5 Simple Grooming Basics to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Pet grooming isn’t something that anyone can teach pet-parents about. Either a novice or an experienced pet-parent, they are well aware regarding how to care for their pets. However, grooming is an iterating process and there are many benefits of grooming your dog, it’s important to not miss any part of your pet’s body.

Here’s a rundown of essential dog grooming tips for pet-parents.

Dogs might not go well with brushing their teeth at first but eventually you need to inculcate brushing in their routine. It is crucial to care for your dog’s dental hygiene as it can engender malignant diseases if left untreated. Therefore, all you need to do is pick a right toothbrush for your pet and brush his teeth three days a week. Moreover, also examine their mouth for any loose or broken teeth.

2. Bathing and Brushing

Bathing is necessary for pets just as it is for us. It keeps your pet refreshed and clean. So, when it comes to bathing your pet ensure to not using any human products as it can have adverse effects on your dog’s skin. There’s a range of Frontline Pet Care Shampoo that you can use or your pet as per his coat. Brushing is another important step for grooming your pup. You can brush your pet several times a week and especially after bathing to remove dead hair and tangles. Be gentle and patient though.

3. Ears and Eyes

Eyes are the vital part of your pet’s body. You shouldn’t neglect to clean your dog’s eye every time when you bath him. Moreover, check for any irritation or redness in their eyes and gently wipe away if there’s any discharge. Use a quality eye cleaner for your pet’s eye protection. Well, it is also important to clean your Fido’s ears at least once a month. Ear infection can be a conundrum to deal with if left untreated. Therefore, keep your pet’s ears dry and clean. You can use ear cleaner for your dog to clean the dirt and debris from his ears.

4. Nails and Paws

The rough surfaces naturally grind your dog’s nails if not groomed regularly. The dog may also scratch himself or even you while playing or cuddling. So, pet-parents need to be vigilant about checking their pet’s nails weekly and try to keep them short and clean. Just as nails, ensure to care for your dog’s paws. Trim paw hair and clean between the pads. Ensure to moisturize your pup’s paws by using Frontline Pet Care Paw Balm.

5. Coat and Skin

A dog’s coat is an indicator of his good health. Just as humans, even dogs suffer from allergies pertaining to food, environment and flea bites most importantly. The sensitivity in your dog’s skin can engender flaky and dry skin, hotspots and dull coat. To maintain your pet’s healthy coat and skin, first consider to provide him flea preventives in order to prevent flea bites and flea allergy dermatitis. Also, you can use Essential 6 for dogs to maintain their shiny coat.

Final Words

These were some essential tips to care for your dog’s overall health. However, most importantly consider grooming your pet regularly as that direct connection with your pet will not only maintain your pet’s health but will also strengthen your bond. Happy Parenting!

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