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How To Get Water Out Of a Dog’s Ear

If you know how to get water out of a dog’s ear, you will save your dog from getting an ear infection. Dog’s ears are very sensitive towards water, and if water gets into it, it can lead to infection. Whether you are giving your dog a bath or the dog is swimming, there is a possibility that water will be in his ears. And when there is water in his ears, you will notice the discomfort when your dog starts rubbing its paws on its ears or shaking its head regularly. Getting rid of water from your dog’s ears is a way of caring for your dog and keeping him healthy.

It is common for your dog to get water in his ears. Dogs have longer ear canals, and if water gets into it, it can be hard to get rid of all the water out of their ears. If there is water in your dog’s ears, it can turn into a health issue, and you will have to act fast if this occurs.

When a dog gets water in its ears, it will naturally shake its head to remove the water. This action will get most of the water out, and it usually depends on the type of dog or how much water got into the ears. And at times, it might be challenging to dry the ears with just shaking. If you do not get rid of the water out of your dog’s ear, it might lead to an ear infection.

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How to get water out of a dog’s ear

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Wipes and cotton balls

Cotton balls or wipes work well in cleaning a dog’s ears and drying them off. Cotton wipes contain some solutions that will keep your dog’s ears dry and clean. You can use cotton balls to soak up any extra cleaner, but make sure you do not push them into your dog’s ear canal. But instead, pat the cotton balls and let them soak water in your dog’s ear. If you have a dog with dry skin, dip a cotton ball in mineral oil and put it inside of the flap of the ear. This will provide additional cleaning and will also moisturize the skin.

Keep in mind that most producers will claim that their cotton balls will clean the dog’s ears effectively. However, that depends on the ingredients contained in the wipes. Wipes or cotton balls are not effectively dog ear cleaners but are very good in drying water out of dog’s ears.

If you often find water in your dog’s ears after bathing him, you can block the external canals of your dog using large cotton balls. But do not use cotton swabs on your dog even if its ears are much deeper and longer. This could be dangerous and may end up causing ear damage.

Dog-ear cleaners

There are cleaners designed to dry out the dog’s ears, and they are best for dogs with serious ear problems caused by water. Dog-ear cleaners should be applied in drops and massage gently into the dog’s ear canal. Commercially, these dog-ear cleaners are also a natural cleaning solution that contains ingredients made to eliminate wax accumulation, ease itchy ears, and also treat yeast and ear mites.

After you must have applied and massaged the cleaner into your dog’s ears, stand back so that you give room for your dog to shake. Shaking will release any debris that will be deep in its ears. Ensure to do this in areas where you can clean easily.

Use Towels

After bathing your dog or after a swim, use a big feathery towel to dry off your dog. Dry your dog’s ears as gently as possible, lift your dog’s ears and dry both sides. But be careful not to let the towel get into your dog’s ear canal.

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Homemade solutions

If you want to save your money or prefer to use natural ingredients for the good of the environment, there are homemade solutions that you can use to get water out of your dog’s ears. You can make use of equal parts of apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, and purified water. So many people have had good experience with apple cider vinegar because the smells wear off immediately; the solution evaporates.

Visit the vet

It is necessary to clean your dog’s ears immediately after a swim or a bath. This helps to reduce the time that water sits in its ears and also ​prevents your dog from getting an ear infection​. Though you clean your dog’s ear immediately after a bath or swim, there are possibilities that an ear infection might still occur. Just keep a close eye on your dog for some days after you have cleaned its ears and watch out for signs of an ear infection.

You should not clean your dog’s ears if you suspect it has an ear infection. Symptoms of an ear infection include bad odor, swelling in or around the ears, an off-color discharge, and your dog reacting to pain when touched on the ears. When you notice these symptoms, take your dog to the vet for immediate treatment.


With the few tips above, I hope you have learned how to get water out of a dog’s ear quickly without harming the dog. It is a common mistake that can be handled with care, but to prevent it from happening in the future, always bath your dog with a mug or use the water jet towards the tail and consistently below the neck area. The head of the dog should be washed separately by gently applying shampoo or wet by gently tapping with water or by a mug preventing the entry of water into the ears and eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it wrong to get water in dog’s ears?

Yes, because it can lead to an ear infection.

How do I know if my dog has an ear infection?

•When your dog scratches at the affected ear regularly•Brown, yellow or bloody discharge coming out of the ear•Itching•Odor•Swelling and redness of the ear canal•Pain when touched at the infected ear•Scabs in the ears

How do I dry my dog’s ears after swimming?

After swimming, use a general dog-ear cleaner and a cotton ball to dry your dog’s ear. This will help prevent bacteria and yeast fro growing. Always ensure to dry your dog’s ear after swimming or bathing, and check your dog’s ears consistently in case of an abnormality.

Can I spray my dog with vinegar and water?

Mix apple cider vinegar and purified water into a spray bottle and use it on your dog. You can spray the mixture into your dog coat before going out for a walk. This will make the flies flee from the dog’s skin.

Below is a great video on How to Remove Water in Dogs’ Ears:

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