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How to Make Your Dog Look Its Best

The breed of dog that you like will depend on your own personal preference. Some people go for small and fluffy, whereas others prefer big and muscular. These days, the dog you own says a lot about an individual and is almost classed as a fashion accessory. 

This means that people go for certain breeds to make them look good. As long as the dog is cared for well, comes from a responsible breeder and is treated like part of the family, this can be harmless. 

Every dog is different and will require their own care regime to look their best, but here are some care tips that apply to every breed.

A Healthy Diet

Feeding the right amount of good quality food will play a huge part in the appearance of your canine companion.If you are away from your home, no worries just you can use an automatic feeder to feed your four legs friend easily. It will determine their weight, energy levels, coat condition, muscle density, oral health, their behavior and much more. 

Many people are choosing to put their pets on a raw diet. These diets are very beneficial to the appearance and overall health of your dog, as long as it’s done properly.

Regular Grooming

Grooming your dog is important for their appearance and their overall health and happiness. For dogs with a short or double coat, regular brushing removes the dull hair and messy tuffs, which will make your dog feel cooler. 

For wool, silky and wire hair breeds, going in for a hair cut will remove matts, reveal the shine, make your pet more comfortable, and breed trims will make them show quality.

Plenty of Exercise

In order to maintain a healthy weight and mind, your dog will need to be exercised on a regular basis. This will ensure that they look good, feel good and are healthy.

 If you own a working dog or a dog with short hair and want to improve muscle size and definition, then you will need to look into intense and strength-based exercises for your dog. Building muscle requires time and consistency.

Fresh Accessories

If you have a beautiful dog in a dirty old collar and leash, then it won’t make them look their best,especially if the items are falling apart. Instead, you should give them an upgrade by purchasing dog leads and dog collars by Monropets. 

Their designs are unique and come in many colors, so you will be able to find a matching set that complements your pooch’s appearance.

Vitamins and Supplements

Your dog’s age, health status, diet and lifestyle will determine whether or not they need supplements, but when given correctly, vitamins and supplements have the ability to transform their health and appearance. 

For example, fish oils will make their coat silky and shiny, Glucosamine will support their joints and make them more mobile, and weight gain supplements will improve their muscle size.

When your dog looks good, it is a key indication that they are healthy and happy. Taking care of a dog is a lot of responsibility, but it is also very rewarding when it is done correctly and for the right reasons.

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