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5 Best Outdoor Automatic Cat Feeder [Updated 2022] – Reviews and Guide

Getting your cat the best outdoor automatic cat feeder is very crucial when it comes to pet care and nutrition. Whether you are home or not, your cat should not miss meals. Just get your pet an automatic feeder that will help your cat feed at the desired schedule and the right food portions.

Cats get annoyed when they lack to feed on time, making them sit lonely at a corner or scratch things. To do away with this problem, you need to look for a cat feeder that will automatically feed your cat when the time arrives. Below are some of the best outdoor automatic cat feeders in the market.

Best Outdoor Automatic Cat Feeder of 2022 Comparison Table

Image Product Weight Price
backpac 1.PetmateReplendish Feeder w/ Microban 9.6 ounces Check Price
backpac Blessed Family Automatic Cat Feeder 2.4 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Old Tjikko Automatic Feeder 2.51 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Bergan Gourmet 2.5 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Crazy Fire 6L Cat Feeder, Automatic 6.9 pounds Check Price

The 5 Best Outdoor Automatic Cat Feeders & Food Dispenser

If your cat loves dry food, finding an automatic cat feeder will ensure that they get their food at the right time. This is important because you don’t have to worry about feeding your cat when you are away. The following are some top automatic cat feeders that you can buy.

PetmateReplendish w/Microban Feeder

PetmateReplendish with microban is a cat feeder that provides continuous food for your cat.

It makes things easier, especially when you are busy refilling cat’s food now and then. It is gravity controlled and also perfect for use when you have several pet households or when you are absent from home.

It comprises of Microban Antimicrobial Protected base that avoids the growth of odor-causing bacteria and stain. This makes sure that the food is free from harmful microbes.

It has a wide-mouth dish that is spill-proof. Another feature is the convenient lid removal easily when you want to pour food in the feeder. The Petmate Feeder comes in four different sizes to choose for your small or large cats. 

The base, together with the bottle screw, can be removed for easier cleaning. This feeder locks safely into the base for strong stability keeping food as well as your cat safe.


  • Made of BPA free plastic material that is safe for pets use
  • Has a water filtration structure to remove excess chemicals
  • Ease of cleaning as it has a wide mouth
  • Antimicrobial protected microban avoids stain and harmful bacteria


  • Heavy while refilling
  • Gets rather slippery

Blessed Family Automatic Cat Feeder

Blessed Family is an outdoor automatic pet feeder that is made of food-grade plastic material.

The material is free from any smells, non-toxic, recyclable, and thick textured, making it durable. 

The automatic feeder has a large capacity of 3.8 L that has a gravity feed system. The watering can has spiral and spring systems to avoid any leakage as well as an anti-skid pad at the base to prevent overturn.

This feeder is easy to use with a simple-opening lid and a removable watering can. To put food, just open the lid, pour food then snap the lid back. Food will remain safe and dry. 

Filling the water container is also very simple as you can remove the container put the water then put it back. You can split the chassis and the barrel for easier cleaning, and you can just rinse with water directly. This feeder is strong enough to be moved by the cat, which could lead to pet injury and food damage.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Ease of cleaning using hands and water
  • Water container available
  • Made of non-toxic material


  • Not ideal for hot water use
  • Not to be cleaned in a machine

Old Tjikko Automatic Feeder

Old Tjikko is an automatic cat feeder outdoor use device that features a strong plastic material.

This material is environmentally safe, and it is non-toxic hence ensuring pet’s food safety. It has a capacity of 3.8 L, making it suitable for both small and large pets. It also has a water container with a capacity of 1 gallon.

It uses the natural gravity system to supply more secure food, so you do not need to be physically present to feed your cat. This device is very sturdy to ensure that the cat does not push it, which could lead to food wastage or cat’s injury. 

You can easily clean the feeder by splitting the barrel as well as the chassis. Use warm or cold water to rinse it. When filling up the waterer, detach it from the bottom and then fill up the water, then attach it and screw the lid to avoid messing.


  • It uses a gravity feed system, so no electricity required
  • The product is easy to clean
  • Contains a feeder and waterer together
  • Has an overflow control
  • Non-toxic and food-safe material


  • Sometimes food gets stuck
  • Not dishwasher safe

Bergan Gourmet

Bergan Gourmet is an outdoor automatic cat feeder that comprises of a 6 pounds feeder and 1.4-gallon waterer capacities. Bergan Bourmet comes in different sizes to choose from depending on your cat’s needs. 

It is perfect for feeding multiple pets. It has a solid stand to avoid pets from knocking it down. It also has high walls to minimize food mess when the cat is feeding. 

Clear sides allow you to see clearly how much food and water is left. The lid closes tightly to avoid any spillage or splashing. The product’s material is BPA-free to ensure food safety. It has a wide opening to allow fill food and water easily in addition to cleaning with ease. 

The device allows the slow release of water and food to avoid wastage. Its base is gently sloped to ensure that your pets will access to water or food provided that the containers are packed.


