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5 Things To Consider in Choosing The Best Auto Dog Food Dispenser

Dogs are just like humans —they need to be fed regularly. However, there are things that you can’t control, such as working long hours or running emergency errands, which results in leaving your furbabies at home all by themselves. And that’s somehow frustrating for every dog owner.

The good thing is that there are gadgets that can help us feed our dogs on time. Due to the number of pet owners who don’t want their pets to starve, auto dog food dispensers are widely available in the market. 

Thanks to this automated dog food dispenser, dog owners wouldn’t feel guilty if they leave their furbabies at home.

Since this automated feeder is making a buzz in the pet community, you might ask what things you should consider before deciding to get one. To help you with that, we have listed the things that you should look into when buying an auto dog food dispenser.

Why Use An Auto Dog Food Dispenser?

Why not? The best thing with auto dog food dispensers is that they dramatically help dog owners keep their furbabies fed at all times and at the right time.

You see, when you’re out for an early morning meeting, you’ll probably be leaving your pet with their morning meal. But the problem is who’s going to feed them if you’re still out and tasked to stay in the office for the entire day?

You’re lucky if you have someone to look out for your pet. But that’s not the case for many pet owners. With an automatic dog feeder with a timer, you can just set the specific time for it to dispense the food and have your furbaby fed even when you’re not around- completely hassle-free.

Factors That You Should Consider Before Buying One

The growing popularity of automated dog food dispensers is expected. Mostly, there’s increased pet ownership growth. This signals that even if there are many pet owners, not all of them are always available to take care of their pet, especially during feeding time. 

Since it’s getting famous, let’s dive into things that every pet owner like you needs to check out before getting one.

Timer Setting

Timer setting or machine programming is one of the essential things that you should first check before buying an automatic dog food dispenser. To ensure efficiency, you must check how easy it is to program the machine. 

The more simple the instructions in setting a time interval, the better it is. But if you need to check the user manual frequently due to its complicated instructions, it’s best to check other models.

Also, when choosing a model, ask for one that has a maximum hours setting. This way, you can set the hour interval ahead of time, especially if you’re going on an extended vacation or being away from home for a long time.

Quantity Of Meals

The capacity or the size of an automatic feeder is something you need to consider as well. But there’s a catch on this one if you own an adult pet. Adults have the tendency to eat a greater value of pet food than the smaller pet. So, you also need to consider the size of your pet in choosing your automatic feeder.

The equation is easy: if you have a large and adult pet, you need to choose a bigger size of the feeder or choose one that holds a greater capacity. Automatic feeder capacity is measured by liters. There is a 6L automatic feeder, which is an ideal choice for every pet owner.

Sturdy Design

Just like any other machine, you need something that is made with quality. It would be best if you look for an automatic feeder with a sturdy design as you don’t like your pet to tip them over easily or, worse, nudge it to release more food than it’s programmed. 

It’s a bit tricky since some pets are too smart for this kind of machine, so you should also keep that in mind.

Power Source

Automatic feeders have two types of power sources, depending on the model you have chosen. Some designs are powered by electricity, while others are battery-operated. Though both options offer pros and cons, one thing that you should consider is your time of being away from home.

If the feeder is using batteries, make sure to have them at full capacity if you’re out for a long time. And if the feeder is powered by electricity, make sure that it’s plugged-in correctly and you have a backup power source, such as generators.

Tip: If you’re not comfortable using a power source, some automated feeders work with gravity, but it’s not highly recommended since they are easy to tip down and the feeding interval is not controlled.

Pet Size

Your pet size has a lot to do when you choose an automatic feeder. Smaller pets usually eat in smaller servings compared to bigger pets. Also, smaller pets cannot easily nudge or tip the feeder easily, so you’re comfortable that nothing messy will happen even if you’re not around. Choosing a less sturdy yet functional feeder would be the right choice.

But for bigger pets, you need to be more careful in choosing the design. Also, you need to consider the size or the capacity it can store/hold pet food. Choosing an automatic feeder with a bigger capacity and with a more sturdy design is our best suggestion. This way, they can’t easily knock the dispenser or even push buttons to release extra food.


Having a pet is like having a constant companion, but pet ownership requires a higher sense of responsibility. It merely means that you are obligated to properly take care of them and especially feed them. But there are instances where this becomes a challenging task.

Fortunately, automatic feeders are available. What’s left to do is look for the right model that effectively works for you and your pet. Find one that can provide you with less hassle yet offer confidence that your furbaby is well-fed even if you’re away.

Author’s Bio

Courtney John is a freelance writer for animal and pet care for over a decade now. She is also a volunteer dedicated to animal rescue and welfare, working for different organizations all over town. She lives with her two adopted cats and rescue dog.

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