litter
  • Easy-access design for changing litter
  • Large entrance is suited for all cat sizes
  • Clean and attractive litter box


  • A little difficult to use

Things to Consider When Buying a Cat Carrier with Litter Box

When going for long trips having, a cat carrier with a litter box is very essential. Here are a few things you need to put into consideration before purchasing a cat carrier with a litter box;


When buying the cat carrier with a litter box, you should consider an ideal litter size depending on your cat’s age and size. Cats will not need that much space while traveling, just enough for them to stand and a space for their food and water. Whenever the space is too much, it tends to increase the cat’s levels of anxiety.

Non-Tear Resistant

Cats are very playful animals and be sure when you put them in the carrier with a litter box, and they will tend to play along with it by scratching it. That’s why you need to get a non-tear resistant such even when your cat is inside, it will not tear it down.


When going for long trips, cat carriers with an expendable litter box are the best since you will not be required to wipe or clean after its use. You will just dispose of them.


When traveling with your cat, a portable cat carrier with a little box is a good deal. Most of them are not heavy; hence, you can easily carry it and are easy to clean. When we talk about its packaging, it’s easy to. When you go shopping, you may likely get this portable litter box.


Always ensure the cat carrier with the litter box is well ventilated. When the air is fresh, it will create a good environment for the cat during the trip.

Tips for Traveling with a Cat

When you are traveling with your cat, it’s very good to ensure that the cat’s journey is enjoyable. Below are tips you can put into consideration for your cat to travel well.

1. Carry the cat’s food

When traveling, you need to pack some things that the cat is familiar with, like toys and the food it usually eats. It’s good to maintain the same kind of food for your cat during a trip to avoid altering their health status.

You should carry cat’s food, especially during your trip, because you are not sure if you will get the same kind of food where you are headed. It’s not guaranteed! So the best idea is to carry food for your cat. Do not feed the cat and immediately travel. It can cause traveling sickness to the cat.

2. Use The Right Cat Carrier

Carriers come in handy when you are going on trips with your pet, especially long hour trips. Choose the right carrier for your cat. It should have adequate space for the cat to turn and roll freely. The carrier should also be well aerated to ensure proper breathing of the cat.

3. Select an Appropriate End of Your Journey

After planning and making the whole trip with your cat, it good to make sure that the final destination is favorable for the cat. The environment should be cat friendly.

4. Take Your Cat to A Veterinarian

This will help you know your cat’s health status, and you will know whether you can travel with him or not, especially when going for long hours. The veterinarian will tell you what to do for the cat during tips, whether by plane, car, or water.

5. Stock Up

You will need to have an extra package of food, cat cover-up, and medicine just if the cat gets sick along the way. This will prevent any sort of calamities. Always be prepared before making that trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a litter box for my cat carrier?

A litter box is mainly used to collect the cat’s stool and urine. Instinctually cats tend to cover up their faces and get attracted to the litter box. 

Cat experts research indicates that cats naturally cover their stool to prevent its smell from getting to the enemies, and hence they are used to cover their stool. This trait is hereditary.

Q: How can I make my cat love his carrier?

A: You need to make your cat comfortable at all times. Allow her to get and familiarize herself with the carrier before the actual day of your trip. Practice and practice make the cat get familiar and love the carrier.

Get the cat inside the carrier and close the carrier’s door. Let your cat try being inside for a couple of minutes. If you do this several times, the cat will get used to the carrier, and on the traveling day, it may not refuse.

Q: What are the Advantages of a Combo Carrier?

A: To start with, our major goal is to ensure that your cat gets a good time traveling with him, especially when traveling long distances. Combo carrier got some advantages, here are some of the pros;

  • Most combo carriers are spacious, giving the cat adequate space.
  • Easy to clean
  • They bring comfort to your cat.
  • Well aerated to ensure that the cat is well breathing.
  • They are easy to assemble when you want to put the cat inside.

Q: How do I choose the right size of Travel Carriers with Litter Boxes?

A: When purchasing a cat carrier, you will need the perfect cat carrier size with a litter box for your cat. This will ensure your cat’s safety. Always select a carrier whose size is one and a half times the cat’s size. 

When the size is too small, the cat will not be comfortable, and when the carriers are too big, they tend to give the cat tension and anxiety. Get the right size!

Final Verdict

The best cat car carriers with litter boxes can be great supplies you can buy for your cat. It would be a purchase that will open lots of opportunities for both you and your cat. For instance, you will be able to take your feline friend on amazing adventures.

You will not have to worry about the cat’s behaviors during the trip. From these ten products, you can still narrow down your choice to just one that is the best for your needs. You can also consider portable cat litter boxes for travel to deal with pet messes effectively.

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