  • Easy filling and changing of both water and food
  • Convenient when feeding multiple pets
  • Great water and food capacity
  • Cheaper compared to its competitive brands
  • Ease of cleaning


  • Some water leaks from dispenser
  • Fails to refill the bowl once emptied

Crazy Fire 6L Cat Feeder, Automatic

Crazy Fire 6L is an outdoor automatic cat feeder with timer. It features a remote feeding that allows you to feed your cat from anywhere via APP.

It also has a programmable timer for timing feeding that can provide eight times of feeding with 1-10 portions every time. 

This allows you to control your pet’s feeding time as well as a portion. It also has a Camera, 1080P HD in the company of night version. This protects your pets as well as your family.

Also, it has a motion-sensor alarm that sends a message to your mobile phone as soon as motion is detected. It supports multi-users and APP control. The cat feeder has a large capacity of 6L. 

Crazy Fire feeders can use 3xD batteries or charge them using an AC adapter. It also features a voice recorder, remote voice communication hand a speaker. You just need to record about 10 seconds voice that automatically broadcasts during meal times.


  • Has a very huge capacity of 6 liters
  • Ease of use, reliable with Smart UI
  • Maintains food freshness throughout the session
  • Great valued price


  • It takes time to know how to use the motion detector system

Things to Consider Before Buying A outdoor automatic cat feeder

Thanks to technology, now you don’t worry about what your cat will feed when you are away. The automatic cat feeder like the Cat Mate C3000 does it all and well. It automatically dispenses food to your cat directly to the bowl with the recommended amounts.

You can be sure that your cat gets clean food and the right amount, worry no more, get yourself one for your cat, and you will be delighted! Below are features to consider when buying an outdoor automatic cat feeder.

Easy to clean

New models of the auto cat feeder have a nice design so that you will have an easy time cleaning. There are those with removable bowls that you will need to remove easily when cleaning. Set aside a dishwasher to clean only the cat feeders. You can clean the bowls with clean water and soap then rinse them thoroughly.

Food storage capacity

This auto car feeder helps you easily see the available food in the automatic cat feeder. You need to select a model that can hold more food in it will allow your programming. 

If the cats’ bowls are always full of food to feed your cat, you will be at peace when you are away. Get a model designed to hold the amount of cat’s food you desire, either for a whole day or two.


Depending on the number of cats you have, you can always get an outdoor feeder. This means if you have more than one cat, you can get a large cat feeder with different compartments up to 5 cats. It can feed the cats at the same time and If you adjusted equal amounts of food.

Control portion unit

You don’t need to worry anymore about overfeeding your cat. Auto cat feeders have a controlling point, where you keenly adjust the right proportions of food you intend to feed your cat. It also implies you can adjust regular feeding time for your cat.


With an automatic cat feeder, you will be able to feed your cat at a specific given time and a proportional amount of food. This will automatically weather you are there or not! How good is that? You will be in a position to set the times to dispense like four meals in a given day. Your cat will eat the right amount of food and at the right time.


Here you should go for a model that your cat will not destroy. As you know, cats tend to be players, especially when they are hungry. So they might try to play with the feeder so a robust model which durable materials.

Power source

Since we are talking about an outdoor automatic cat feeder, you will need to think about the one the uses gravity instead of electricity. This is why a gravity feeder is ideal. This because it doesn’t use any form of power or batteries. You can get it in plastic form in case it get wet outside it will not corrode!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it good to leave food out all day for my pet?

No, it is not good. Instead, you should create and as well as maintain a habitual feeding timetable for your pet. With an automatic feeder, it will be easy to uphold the timetable when you are not at home during the feeding hours. In case your pet refuses to feed on it, you can remove it and try another time.

Are automatic pet feeders any good?​

An automatic feeder for pets is an expedient device. However, it may not be convenient for all pets, especially dogs. It is very efficient when it comes to feeding, and you are not at home during feeding time. 

Nevertheless, you need to show more care to your pet, like taking your dogs to the bathroom. Getting your cat an automatic feeder is better than to do so for a dog. All in all, you have to show more care to pets.

What are the things to look for when purchasing a cat feeder?

It is good to choose the best automatic cat feeder in the market. First, you should consider its safety to avoid your pet from breaking into. Also, look whether you can be able to set portion control to ensure a healthy diet. 

Check whether it is compatible with the type of cat feeds and whether you can clean it easily. Also, it should have enough food capacity as well as durable batteries.

How does a gravity pet feeder work?​

A gravity pet feeder uses the force of gravity to lower and give out food the underneath dish. This low technology feeding mechanism comprises a bowl and a food reservoir. As your pet feeds from a bowl, gravity force pulls extra food downwards and refills the bowl.

Final Words

For those who leave their pets at home to work or else forget to feed their cats, an automatic cat feeder outdoor use is the best device to buy. With this unit, you will be sure that your cat will have meals on time, and this will contribute to its health.

There are a variety of cat feeders in the market to choose from. Select one that will save time and money at the same time. Look for the best features that suit your cat. In the above list, you will be able to select one of the quality products.

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