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How Do You Make a Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Having a dog at your home is unbearable without a crate. This is because you can see the waste clearly without having to search, unlike when in the house. For you to be able to make work easier, you will need to come up with ideas to help you come out of that trouble. You need a solution to help you handle your dog with ease.

What do you do when handling a dog has become worse than you ever thought?

Will you go for a crate, or will you do it yourself to save money? If yes, then we are going to guide you on the steps you can take to do so.

How Do You Make A Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

The following are procedures that you will need to make heavy duty dog crate.

Measure your dog

For you to have a crate that will fit your dog, you need to measure your dog. The measurement helps you to know the dog’s size and length. Knowing the dog’s measurement will enable you to come up with the right size of crate that your dog will need. Making the crate will be easy through this procedure.

Decide on the dimensions of your crate

After you’re through with the measurement of your dog, you will be able to construct the crate using the ideas obtained from the measurements. Ensure you have enough space where your dog can move around freely, stand, and sleep. A spacious crate enables your dog to feel comfortable.

However, do not use the measurements you get to build the crate. You will have to come up with different measurements because you need a space that can accommodate your dog without feeling any discomfort.

Choose the best material for your purpose.

This procedure will depend on the type of crate you will need. If you are interested in the crate, you will relocate away from the house; then it’s advisable to go for the wooden crate.

If you need a crate that you can locate inside your house, then you should go for the non-wooded crate. In this case, we are going to focus on the wooden dog crate.

Step 1: Buy your wooden planking.

If you are going to make a wooden crate ensure you have the wood of your choice. The wood you will choose will depend on the money you will spend. Ensure you choose wisely to avoid coming up with none durable wood.

You will need a tape measure, hammer, hinges, and nails for you to make the crate.

Step 2: Make the top and bottom sections of your crate.

You will cut the wood using a saw through the measurements you have obtained earlier. Before attaching the wood, ensure the top and the bottom are of the same size. This will help you avoid repeating the same procedure that will require much of your time.

Step 3: Make the sides and back using.

Using the same measurements, cut the wood into pieces. You will have to put the wood leaving space for them not to be closely attached. This is to ensure there’s proper ventilation.

Step 4: Attach the door to one of the crate’s sides.

After you are through with constructing the top, bottom, and sides of the crate, you will need a door for your dog too. The door should be attached to the crate’s sides. Do this properly to enable the door to close correctly.

You will need to put the hinges on the side of the crates which should be a minimum of two. You can use a hammer to hit the nails accurately or to bend them. This will help the dog from being stabbed.

You can check again by closing and opening the door to ensure it’s proper. Besides, you will be able to see if it closes and open with ease.

Final words

These procedures will help you make your dog’s crate at home. Ensure you have all the materials you will need. Most importantly, focus on the measurements for you to come up with a good crate. It should be spacious and well ventilated. Provide food and water for your dog to remain healthy.

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